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The Milky Seas

Written by Ann LeFlore for Blue Bell Books Poetry short story slam week 9. Write a short story or poem on the image. Image credit: Art at

The Milky Seas

The crimson sun
Settles on the horizon
As she stands on the shore
Shading her eyes
As the boat sails
Towards the land

Holding in her hand
The lantern
For her lover to see
The light of the night

Her long silk gown
Ruffles in the wind
Clinging to her body
Flowing downwards
Towards the sand

Many years she stands on the shore
Looking, hoping, dreaming
Of this day
The ship returned from afar

Each night before she returns home
With lost hopes
As she leaves behind her
Letters in the sand
For her lover to read

Waiting for his return
On the lonely sea shore
The day he takes her hand
To sail across the milky seas

The ship draws near
She hears his cries
Singing from a blue
I’ve come to take your hand

The lands are old and grey
For many years I’ve been away
But my love for you
Can never change

Darling I’ve returned this day
To write your name
In the sand
For our love will never die

I will marry you this day
To take you to a land
So far away
To a world so newly born

For my love for you
Has never died
Though so many years away
Darling I’m older but a year

Hand in hand
We’ll write our names
In the sand
For your love so new to me

Comments on: "The Milky Seas" (54)

  1. Very, very nice! I like the lantern to signal her love, great visual. Blessings…

  2. The secen you created with your words could apply to many who are left to wait for the return of a loved one. I love the lines ” as she leaves behind her” – “letters in the sand” ” for her lover to read”. Well done …!!!


    Check out my little twist on the prompt –

  3. I love happy endings…esp. when one has long waited!

    • Thank you so much. I enjoyed reading all the entires and see each person idea on the image in the picture. Some see it as a ship leaving others as one coming home.

  4. Awww. This is so sweet:
    “Darling I’ve returned this day
    To write your name
    In the sand”

  5. Lovely story! Really romantic.

  6. Well written poem, and sweet. I hope the sand is the ‘sand of time’ cos the beach sand will get washed up and all the letters fade away. Nice!


  7. Nicely done Sarah
    I was with your storyline all the way.

    • Thank you Genebrother this was so nice of you to read my story and leave a comment. I also enjoyed your story so much and read each entry and visted each site.

  8. Nicely done my friend, I love it!

  9. cinnamon blues said:

    Romantic, moving story. Really nice write!

  10. A testament to enduring love. So glad it had a happy ending~! Lovely

  11. Sweet sadness, waiting for the return of a loved one. So many did not return.

  12. manicddaily said:

    Like a song.

  13. Very romantic and sweet 🙂

  14. A.B. Thomas said:

    romantic and sweet, beautifully presented!

  15. Beautiful piece! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  16. Very lyrical piece ! Could be the words to a song …
    I loved the repetitive lines … it’s a reassurance that they will be together !
    Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and leave a comment ! Much appreciated .

    • Never thought of it as a song but you might be right on this one. I just had a good time writing it and sharing it. You are welcome and loved your blog and what you did with the photo. They were all so wonderful and good.

  17. Power, beauty, love, can conquer time. Great write/poem. Thank you, much appreciated, WS

  18. Would work perfectly set to music!

    • You are the second person who indicated this. I never thought about this one before. thank for stopping by and leaving a comment. This was so wonderful and I loved you blog

    • Thanks Shawna I linked up the creatures of the night poem on there for share night the one about vampires and Halloween I thought it would be a good one to try out on share night.

  19. lovely and poignant, so romantic.

  20. What came first, the picture of the poem. Mysterious.

  21. This poem of longing resonated with me after having watched a movie last night about Princess Kaʻiulani (of Hawaii). I especially like “Her long silk gown” stanza.

  22. Sarah Johnson with your wonderful Victorian gravatar, this delighted me to no end!

    I love how you swept me to a parallel universe of sailors,sun and sand.

    You brought that photo to life — and then some!!

    • Thank you so much. It was my daughter who wrote this piece. There are 4 of us who post on this blog site. I am so glad that you stopped by and read this poem. The gravatar is my Great-Great Grandma Simpson and it is the gravator I use for Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas where I share all of her recipes and the recipes in my family that have been handed down to me now. I hope you will come back and visit again real soon. I love it when people enjoy so much the blog site and what is posted on here.

  23. This is lovely… so full of emotion 🙂

  24. sweet and adventurous.

    a job well done.


    • Thank you so much. I am so happy that you like this post so well. I am glad that you stopped by and read this and I also enjoy your blog so much. I try when I visit to leave a comment behind and let you know how well I liked this.

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