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The Little Bug

I found a bug

The Little Bug

Under the rug

It turned out to be

A four legged creature

As ugly as can be

He took off in flight

In the dark of the night

Buzzing around

What an awful sound

He landed on the ground

Ran around and around

My feet

Jumping with fright

What an awful sight

I screamed with all my might

I had to fight

With this evil creature

In the middle of the night

My Mom turned on the light

And what did she see

A cockroach

Running after me


The poem was written by Caleb 8 years old.

Comments on: "The Little Bug" (6)

  1. This is so funny. I can picture the scene quite well. : )

    • This was Caleb we were sitting here the other night and talking. He said he wanted to write a story about a bug. I encouraged him on and threw out a few ideas. He came up with this and I liked it a lot. I put it up here for everyone to read. I am glad that you like this. I know he is only 8 but it is a good time for him to start now writing. I have a hard time to get him interested in writing and this makes it fun for him. He is a great reader but he just does not like to write at all.

  2. This is great! I am so glad you are encouraging them to write. I think writing skills are just as important as reading skills. I also think that, with future generations, people with writing skills are going to be hard to find.

    • I do believe that writing is very important. I wish that someone had encouaged me when I was younger. I want to be a part of his growing experience as much as I can when I am here.

  3. I also loved the poem. I am with Shawna, I can just see it happening… : )

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