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Swinging Through The Trees

By Trinity age 10

Swinging Through the Trees

Up in the tree
Not wanting to fall
Branch to branch
I swing like a monkey

 So high up
Afraid to look

 I keep on climbing
From branch to branch
The world is so free
And it is just for me

 Up in the tree
The world is in my hands
Not wanting to leave
The world to me

Comments on: "Swinging Through The Trees" (14)

  1. Great Poem T

  2. awwww as a ten year old, you did a good job, that of a good writer 🙂 I liked it

    enjoy gooseberry day!!!

    • Thank you so much. She gets in and just writes and has such a good time doing this one. I just format it for her and post it on the blog site. She writes all these herself. I love it when she writes and expresses herself

  3. love the monkey swinging image, well penned.

    • Thank you. She is getting to be quite a writer lately and I do enjoy her words and love the way she expresses herself. I sometime like to share some of her work.

  4. Playing in the trees! And a monkey at that! Wonderful and playful!

  5. “The world is so free
    And it is just for me” … Amen, girl! Don’t forget it. Hold on to that freedom! … You DO like monkeys, don’t you. : )

  6. Wonderful! Nice job, Trinity! I can just see you climbing that tree!

    This entry might not be suitable for Trinity, but I think you will like it, Sarah:

    • Thank you so much. I will make sure I get there and read this one right away. I love to visit all the entries and read them all. I do enjoy this part of the sharing so much. Thank you for stopping by and reading Trinity’s piece she will be so happy that you liked it and left her a comment.

  7. I love monkeys! And Apes! Have you seen the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes? It’s good. Well, mostly. Worth seeing for entertainment, anyway. 🙂

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