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My Poo Poo is Sleeping

Each day brings a new joy and happiness to my life. I feel fortunate to have my first Grand daughter and her children so

My Poo Poo Is Sleeping

close to me. Each morning the two bundles of joy wake up and run to my home for breakfast. My Great Grand daughter is not an early morning riser. She stumbles through the kitchen and places her breakfast order then takes her place in the chair all wrapped up in her blanket watching cartoons. My Great Grand Son on the other hand is an early riser and always full of joy and excitement each morning as he stumbles through my kitchen. He looks at you with his little finger placed next to his mouth thinking what he wants to eat today. As the idea hits him he looks at you with those big blue eye snaps his finger and places his order.

 Since the two children were babies even before they ate table food they were part of our morning breakfast hour. Each morning I could see my Great Grand daughter fuss and cry because she was wakened from her warm bed and made to stand up for the day. When her baby brother came alone things never changed for her. She loves to cuddle in her mountain of blankets and sleep in as long as she can.

 My Great Grand son on the other hand is full of energy at 5:30 in the morning and just waiting to hear the alarm clock go off in his parent’s room so he can stand up and run out of his bed. If it was left up to him he would have been up hours before this in front of the TV watching one of his favorite programs. Each morning he comes running in the house full of energy and so happy to be up and starting his day.

 This one morning we are at the table and he cries out. “Nana I have to go potty”. He leaves the table in a mad dash to the bathroom where he is gone for ever. All of a sudden I hear so much noise in our bathroom I wondered what happened. I get up from the table to check on my grandson.

 The closer I get to the bathroom down the hallway the more I can hear some awful noise. It sounds to me like someone is pounding on the floor or banging the doors of the cabinet under the wash bowl. I call out to my grandson and he answers back. Yes it is him in the bathroom. I am so worried I open the door.

 As I peer inside the bathroom I see my grandson sitting on the toilet with his PJ pants on the floor. He has both of his hands on the toilet seat and he is jumping up and down on the seat of the toilet. I can not imagine what he is doing.

 I stand there in amazement watching this 4 year old child use his hands to raise himself up off the toilet seat and then drop back down. He keeps repeating this time and time again. I finally had to ask him what he was doing.

 He looks up at me with his big blue eye and a sad expression on his face. Out of his tiny little voice he says oh so softly “Nana I am waking up my poo poo”. I could not understand what he was talking about. I know he said that he had to go to the toilet but I can not in my wildest dreams understand how you can wake up poo poo.

 I asked him again in my kindest voice to understand if what I heard was really true. He looks up at me again and says to me “but Nana my poo poo is sleeping and I have to wake it up”. I asked him why is your poo poo sleeping and how do you think you can wake up your poo poo. He says again to me “well you see Nana it is like this. I woke up this morning but my poo poo never work up. I have to go poo poo but it is not waking up so I can go”.

 I left my grandson sitting on the toilet and returned to the table with tears in my eyes. My husband looked at me with shock and surprise thinking that our grandson was hurt. I then tried my hardest with out laughing to tell my husband no he is fine but his poo poo is sleeping. My husband rolled out the biggest laugh you ever heard. My husband asked  me how can his poo poo be sleeping? I said to him I am not sure but it is sleeping.

 Not long after I had left my grandson on the toilet he screams out loud Nana Nana come quick. I went running down the hall to the bathroom where I left my grandson sitting on the toilet. He looks up at me with his big blue eye wide open and says “Nana my poo poo woke up and now it is coming out”. I tried my hardest not to laugh too much but it was so hard to control. Soon I had tears streaming down my face once again.

 My grandson told me to wait his poo poo was coming and no longer sleeping. He needed my help when he was done. This one amazed me because he goes to the toilet all the time by himself. He never needs my help anymore to use the toilet. He looks up again at me with a big smile on his face and says “Nana it is done my poo poo woke up and now it is in the toilet.” I said to him well this is normal that is where your poo poo belongs” He said “well you see Nana this time it did not want to leave and go to where it belongs. I had to wake it up and tell him to go there. I had to jump up and down on the toilet seat so that my poo poo would wake up”.

 He then stands up and say Nana look there it is. There is my poo poo he woke up finally. I could barley talk now from laughing so hard and the tears were pouring out of my eye. It is the first time in my life that I had ever heard of poo poo sleeping. Out of my 5 children, 4 grand children, and two great grand children it would have to be the last one to give me a lesson on poo poo and how it sleeps.

 To this day when my great grandson makes a mad dash from the breakfast table to the bathroom I wait to hear him calling me. I wait to hear him explain to me how his poo poo sleeps when he is awake. But since this one time he has grown up some now and his poo poo no longer sleeps in the morning. I miss those wonderful innocent days of hearing the explanation from my 4 year old great grandson about how poo poo sleeps.

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  1. This one is so precious and I love the picture that went along with it! 🙂 I am so glad to see these stories again…

    • Yes this is the little bundle of joy who gave me my first lesson on how poo poo can sleep. I did not know before that poo poo knew how to sleep. I am so happy to be inspired by my grandson and his knowledge about how you can wake up poo poo.

  2. Sarah, Kids are so very cute aren’t they?! Lovely story. Blessings, Terri

  3. fun story on kids, they could be angels.


  4. manicddaily said:

    Ha! I am so envious! (I have two daughters. I’ll need to give them stronger hints!)

  5. Hahaha, very funny! Thanks for sharing that!

    • You are so welcome and thank you for reading. I enjoyed your blog and love the idea of the funny laugh week. I did get some great laughs from all the posts I had read. Thank you and hope to read more of your work.

  6. […] the usual polite thing of going over to say ‘hi’, and I read the most charming, amusing story about her great-grandson.  I urge you to go and read it for […]

  7. I’m so glad you visited my blog because I LOVE this story.

    • Tilly I am happy that you stopped by for a visit. I loved your blog and hope to read more of your entries in the weeks to come. Thank you for reading and stopping by.

  8. misswhiplash said:

    It is a real cracking post! How on earth can you manage to write such a good post on poo poo.! Well done.

    You are so lucky to see your great grandchildren everyday and to spend so much time with them. I have 8 great grandchildren and some of them I have not seen for years and have very little contact,…such a shame!

    Maybe I should take the first step!

    • I am not sure why I decided to write this story. I know it made me laugh so hard when I heard him say this. As he grows up over the years it still makes me smile when I remember these days. I am blessed to have them so close and love to see them all the time. Thank you and yes I think that you should go and see them. They will never forget you and will make your life so full.

  9. Tilly at the Laughing Housewife suggested we drop by for a laugh in her most recent post. She was right, I laughed when I read your post. My first grandchild is only 11 weeks old and I look forward to the priceless moments like you’ve described here. Thank you for sharing and thanks to Tilly for directing us here.

    Sleeping poo poo, well that explains everything doesn’t it? 🙂

    • I visited Tilly at her blog site and it was my first visit. I was so impressed with her site and loved it so much. I was happy when I received an invitation to share a funny story. I know I have some cute stories about my children growning up but this one always made me laugh so much and everyone else who I told it too. So I decided to enter this story into the laugh or funny post week. It was my first time and I was not sure if anyone would stop and read this but I am so happy they all did. Thank you so much.

  10. Kids say the funniest things. My morning will never be the same again 😀

    • I am so glad that I put a smile on your face and gave you a story to make you laugh. I was not sure if this would be a good story to tell but in the end I think it still is funny and I still love to laugh when I remember these days. Thank you once again for stopping by and reading.

  11. This reminds me of a time when my son told me his poo was in a queue and wiating to get out!

    • Yes this is so funny. Seem children have the funniest way of saying anything. I love it when they ae so creative and some of the things that come out of their mouth make you laugh so hard and this was one of them.

  12. You know this little boy is brilliant. That is exactly what bowels do, sleep, and then they wake up. I was told this when I had adominal surgery. The Resident Doctor came around to check me when I woke up from the anesthetic, and she said, “Good, your bowels are waking up.” Wakeful bowels are wonderful. Sleepy bowels are not, which is what many oldsters have. Dianne

    • Oh my gosh this one is amaxzing. I still laugh at him when I think back on these days and how funny and innocent they are . This is a wonderful story and I am so happy that you have read this and stopped by. I love your post and hope that I can read more in the weeks to come. Thank you once again for your lovely comment and stopping by to read my blog site.

  13. With that capability for complex thought processes, he probably has a distinguished career ahead of him!

    • Thank you so much. I hope you are right. I know that he writes a lot of very cute poem for his age and I love to put them here on the blog site under children’s poetry and it makes me so proud of him. Thank you for reading and I am happy that you stopped by

    • Yaaaay! I’m so glad to hear that you are having some suscecs. I just went and read that article that you linked to, and now I really want to try it. I just want to make sure the timing is right. We’re doing ok here with the potty, but only with poo. He seems to be clueless about the pee, and it was getting crazy around here, with clothing changes every twenty minutes, and pee everywhere. Now we are wearing diapers again and concentrating on just the poo. But I like the idea of doing a serious 3 day, no pants, full on approach. But I might have to wait till we have warmer weather. I do live in Canada after all, and it is freezing here right now. Thanks for the good link!

  14. A great story! My grandaughter is just 4 months old – I wonder waht little gems she will share with me 🙂

    • I am so sure as the years go by and unfold that your will have the wonderful memories of your grandchildren and hopefully you will record them and post them on your blog to share with the world to come. I look forward to reading them if you do this one. thank you for stopping by and reading and leaving a comment behind.

  15. I laughed, too. Hilarious! I guess your great grandson will never live this down as the story makes the rounds. I have 2 grandkids — 3-1/2 years old and 18 months old — and so far, their poopoo is doing fine.

    • I think you might be right on this one. But his sister had a good laugh when she read it and so did his Mother ane Grandmother. I loved it when he said this and miss the days now that he is growing up so fast. I think it was a good idea to write a story about this just incase I am not around forever so he can come back here and read it when he gets older.

  16. poo poo kids stories can be fun and i’ve read some similar pieces but this was original and fun. really enjoyed it:) i have a niece who sits on the toilet for an hour singing until the poo poo comes.

    • Thank you so much. I am so glad that you enjoyed this story. I think this is funny how she sits on the toilet for an hour singing. This would make a cute story to record snd tell her when she gets older. I am glad that you dropped by to visit and read this story.

  17. Lovely story, you can embarrass him by retelling it when he is older 🙂

    • Thank you so much. He is still a little young only 8 years and thinks the story is funny. Wonder how he will feel when he is 15 this one would be something to see. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  18. Aaw… this is just too cute ^^

  19. LOL! What a fun, charming story!

  20. charming humor…


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