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The One and Only Kiss

Written by Ann Leflore;Poetry Challenge for Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic week 2 “The Kiss”.

The One and Only Kiss

Sitting in the band room
Beating on his drums
My heart keeps the rhythm
Each strike as he blows

Muscles budge from his arms
The sweat trickles down his forehead
Leaving droplets that form
Tear drops as they roll down on him

The class ends
The bell breaks the spill
Standing up slowly
Waiting for him to pass by
And brush against my side

Each day after school
Before the last bell rings
My heart starts to
Flip flop and beat a new life

The heat starts to rise
In the palm of my hands
Sticky and sweaty
Slippery and wet

My nerves stand like needles
Picking my skin
Sending chilling bumps
Down my back and spine

Rushing out the door
Running down the hall
Waiting to walk outside
To see him sitting

Waiting to pass the hours
Walking home from school
Afraid to hold my books
Never takes my hand

Just passing the hours
Like droplets in the sand
The day finally comes
He calls me near

He tells of his adventure
That will take him far from here
He has to leave
So far away

The tears start to form
And stain his freckled cheeks
He bends down to kiss me
The one and only time

The first kiss is the last
As tears pour from his eye
The tears taste like salt
Burning on my lips

The kiss oh so fast
As he turns and runs away
He looks back and waves good bye

As he heads towards the car
He sits inside hiding his eye
Afraid of the last good bye

I stand and stare
As the car pulls away
Tears start to form
As I touch my lips
For that one and only kiss


Comments on: "The One and Only Kiss" (52)

  1. Wow! This is tense. Wonderfu writing! Very nice!

    My entry for this week:

    • Thank you so much. I tried the Goosberry Garden poetry challenge this week. I am happy that I did. I have read some wonderful entires and some excellent poems. I enjoy taking my time to read each person who has entered this challenge. Thank you so much for reading my first entry to this challenge. I was a little afraid to enter this but now I feel like it was a good choice.

  2. beautiful.
    glad to see you shaRE.



    • Thank you very much. I like this idea of sharing with others and the poetry picnic. I think I will follow along and share each week. This is a wonderful idea to have each week a new idea to inspire you to write about. I am so much enjoying reading all the entries. Thank you for reading my entry. This is wonderful.

  3. This is really good – you really capture the feeling of teen love and longing and heartbreak well. Nice job!

  4. Powerful, wonderful, delightful!!! Great read!

    • Thank you so much. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading this. I have enjoyed reading all the people who have submitted their links. I still have more to read and looking forward to reading them all.

  5. captured the anticipation and longing wonderfully. lovely write!

    thank you for your visit and comment on mine today!

  6. Very nice Sarah…welcome to poetry potluck. Keep sharing 🙂


    • Thank you so much. It was my daughter Ann who also writes on this site that entered into the poetry potluck. I am so happy that you enjoyed the piece. I know that she has read all the other entries and has liked them very much.

  7. Very well done, the poem was intense from beginning to end!

    • Thank you so much. I have read so many of the poetry potluck and I think there is a few new ones I still have to read. I am very happy that I tried the potluck this week. It is a new challenge for me and one I would like to try again.

  8. you captured beautifully the sweet torment of the sought after kiss 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I have so much enjoyed Gooseberry Garden and reading all the poems submitted to the poetry potluck. There is some real talent at this site and it is nice to read all the new blogs. I am very impressed.

  9. A classic and vivid record of an episode of puppy love. Many could relate to this. One who had to move house far away and stealing a last kiss from a classmate, a dropout who didn’t make it, stealing that last kiss before shamefully giving way to a brighter rival and lots of others. It tugged at the memory cage of such wonderful moments of what could have been but didn’t. Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Brilliant! And thanks for dropping by.


    • Thank you Hank for reading the entry by my daughter Ann. I have read so many of the entries and so has she. There is 4 different posters on this site and I think that is what makes it fun. Gives us a chance to see different ideas here and I enjoy this so much. I am so happy that you have read the post by my daughter

  10. Looking forward to seeing more of your writing, Sarah! So glad to see you here on this wonderful site. The people are a delight, as you can see!

    • Yes thank you so much. I know my daughter Ann will be so happy. It was her to write this poem. Tehre is four writters on this site and it is a light and inspirational site for me and happy that people are enjoying it so much.

  11. your words sing and dance here,

    very beautiful entry.

  12. How does the saying go,”it’s better to have loved and loss then to never have loved at all.”? Maybe He’ll write at least. 🙂

    • Maybe he will write. Too many years have passed and maybe the only way is by email now. That is such a lovely thought. I sure enjoyed your post this week and really look forward to reading more in the weeks to come

  13. Kay Salady said:

    Oh, my goodness! My first kiss was from a boy named Peter and he had freckles too. We were separated as well. He went away to seminary school and I moved to Arizona. Wow. This poem certainly sparked memories in my mind. It’s amazing how poems can do that for people. Your memories stir mine and mine stir yours. It’s absolutely marvelous. Thanks so much!

    • This is amazing. Thank you so much for reading this poem. I sure enjoyed your poem and can not wait to read more of your entries. I am also looking forward to challening myself to try and enter to the poetry potluck each week. I think this is such a great idea and I love reading all the entries. Your was so wonderful please keep submitting more. I want to read them all.

  14. It is a beautiful piece describing puppy love as some call it…but that love somehow leaves lasting memories behind…Your daughter has blended the words so well …I really loved the piece and the first four lines grabbed my attention.

    • Thank you so much. I really enjoyed reading your blog and can not wait to read more of your poems. I hope that I can enter the poetry potluck again and I will see more of your work.

  15. Beautiful…and sad,I loved it my friend!

    • Thank you so much. I loved your blog also and so happy to read what you have written, I read so many good poems about the Kiss it was amazing how each person saw this and the work they did to recreate it.

  16. Sarah, this is a cool poem! Well done! I really like it. Rhymes beautifully. Reminds me of my childhood, those moments of innocent love! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. It was Ann who wrote this post. I can not figure out how to change names when posting on this site. I have read so many of the poems and loved them all. Ann also has visited all the blogs and read all the poems on the blog site. I am so happy that you found my entry and have read it. Thank you for visiting my site.

  17. “He bends down to kiss me The one and only time The first kiss is the last”

    Oh wow, Ann. You really made me feel this one!

    • Thank you Shawna. This was an interesting challenge. I thought it was fun to think back and consider the first kiss. I liked this challenge and decided to try it. I am happy you liked this one.

  18. Ankoku Hikaru said:

    I enjoyed the story you have told us here, although a bit sad.
    (Then again I’m a fan of sadness.)

  19. Wow! I enjoyed your poem. A very nice write.

  20. Great Sarah 🙂 Terse and tense. Nice write! Never say “last” though… for who knows 😉

    • Thank you so much. It was my daughter Ann who also writes on this one blog that wrote this poem and shared it here. Thank you so much for reading. You are right never say last it can not be

  21. Superb…every inch of the poetry gave me a feel how much it means to a person and how much can one ever miss it…Thanks for share….

    • You are so welcome. I am so happy that you found my post and read it. I am so happy that I had a change to read all the wonderful blogs and post. I look forward to reading each week and I am enjoying them so much, Thank you so much for sharing and reading this blog,

  22. Boy, you have told such a story in this poem. I really felt the passion and sorrow you communicated. Great job!

    • Thank you so much. It was an enjoyable poem to write. Brought back memories and it was an interesting idea to write about the first kiss. I enjoyed reading your blog and I am happy you have come to read mine.

  23. A.B. Thomas said:

    A very engrossing tale you wove, a delight to read!

    • Thank you so much. I am so happy that you liked this. I tried to express a first kiss and at first was not so sure but after it was done I liked it. I loved to read all the poems on the kiss they were all so good and enjoyed each and everyone of them

  24. Great poem. I liked this very much. It really shows the vulnerability inherent in a first kiss.

  25. Oh the intensity of young love! You capture it so well!

    • Thank you so much. I am so happy that you stopped by and read my poem. I tried to visit each and every site and I hope that I made it by yours. I look forward to more challenges. Thank you so much

  26. Wow. That is all have to say. Wow.

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