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Written by Ann LeFlore a piece for Halloween. Halloween is creeping upon us soon and one of the favorite mysteries is the vampires and the costumes and images created during this time.

Unsuspecting Creatures of the Night

The dark Lord speaks
To the creatures
Of the night
Who can’t live
By the day light

All who lost their souls
With one swift bite
The creatures of the night

Who feast on
The dark red liquor
The pulse of their life

Craving for the blue dark fluids
That fills the veins
Of their unsuspected victims
Once tasted turns to the thick red syrup

Sucking the juices of their lives
With that one luring bite
Drawing you near
For one more bite

The bodies
Are suspended
In an unearthly state
Embalmed in a human less fate

The world between
The living and the dead
Somewhere in between
The creatures seem to roam

Sleeping by sunlight
Hunting by the moonlight
Stacking their prey

The pale face creatures
That roams in the moonlight
The unsuspecting creatures of the night


Comments on: "Unsuspecting Creatures of the Night" (32)

  1. Just finished watching True Blood. How apt! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am not sure why I thought of this but it seems Halloween is one of the best times of the year. I like this holiday and this seem right to post this now to prepare for Halloween.

  2. This is a good one for Halloween. I love Halloween.
    Good photo you chose to go with this.
    And I love the look of your blog – this is great!

    • I also love Halloween. I think it is a great day to celebrate. I am happy you like the blog site. it is new and trying to get a feel of what I want to do. I like the idea of inspiration and allowing the little ones to write on here. I am happy to have a place to share some of the pieces from my Mom also. I think it is a nice place just to relax and enjoy.

  3. That picture will surely pop up in my dreams. It’s totally creepy, just like your poem! … Halloween IS coming up fast. In fact, I saw Christmas decorations at the store the other day!

    • I love this photo I think it suits this piece well. Yah well everyone think parts of Halloween are creepy so I decided to write this one. For no reason I just thought it was a good one to post here. Different and the time is right to start to prepare for Halloween.

  4. “Embalmed in a human less fate” is a great line. I love this genre and what you have done with it.

    • Thank you Richard. You love to write poems on vampires and I tried this one. I was happy with how it turned out. A little creepy but that was what made it fun to write.

  5. Wonderful intrepretation of the vampire lore and it works great with halloween. Plus it didn’t make me think of Twilight, which is a big plus..haha

  6. nice…i grew up on tales of Lestat no a nice nod to vampirism without falling into the hokiness that it is in movies today….i like…

    • Thank you so much. I think the older vampire movies were so great. Some of the newer ones are well sort of out there now. I still love to watch them and think they are great

  7. Amazing how many people seem to be so fascinated by vampires now. I too watched the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt Interview with a Vampire, thought it was very good. Have seen some of True Blood and all of the teen Vampire ones, yet, I was told in a comment yesterday the Mermaids (of which I wrote) are set to become the new ‘vampires’ soon.
    This is great writing though. Yuck on drinking anyone’s blood but, somewhere in time all those years ago, these stories/legends must’ve had their truth. I’m of the opinion it was back in Ancient Egypt, long before the time of the now famous pharaohs. Which might account for their curious shape of their elongated heads too. Nefetti had an elongated head, I didn’t realise that until pretty recently and so too did Tutankhamun. It has been said that Vampires ruled us back then and somehow we mere humans managed to ‘wipe’ them out. Who knows, interesting though.

    • Thank you so much. I never heard this one about mermaids becoming the newest vampires. I love mermaids and this would so ruin the image of the sea to trun them into vampires. I think that one is too far out there for it to happen.

      I too wondered where they found the idea of vampires and how they came up with these legends, it is an interesting theory what you talk about here this could be so true.

  8. Vampires are a mysterious lot, aren’t they? Delightfully creepy write 🙂

  9. very dark and fitting for such a holiday

  10. the creatures of the night have a cool rhythm. i would have merrily followed them about anywhere:)

  11. now this was a worthy entry into the forthcoming halloween season…wonderfully creepy…

  12. you caught the chilling and haunting mood of these creatures of the night. I think I am part vamp since the sunlight gives me headaches and I like to stay up all night. Plus, I think I might sparkle a bit in the sun’s rays – lol 🙂

    • Thank you Sheila that is so funny that you think you are part vampire. I think some people just do not like to wake up during the day and they do so much better at night. My daughter is like this and she is such a night person. She is terrible in the morning and takes a very long time to wake up

  13. Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

    • Hi Rob thank you so much. I will come and visit your site real soon. I had a lot to do yesterday and today trying to catch up on all. I will be by real soon. thank you so much Rob for stopping by here.

  14. I enjoy these vampire tales…. thanks for the vivid images of these creatures….

    edit suggestion: * Of he night* to * Of the night*

    Nice to meet you at D’verse

  15. You have reminded me Halloween is approching, one of my favorite holidays. You account of :
    Craving for the blue dark fluids
    That fills the veins
    Of their unsuspected victims
    Once tasted turns to the thick red syrup

    Left me with an excited thrill. Wonderful stanza!

    • Thank you so much. I qm so happy that you came by here to read this poem. I loved your blog site and love reading your work. You are an excellent poet and I can not wait to see more.

  16. creepy! Nicely done


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