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Monkey Business

I once knew a monkey

Monkey Business

His name was Funky

He lives with Bunkey

His friend monkey

Bunkey threw out the trash

To get some cash

For his itchy rash

He couldn’t eat hash

So he rolled on the grass

To scratch his rash

He went to the vet

To get a pet

He named his pet Met

He bought a jet

For him and Met

To fly to Kangeret

 This poem was written by Trinity age 10 and Caleb age 8. This was an exercise with the two children to teach rhythms and rhyme.

Comments on: "Monkey Business" (2)

  1. Today's Poetry said:

    Great poem thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you so much. You are very welcome. I believe in children and having them be creative. I have other short stories and poems the two grandchildren have written and I will share all of them on this blog site. I think it encourages them to write more and when they see people read their works and comment on what they wrote inspires them to write more.

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