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Paul Frank

A monkey

Paul Frank

Of a different color

The funny

Big faced creature

With a wide red smile

Born in August

On the day of 29

In the year of ‘67

The monkey came to life

His large round ears

Brown and cream

Soft as can be

Cuddle oh so sweet

The money was born

On a paper canvas

By the creator

Paul Frank

Julius was the name

Of the famous monkey

Born on paper

And created by fluff and stuff

The monkey became

Loved by young and old

Paul Frank was a hit

That could not quit


Written by Trinity age 10. I love monkeys and Paul Frank is my favorite. I have his bed set for my room and the famous monkey head for a pillow. Monkeys are so adorable that you can cuddle with their long arms and legs that wrap around you.

Comments on: "Paul Frank" (4)

  1. Trinity, this is awesome! I love monkeys too. : ) You are an excellent writer! I loved the way you wrote his birthday: “Born in August On the day of 29 In the year of ‘67” So cute!

  2. Trinity, you should always write about the things you like and especially the things you love. Very well done.

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