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TV Time

Written by Trinty age 10. A poem about TV time.

TV Time

The TV comes on
I have big open eyes
Watching for hours
Not making a peep

I don’t move at all
Just watching so silent
Falling to sleep
Then opening my eyes

Wanting to watch
But falling to sleep
Not knowing what is happening
Just drifting away

Hearing the sounds of the TV
Wanting to wake up
To watch my show
Next thing I know
It’s a new show

Changing the channel
Surfing for a new show
Not knowing what to see
I think it’s all a dream

A little bee
Buzzes by
And slaps me in the eye
It’s all a dream
And my show is still on

Comments on: "TV Time" (18)

  1. You sure captured the sensations felt when watching too much TV! I liked this line: “A little bee Buzzes by And slaps me in the eye” … you are a talented girl. : )

  2. The TV can be most addictive and may be bad for young people where time can spent on things beneficial. Beautiful poem.

    • Trinity never spends time in front of the TV and this is what inspired her to write this poem. She is way too active playing outside, reading and writting. She does not spend time during the day with the TV on at all.

  3. What a lovely poem, Trinity 🙂 Keep writing because I can see you have a gift with words.

  4. Watching yourself while you watch television is difficult, but you did a great job with this Trinity.

    • Thank you. Trinity is not much of a TV person and when she wrote this one I had a great laugh. She was so excited over this. I put her on my computer and let her go. She came up with this and I loved it so much. I was happy that she had such a great idea wihen she wrote this.

  5. Sounds just like when I was a kid… always wanted to watch the shows just past my bedtime, and when I could convince my parents to let me try, I always fell asleep before the end.

    • Trinity has so much energy that she can not sit in front of a TV for very long before she is up and running around or outside on her skates or skateboard. I did enjoy this when she wrote it.

  6. This is lovely.

    • Thank you. I try to get her to write a lot. I was working on one poem The Kiss and she said yuck I will do one about how I see it on TV and change the program. She sat down here and wrote this. I thought it was so cute.

  7. that is so cool that you work with her at age ten to be able to express herself this way…there are definite rewards in this over the long haul…great job trinity…very nice verse…

    • I love working with both the children. They are such a joy and have some really great ideas. I think it is important that they write and express themselves. I am so pleased to see them write and want to post on here. They have a geat time doing this one.

  8. My daughter will be 10 next week!

    This is BRILLIANT!! And so true. I’ve nodded off in front of tv too, easy to do.

    Tell Trinity she is a wonderful wonderful writer and I really loved this.

    • Thank you so much. I try to keep the Grandchildren’s mind active and have them write some each day. I loved this when she finished it and promised to share it for her. She was so excited to share this and so am I.

  9. What a great poem – very well written!

    • Thank you so much. I have a new poem I did today and Grammy Ann will put it up in a few days. I love to write for the blog site and I think it is so much fun. Trinity

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