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Birthday Wishes

Today’s my birthday

Birthday Wishes

My double digit day

I can rap a song

And sing hurray

I’m so happy

That today’s

My double digit day

Today’s so special

It only comes once

The day you turn ten

You say hurray

That’s it’s your birthday

Stand up and shout

Scream out loud

You have one chance

In your lifetime

This day only comes once

The double digit day

The rest of your life

Centers around this today

Sing hurray

Today is my birthday

My double digit day

Written by Trinity age 10 a special birthday wish for a double digit day.

Comments on: "Birthday Wishes" (6)

  1. Happy Birthday Trinity! I agree, turning double digits is a very big deal. This was a great poem, really enjoyed it!

  2. Trinity, I love that you are celebrating your birthday with a poem. I love a creative celebration. Happy 10th birthday, Trinity.

  3. Yay! Happy birthday, Trinity. You are such a wonderful writer! I hope you have a special binder or notebook in which to store all of your beautiful poems. You are a precious young lady. : )

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