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A four year old

A Child’s Prayer to her Grandfather

So innocent and sweet

Stares at the box

So high out of reach

Tugging on her Mother’s skirt

Wanting to peek inside

Begging to see

What rests within

Cradled in her Mother’s arms

Tears stream down her face

The innocent child

Peers within

Sleeping so peacefully

Not a sound does he make

Dressed in his Sundays best

Eyes closed

The peaceful look on his face

Laying on a satin pillow

All encased in a cloud of blue

The Grandfather sleeps within

With out stretch finger on her tiny hand

She touches his check so gently

Patting his precious face

She looks to the picture above

Asking him to take her Gamps

Cradle him in his arms

And bring him back to her again

She whispers so soft and sweet

Do not be afraid Gamps

God will take you to heaven

And make you all better once again

He will fix all your hurts

Your booboos will be healed

He will kiss your lips

Restore your breath of life

Take away the cold

And return you here to me again

The tiny child looks to her Mother

Please do not cry

God is here today

He has Gamps in his arms

And he is fixing him for you

He will return soon

To me

My Gamps will be all better soon

And back holding me

Written by Ann Leflore in memory of her Grandfather and the innocent child she held in her arms. The child’s; last goodbyes to her Great Grandfather; and the faith this small child had in God; to heal her Grandfather and bring him back to her again.

Comments on: "A Child’s Prayer to her Grandfather" (38)

  1. Very well done, Ann. The simple prayer of the child is so profound in its meaning. I wish it could be answered in the hopeful way it was asked. This is a very beautiful and sad poem. I also very much enjoy your site. Thank you. Sincerely, Richard

    • All these years I can not forget her words that she spoke when she touched his face. The tender look in her eyes and how she was sure God would take her Gamps to heaven and make him all better and send him home to her again. She was sure God would take care of him and she would see him again soon. Thank you so much for reading this poem Richard it means so much to me.

  2. very touching and beautiful poem. Reminds me of my grandpa and grandma.. very well written, thank you

    • You are so welcome. I am so happy that you enjoyed this poem. I still think back 31 years ago at the smal child I held in my arms and the words she spoke as she touched her Great Grandfather face. I will think of this child and the love for her Great Grandfather for the rest of my life. The love for God and how she knew he would heal him for her. I am happy to share these memories here with you. Thank you so much

  3. Beautiful…It’s amazing to think that she was only 4 years old when she said this. Thank you for sharing.

    • You are welcome Jackie. Yes she would not leave me alone and made me take her back 4 times to see her Great Grandfather. I was trying hard not to cry this day but after what she said it really made me cry. I thought this poem would express the feelings of this day better than a story would.

  4. What a wonderful prayer and faith some children have in believing in God. Very touching prose and, read.

  5. sweet…this reminds me how when I cry, my little one tells me that he misses grandpa too, and he wishes that he was here. lovely.

    • I still miss my Grandpa and it has been many years since he has passed away. But there are times that I think back on this day holding my daughter in my arms. The words that she said and how she looked at her Great Grandfather laying there.

  6. ah you make me tear up remembering my son and his cousins at their grandmothers casket…such loving and innocent words…ah…love it…

    • Thank you so much Brian for reading my poem. I am so happy. Yes it is such a sad time but the child can make you stop and think of all the good times amd memories.

  7. Wonderful piece, very touching. Kids can be such a joy, just seeing how they view things, again very nice piece!

  8. Loss is never easy, especially as seen through the eyes of a child. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Death is always difficult, especially when seen through the eyes of a child. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Grandparents are so important!

    • Yes they are. Now that I am a Grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren I can really see how important they are. I love the two and encourage them to write here on the blog site and they are enjoying it so much. I look forward to reading more of your work really soon.

  11. A beautiful memory… I too remembered my son at his grandfather’s grave….very touching write.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Heaven thank you so much for reading. I read your blog last night but for some reason was not able to leave a comment. I will try again to see what I did wrong. I did enjoy your blog so much and wanted to tell you this. Thank you for stopping by and reading this poem.

  12. this is so touching and beautiful and tenderly written….a joy to read sarah

    • Thank you so much Claudia. I will let Ann know how much you enjoyed reading this poem of hers. We have four of us writting on here and I can not get it down how to have their names showing at the top of each post so for now I let people know who wrote each entry.

  13. Laurie Kolp said:

    Aww, sheesh, you have me in tears. This is so sweet and sentimental!

    • Thank you Laurie. I am glad that you have enjoyed this poem Ann wrote about her daughter. I felt this way when she put it here on the blog site. It was many years ago but she never forgot the words of her daughter and wanted to express them in a poem.

  14. With reach line, you unveil a new image and another step in the journey. Beautiful storytelling! Love this so much!

    • Thank you so much Kellie. I know Ann will be so happy. I have read so many wonderful poems and sites in the last few days. I am so happy to read them all. I love to comment and enjoy letting people know how I love their words and how hard they have worked to express them. Thank you so much.

  15. four years old does seem to have some magical quality of otherworldiness to it. ours amazed us with the things she understood at that age.

    what a super-touching write!

    • In October I worked in Mexico and we were at the Day of the Dead celebration. I think she learned a lot from this. I worked in Mexico for several years and not long after this holiday her Great Grandfather had died.

  16. A tenderhearted prose ~ a touching piece ~
    Thank you for your lovely comments ♥ ஆ ~.^

  17. A sensitive and beautifully evocative poem.

  18. What a heart felt piece. I hope you save this for your little one to read when she is older, I’m sure she will treasure it.

    • She is a Mother now of two wonderful children ages 8 and 10. They are writting on here now and expressing themselves. I showed it to my daughter and she loved it so much. She thoght it was a really great poem and that I expressed this day. She does not remember much of this day but she said that she can think back on things and this one comes to mind.

  19. I saw were this was going after the first couple of lines and had to pause before reading further. it truly is amazing–the view from a child’s eyes. a beautiful and sad piece.

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