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The Lonely Lily

I see a lily

The Lonely Lily

In the middle of the night

Shinning by the moon light

The fire flies glow bright

Lighting up the night

Casting their light

On the lonely lily

Sitting on the pad

In the middle of the pond

All alone

Nowhere to go

Floating in the middle

Not knowing where it is

The poor little lily

Sits all alone

In the moon light

I see the shore

Where I sit

All alone

Looking at the pond

In the middle

I do see

The lonely lily

Waiting for me

Written by Trinity age 10.

Comments on: "The Lonely Lily" (4)

  1. Trinity did an awesome job on this, Ann! I love the ending.

    • Thank you so much Shawna. She wants to write more and is trying to do some poetry. She sat with me and we talked about this. She chose what she wanted to write about and wrote this poem. I am glad you like it. I want to encourage the children to write more when I am here and post them on this blog site for them. I think it is important that they write more.

  2. Definitely encourage them to write more, this is very well done! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Trinity loves to write and she is inspired by all elements of life around her. She can take the smallest idea and turn it into a story or poem. I love it when she takes the time to write.

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