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Where to Now?

I sit here

Where to Now?

The night air blows

The airplane engines

Start to glow

Another trip

So far away

Another land yet

Awaits me

Saying good bye

Is so hard to do

The hours before

Gloom and blue

The time waits

For the big escape

Encased within

As the trip begins

Sitting here alone

Where to go

Stuck in an empty space

My heart sinks in

The time just begins

The plane takes off

Nowhere to escape

Stuck no

Away I go

A new place

A different face

The smiles go

The laughter echoes

His face the last I see

Before I leave

How long can it be

Before I know

Where I’ll go

Yet another land

Not what I had planned

The roads all I know

The time has to go

Before we take another blow

Dragging deep within

The party’s just began

Written by Ann LeFlore

Comments on: "Where to Now?" (8)

  1. I’ll be on a similar journey in October, and can identify with the emotions expressed in this great poem.

    Check out these extracts from my published collection –

    • Thank you Bill. I did take a look at your site and it is very nicely done. I took the time to read some of your work and I like your style of writting very much. Thank you so much for sharing with me your site.

  2. The lonesome traveler. I’ve purposely avoided taking jobs that would have me traveling far from home on a regular basis. I don’t mind driving however. I like to drive as long as I can get home at the end of the day or at least get to a hotel when we’re on a family vacation.

    • When I was younger my daugher was with me all the way. Now that she is older and has her own family I travel alone. I love the travel and the idea of seeing new places and meeting new people. But if I had a small child and would have to leave her behind I would not be so happy to do this either.

  3. A person who hates travelling? Wow.

    • I actually do not hate traveling. I hate having to leave once I get there and make new friends. That is the hardest part to say good bye to everyone and get on the plane off to the next place. I love to travel and see new places and meet new people. It is the good byes that get me down.

  4. I’m afraid of flying. I assume you’re not. : ) So are you on your way to Italy now?

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