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The Island Breeze

Written by Ann LeFlore

The island Breeze

The island breeze
Comes from the sea
Floating on the wind
Like a melody
Whispering so soft to me

Carrying the sounds
The drums
The beat
The heat
Take your seat

Under the shade
The coco palms
Bows down
Sand under your feet

The baby sleeps
Without a peep
The ocean so deep
As blue as crystal glass

What makes you see
Into the sea
The creatures below

The blow fish swims by
The shark in pursuit
The coral so vibrant
So magnificent

The color
So bright and new
The brilliant colored fish
Hoover close by

The butterfly
Slowly flies by
Following his flight

Above the horizon
The giant volcano
Forms the island
So lush and green

The giant sculpture
Floats on the sea above
The volcano sleeps
Deep below
The ocean floor
To be waken no more

The children run by
Free as can be
Jumping in the lagoon
As warm as can be
Bathing their golden bodies

In the warm island sun
Not a care in the world
As free as the wind
Running and chasing
Each other

As they pass by
The breeze of the islands
So light
So soft
So refreshing
As can be

Comments on: "The Island Breeze" (64)

  1. This is filled with beautiful imagery, Ann. It almost makes me want to visit a tropical island. Almost.

    • You would love my islands. I love islands and the way the life is on them. it seems like you are in another world all together. it is such a wonderful feeling.

  2. “The breeze of the islands So light So soft So refreshing As can be” … I can almost feel the breeze, Ann. I even closed my eyes to pretend for a moment.

  3. I have a feeling your sand is different than my sand. : )

    • Yes on the islands the sand is from a volcano and it is very course and does not stick to you. It is not the same as the really fine sand around here.

  4. I love these beautiful words! thank you for sharing your poetry and stories here..I look forward to reading more 🙂

    • Thank you so very much. I look forward to writting more and sharing more. I am so happy that you stopped by and read some of the poems and other stories here on the blog.

  5. Can I say this write is very refreshing? Your words describe the scene so vividly, I felt I was on the beach! Very nicely done!

  6. yes, it certainly is refreshing. i wonder which of the graphs is your favorite. i love the first one. it is melodious, like a wind chime at the beach.

  7. very refreshing and entertaining.

    love the sea imagery.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.


  8. Seeing your islands through your eyes in vivid colours and fragrances. Beautiful imagery.

  9. A descriptive poem to enjoy, just like if we were there…

  10. “The island breeze
    Comes from the sea
    Floating on the wind
    Like a melody
    Whispering so soft to me”

    Loved these lines…a wonderful poem.

  11. Fresh as a daisy:) Nice write!

  12. Ahhh, I’d love to be there! Beautiful!

  13. Hi Sarah.. thanks for your visit to my poetry world. Like David, I love the first few stanza, they invite me right into your island pleasures. It reminds me of my trips to Mexico and the beauty of the beaches and the power of the sea. The smells of the salty air. I need an island vacation…
    Thanks for journey… warm regards, jeanne

    • You are welcome and thank you for dropping by here. I am so happy that you like this poem and Tahiti is a paradise that is like another world it is such a wonderful place to be

  14. Sarah, You made the imagery to warm and inviting, can I go there now? lol. Great job. Blessings, Terri

  15. manicddaily said:


  16. I’ve never been to the islands but you make them so real! I can almost feel the breeze.

    • Thank you it is wonderful and island life is like no other life in the world. It takes a little getting use to this but once you fall in love with the sea, winds, and island it is hard to leave there and live anywhere else in the world

  17. this is so cute. it reminds me of Hawaii. so relaxing.

  18. Already I’ve started feeling the vacation after reading your poetry…Quite refreshing indeed…..Thanks for share…

  19. I really loved that I heard a musical beat in my head while reading this…nature is a wonderous musician. Thank you for sharing this song.

  20. Beautiful…makes me miss the the ocean front.

    • Thank you so much the islands are wonderful and so peaceful. Life everyday is the same but it is the early mornings and evening that are so great. The wonderful sunsets and the lazy times sitting on the beach or going fishing that make them so special

  21. as many have said above, this is a very relaxing poem.. may I enquire which island is being described? or is it a secret paradise..?

    • This is written for the ilsnad of Tahiti and the town of Paea where I live on the islands. This is a poem about the beaches in Paea and how you can look across the water and see the island of Moorea where I lived for 5 years before moving to the main land for my work there.

  22. makes me homesick for Rio… full of enticing images…

  23. lovely lovely poem..

  24. Lovely rhythm to your word. Great piece.

  25. Brilliant poetry, brilliant imagery. I would absolutely love to be there with my son right now

  26. NotATameLion said:

    This paints a vivid, tangible, and somehow motion-filled picture. Thank you for sharing (:

  27. Manoj Kewalramani said:

    Absolutely beautiful… love the imagery and the description.. awesome write!

  28. Wow, I really want to go on holiday now!!

  29. I was there! Great words. Thanks for stopping by Words are Timeless

  30. Reminds me of the time I visited Whitehaven when I was in Aus a few years back (minus the volcano). Beuatiful poem, great imagery.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  31. Would love to visit this place so much. The weather here in Ireland is miserable right now, but your poem lifted my spirits. thanks!

    • I am so glad that your spirts were lifted and yes winter is coming and again time for the cold all around the world. On the islands it is becoming time for our summer and when summer arrives it is are heavy rain season and a great time of the year on the islands

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