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Islands in the Sun


Islands in the Sun

So fresh and blue

The islands

So old and calm

Leave this place

To travel so far

To a concrete land

Where everyone’s

So scared

To look at you

In the eyes

Ducks their heads and hides

As you walk by

No one speaks on the roads

So cold and bold

Filled with concrete houses

Hiding people within

Lurking above

The sky so grey

It hangs over head

Hovering above

The thick grey mass

That strangles you

When you try to breathe in

Chocking out your life

The pollution fills your lungs

Turns them dark and grey

The life is sucked out of you

In this bundle of haze

The sun tries to seep through

The grey cast skies

The clouds have no lining

The silver creeps inside

The night skies

Are luminous and grey

No stars can peek through

The layer of haze

That holds the city

Prisoner beneath the thick filled skies

The air in this land

Gives no hope for life

The people are scared

To go out side at night

Where are the islands

So sweet and free

Filled with tranquility

Breezes to warm your body

Blowing their sweet sounds

Off the trees and land

Music fills the air

It is carried by the winds

The oceans are so clear

Crystalas can be

The children run free

Barefoot in the sand

The warm sun bakes there golden bodies

The water cleans them within

Why can not all lands

Be like an island paradise

Free from within

No hurt no pain

The day fills with joy

The sound of laughter

As you pass on the streets

Each person says hi

Looks you in the eye

The land is open

The air so free

You breathe the smells

Nature has left for you

In the world of heaven

Your island paradise

In the sun


Written by Ann LeFlore. Leaving the islands and flying to the city where the air is filled with smog and pollution. The sky seems to loom grey and you are trapped by a layer that hangs over the city and can not be lifted. Some dark force pushes this layer of grey down upon you and seems to hold you under the evil force strangling you and making it hard for you to breathe.

Comments on: "Islands in the Sun" (4)

  1. Ann, your ending paragraph is as much a poem as the actual poem. I can almost feel the smog closing in on me as I read your words. I especially liked the contrast between “So scared To look at you In the eyes” and “As you pass on the streets Each person says hi Looks you in the eye.” I’m sure you are enduring some major culture shock, Ann. You must be having such a rough time. : (

    • It is not such a rough time it is the fact that when you see people they great you with a kiss on each of your face. Here you are lucky if someone shakes your hand. The life is so different here and people are so afraid. On the islands life is so different and children are so free. The kids are free to go swimming and play in the mountains and streams. We do not worry to send our children to the store or allow them to ride their bike on the street. Here I am sad to see how it is and how dangerous it can be for your children. I love the idea that a child’s life can be free and they know nobody will harm them. That is what is hard for me here in America.

  2. Your perspective is of self-induced oppression and I agree. I’d say the majority of people also have learned to “look past” others as they pass by. There is less and less sense of community. Very interesting poem.

    • Thank you so much. I guess I am so use to seeing anyone in the stores, street, town and they all have something to say and greet you. Seems they are more friendly in other parts of the world and especially on the islands. It just seems strange to me that people do not want to see you as you pass on the street. They look at you like you do not exists anymore at all.

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