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My Three Legged Friend

Look at the dog

My Three Legged Friend

Three legged dog I do see

Happy as can be

Down by the sea

Swim my three legged friend

The coconut awaits you

Chase, retrieve

Bring back to me

The dog whines

He lets him go

Swim my friend

He points

Away he goes

One leg is gone

Does not slow him down

Off to the chase

Eyes on the horizon

The coconut floats above

Go my friend

Bring back to me

Nothing slows him down

Three legs or four

It’s the same as before

Swim for the chase

The prize floats before him

My best friend

My three legged friend

Snatches the coconut

Happy and proud

He wines out loud

Back to the shore

His teeth dug deep

The snatch he tries to keep

Swim my friend

Bring home to me

Praise is the reward

That waits on the shore

He begs for more

Another chase

Another prize

The dog is so proud

Three legs or four

One is gone no more

The dog rests by the shore

To chase no more

The three legged dog

By the sea

As proud as can be

Written by Ann LeFlore. A story for her dog in Tahiti. How he loves to swim and run on the beach in Paea. The lagoon that is across from their home.

Comments on: "My Three Legged Friend" (4)

  1. This is such a great life lesson for us all: “Three legs or four It’s the same as before”

    • Thank you. Our dog lost his leg when he was only a year old. We had to do it to save his life. After it was as if he still had four legs it did not slow him down and he is a great dog. I was at the airport thinking of the islands and seeing my two dogs chasing coconuts in the lagoon. I decided to write this just before boarding on the plane.

  2. That was my favorite part too Shawna! I love the pictures too Ann. I can just see your energetic, happy dog chasing those coconuts over and over again…great poem!

    • Yes as I saw at the airport I was thinking of home. The wonderful sunsets and the two dogs on the beach. My boyfriend and I enjoying the sunset on a warm island night. The dogs so happy swimming and chasing coconuts in the lagoon,.

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