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Long Legged Harry

Today I saw a spider

Long Legged Harry

Big and scary

His legs were all hairy

His eye were big and dark

The giant long fangs

Pointed and sharp

Like a dart

To out smart his prey

He rests on his deadly web

Waiting for food to come

Sitting by the hour

Basking in the sun

The night

Hungry as can be

The fly buzzes by

The spider jumps

As quick as could be

Snatching his prey

Sticking to his legs

Back to his web he goes

Feasting on his prey

The night goes away

Making light for another day

The poem was written by Trinity age 10 and Caleb age 8. The exercise was to describe a spider they had seen. Giving way to their imagination the children worked together. One wanting to describe a black widow and the other a tarantula.

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