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Life Memories

Written by Ann LeFlore: Submitted to The Poetry Palace for Thursday Poets Rally Week 50

Life Memories

One day out of the blue
You entered my life
like something new
With a blink of an eye
and the pass of a hand
The hours of time
fell like the grains of sand

Your gentle touch
so soft and new
Kisses so soft
as the day begun

It happened so fast
that time stood still
My heart was filled
with happiness
So precious and new

The love we shared
so sweet and new
The time we had
all so few

For you entered my heart
and took me away
To a land yet close
but so far away

The sea was filled
with warmth and delight
The nights were mysterious
and gentle as the light

My love for you
never the same
all so new

You captured my heart
and took it away
You left me so blue
when you went away

Now I sit here everyday
thinking of you
The time we share
oh so few

The memories of you
all so new
You planted your seed
deep within

You left me standing her
crying within
Now all that is left
is the memories of you

Days pass me by
while thinking of you
For you captured my heart
and took me away

Now you’ve gone
and thrown that away
But in my heart
I will think of you

The time we share
so sweet and new
For my heart is broken
over the memories of you

Comments on: "Life Memories" (28)

  1. you have captured the life of your subject vividly.

    thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much. I was just invited to share on the rally and I hope I did a good piece for this one. I am so happy that you read my work. Thank you so much. I will be by your blog soon and read yours.

    • Sarah
      I enjoyed the flow of your poem and what was meant to be, “destiny”.
      Keep writing and we will keep enjoying.

      • Thank you so much. Ann will be very happy that you liked this so much. There is four different writters on the site here and I enjoy this so much. I know Ann has read so many different pomes in the past few days and loves to comment on them. Thank you for stopping by

  2. Beautiful even in the partial regret to see the wonderful when it lasted,


    • Thank you so much. I enjoyed your site very much and I am so happy you stopped by here and left a comment for me. I do enjoy reading on these poems they give me so much and really inspire me

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on The Quill. I really like how he came out of the blue and when he left it left you blue. A very witty play with words. I enjoyed reading this 🙂

  4. hey, cool. I really dig this. it is very beautiful and a wonderful capture. good work.

  5. Really appreciate your time writing this post to share with us..^_^…
    I wish you a beautiful Friday and have a nice weekend. Friendly greeting for you from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil.
    Nelson Souzza

  6. oh, i like this one.
    it reminds me a little bit of mine
    in the sense that it has an air
    of loss and longing to it.

    thanks for stopping by
    and for commenting.

    • You are very welcome and I did enjoy your poem so much. I am happy that you found this and had enjoyed it also. Thank you so much for the comment and stopping by.

  7. Thanks for reading my poetry, Sarah. Yours is so sad.But the tone is one of hope, I feel, as the memories are cherished, and still considered sweet. The heart will certainly mend.

    • Thank you so much. Ann wrote this poem and we are doing this a as a joint type of a blog site and even the grandkids are posting on there. I do enjoy reading all the posts and everything people submit to the links. My daughter reads all the posts also and tries hard to comment on each one of them. Thank you too for passing by and reading here.

  8. very elegant,
    love it.


  9. so elegantly written. i enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I also enjoyed reading your blog and all the other ones that were submitted. It was such a pleasure that you stopped by here to reads my blog. I would like to thank you so much and look forward to reading more of your blog sites.

  10. This is very good. I enjoyed it thanks.

    • Thank you so much this is a pleasure to have you find this poem and read it. I am so happy that you have stopped by and I enjoyed reading all the poems that were submitted. Thank you so much

  11. Sad and beautiful. Sometimes we learn what love is when love is no longer near…

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I am so happy to have read your poems inside your site. I am glad that you have found this site and read a few of the ones I have on here now. I hope to read a lot more of your soon.

  12. You captured well the feelings of love lost.

    • Thank you Shawna. I have to try and see if I can get this to format different here on the blog site. I do not really like the way it is formatting and can not work this one out. I have to look at this and get it to format better.

  13. Nice Ann, There is definitely love written in your heart 🙂

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