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My Feelings

Today my heart is beaten black and blue

My Feelings

My hands are empty and my life seems so blue

God please tell me who will be there tomorrow

To keep me safe throughout the years

To hold me throughout my fears

Yes God who will be there tomorrow

To wash away my tears

To take away my fears

Oh God only you shall know

Sorrow and pain have nothing to gain

Love and hate feel no pain

Blood and tears can’t wash away my fears

Dreams of tomorrow seem like yester years

So God if you hear my cry

Send down a band of Angles

To take away the lonely night

And turn them into sunlight

The angles are going to release me

To a place who knows where

And I don’t really care

Cause I have a taste of paradise

And now all I have is time until the end

Written by Ann LeFlore for her brother who died of cancer. She wrote this when he was in so much pain just before he died.

Comments on: "My Feelings" (4)

  1. This is still so heartbreaking. Even before the reader knows the story behind the poem, your first line is so powerful that the depth of your sorrow is evident.

    • I listened to my brother and how scared he was to die. He knew he was very sick and he was dying but he was afraid. I tried to capture his feelings in this poem.

      • It is the worst thing in the world to be with someone in their final moments when they are afraid to die, but I am so glad you were with him so he wasn’t alone. I am sure he was so grateful that you were able to be with him.

      • Yes it is to see how afraid they are. But in the end you are there to hold them and let them know they are not alone. That is what is the most important.

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