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Little Girl

When you were little you use to fall down and cry

Little Girl

Then you started to grow you use to stretch your fingers to the sky

And as the years passed you by you started to ask why

After you learned how to open the door and go outside

The years came and the years passed you by

You discovered your tears and your fears

And as you started to grow you found your freedom

You started to sore high above the rest

But you never forgot what was best

I was always there for you throughout the years

I wiped away your tears and held you though your fears

I let you walk out the door to see

The world though your eyes

Always keeping you close to me

Now many years have passed us by

You are gone now and so am I

But you are always with me

In my memories stays the thought of you

Standing there holding out your hands to me

You sweet smile always there looking at me

You love so gentle yet strong

Will keep me thou the day is long

Written by Ann LeFlore

Comments on: "Little Girl" (2)

  1. I am so glad to see this one here too! The love a mother has for her child really shines through…

    • Yes when she left it was hard to let her go. But in all life there comes a time that they cut the apron strings and have to go off on their own. This I think is the hardest time except the first day you put them in school and they cry for you not to leave. That might be the other hardest day in your life.

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