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The Crimson Witch

 Written by Ann LeFlore a witches tale into the dark and mysterious side of Halloween. The spirit of the season is drawing upon us and the time is near for the witches and warlocks to start to cast their spells upon the lands.

The Crimson Witch


She creeps in the middle of the night
Slowly wandering beside the leafy stream
Held in her nut-brown hands one crystal ball set a glow
Telling stories of how the world should be

 The luring of her cryptic song wakes the village below
Piercing through the night calling for all to come
The intoxicating rhythm rings through the air
Drawing the unsuspected nearer to her dark and dirty spell

The village people float through the air
Lifting up and flying on the song birds tail
Like the pied piper calling his sheep
She brings them there for her to keep

 Held in her crimson creepy grace
The spill is binding no one shall escape
The words are addicting floating together as one
Gathering together her goose
To pluck their feature one by one

 The people fall beneath her cherry stained feet
Her out stretched decaying arms
Brings them in closer looking beneath her charm
Sinking under her sidereal stained dark eyes

 Gaze into my crystal ball set upon a fearsome glow
The magic held within my hands
Will give you life beyond these lands
Upon the orchard’s tangled path
The golden-red has turned to brown

 One by one they start to near entangled in her grace
One swipe of her nail across their face
The translucent blood starts to flow
Drinking in her grace one touch and she will know

 She tastes the salty tear stained bloody cheeks
One by one she sees into their soul
Gazing into her crystal ball the story has been told
Each person is drawn beneath her spill

 One by one they can’t escape
Transforming into a liquid lave
Dripping between her fingers sitting in her hands
Sucking out the juices that spill upon the lands

 One by one she plucked their life
Held it in her hands
Gathered up her magic ball
To float high upon the lands

 She is not made of human form
Her life is yet to be know
What untold secrets rest between
Her dark and deadly hold

 She floats high above the lands
Blowing flames of cyclamen and rose
She sucks the flames from their eyes
To touch their perfect nostrils
And they too flame gently like a pale rose

 Next time you shall see her
Drowned between the lands
For I have meet her drinking from the sands
Standing in her gypsy gown crystal ball in hand
Begging all to see the riches of her lands

Comments on: "The Crimson Witch" (102)

  1. wowo anne! look! this is an achievement! the length itself is an achievement omg! how i wish i could have the patience to write it long haha~! my entry..

  2. Now you have really set the mood. Well done … but I hope I don’t see her. LOL!

  3. She is one that I would NOT like to meet at any time, let alone on Halloween. What a story you weaved. Well done.

  4. What a fabulous tale! I can picture a group sitting around the campfire, on Halloween, of course, and hearing this. Eeek!

    • Yes this one would be a fun tale to tell on Halloween. I use to love to make up ghost stories to tell at the campfires. I wrote on but it is rather long. I might post it here after all will see if I can edit it some and take parts of it out. Not sure if this would change it or not. It is not a poem but a short story.

  5. Wonderful, scary, intense!! Did I mention wonderful?

  6. Wonderfully moody Halloween poem. Well done, my pretty! (imagine cackling laughter now!)

    Here’s my offering for this week. I have a great Halloween poem, but I’m saving it for closer to the day!

    • Yes it was fun to write and Halloween is one of the best times of the year. I love this day thanks for stopping by and yes I did read your post and it was so wonderful. Left you a comment on this one. Thanks for stopping by

  7. manicddaily said:

    Wonderful mood.

  8. I can feel it in my bones that you greatly enjoyed writing that poem…

  9. haunting piece, you make her real fearful to us.

  10. Wonderful Sarah! I really liked it a lot. Great job with the picture tol! Blessings, Terri

    • Thank you so much Terri but it was Ann who write this and posted the picture on the blog site. You can see by the name in the opening of the poem. I will let her know that you liked this a lot and thank you so much

  11. The poem really up to the little detailing done by you… for example ‘translucent blood’.
    Nice read. 🙂

  12. Great man! Love dark poetry! Thank you

  13. Janrae Mendoza said:

    I like the details in the poem…i love it ❤

  14. ‘Held in her crimson creepy grace’

    This gave me the creeps!

    Great stuff

    • Thank you so much. I sometime like to do this type of poems just to change from the normal every day stuff in life. Give a variety and change thank you so much for reading

  15. Great tale, brilliantly told. Enjoyed it throughout 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am so glad that you like this. I had a great time writing this one. Allowed me to be a little different and show a different side to poetry than other writing.

  16. Love a good story-telling poem– thanks! I did wonder why your last 2 verses went to 5 lines each.

    • Thank you and glad that you like this so much. I do not know why I did this one I think it just ended up working out like this. I am new to poetry and just short of doing on my shirt tail for right now. I did not know if there are rules to follow or how many verses for each we need to do. I think it just needed that last one so I put it in there and it fit well I thought.

  17. Don’t you worry about all that creepy stuff floating around in your mind. LOL I see a whole new side of you. Great job…well, I guess. Anyway, it made me laugh, even if that was not your intention. hugs and LOTS of Love Light coming your way! pat

    • Thanks Pat but for me let the creepy stuff out and put it on paper and then it does not stay in your head. I like to think about many different things and change moods when I write. One day write about the dark side the next about some love on the sandy shores. It all depends on what I see that strikes my eye at the time and gets me thinking on this one. That is what is fun about changing the way you write each day then there is always something new and you never grow tired of writting.

      • Yes, you are right, of course. Great thing about blogs and poetry is that we can do as we please. Writing through the dark, light, sad, funny, mysterious, Divine…it is all wonderful ink for our pen. As for poetry forms…there are lots of sources for “doing it by the book.” Sometimes I am lured to try, but I have only been writing poetry for 11 months so mostly, I just let it come and write as it does. Even if I start out with a particular form, it may flow into something else. I love your poetry and look forward to reading more. hugs, pat

      • Pat you are so right. I am not a poet and this is actually the first I have ever written in poetry on this blog. I did write a few things in high school that we were assigned to do but after this I have not written much at all in the line of poetry. I normally write tech manuals for data recovery and computer repair. I have to teach networking installation and other forms of networking. I like this style of writing and find it very interesting. I am just learning how to do this. I do not consider myself a great poet but I do have fun trying. Like you I like the idea how you can change moods all the time and write how you feel. It is sort of a free form of writing that is very nice to do.

  18. An intriguing tale… great visuals 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am happy that you like this and have dropped by to read this. I loved your blog and your work is excellent. At times I do not think I can match up to what others write. I do not think I am a real or should I say much of a poet. I like the style of writting and I am getting into writting some now like this. thank you once again

  19. a compelling write…I often liked witches in stories, well the good ones but there aren’t that many 😦

    • I love halloween. Spent time in Mexico and the day of the dead celebration sticks in my mind for years after this. I think Halloween and this time of the year is my all time favoriate and I love it so much.

  20. Oh so spooky…I love these tales. Flames of cycamen and rose… I’ll watch out for those. nice and eeerie. I am glad I stopped by! 🙂

  21. This is an excellent poem Ann. Great work, You really have hit the right tone and have chosen excellent words to illustrate your ideas.

    • Thank you so much Richard. I had a good time writing this. I wrote it up yesterday after coming back from spending the night at the hospital with my Dad and did not have a lot of sleep. Guess no sleep produces some of my better work. Thank you so much for reading this and expressing your ideas on it.

  22. Omg!..this is just superb!..the tale told so wonderfully..and weaved with such precision..
    loved it!

  23. profound entry…your words vibrate…

  24. You have a fabulous story telling ability … so intense …

    • Thank you so much. I just love to make up stories and to tell them. I think it is what makes life a little more interesting but I always make sure I let people know they are not real stories.

  25. wonderfu,l scary and beautifully written thank you so much for sharing x

  26. One poem, but it feels like I was reading a complete fantasy novel. Yup, I agree, you have a talent in story-telling. Good job. d^.^b

    Happy rally. 🙂

  27. What a beautiful tale!
    Enjoyed it 🙂

  28. Ankoku Hikaru said:

    That was… Creepy and pretty Dark, but that’s to be expected with such a theme. Although I’m not a fan of Halloween or Witchcraft, Great use of words, and Vivid descriptions(maybe to good T.T). Well done, keep writing.

    • Thank you so much. I like to try and make people see the creepy side of things now and then becasue that is what makes it so much fun. I guess creepy and fear are paet of life and go hand in hand it was fun to write and a good story for Halloween

  29. This is great, Ann. I like this line: “The luring of her cryptic song wakes the village below” And this one: “Drawing the unsuspected nearer to her dark and dirty spill” (I think you meant “spell” though) … This is another really creepy line: “What untold secrets rest between Her dark and deadly hold” … Good work, Ann!

    • Thanks Shawna I wrote this one and submitted it to the poetry rally the other day. I had this image on my HDD here and loved it a lot and decided to use it as my idea to write this poem by. Thanks for the spill to spell got it corrected. Still trying to remember my English and sometime make a mistakes on this one at time. But all in all it was a fun wrtie and had a good time to write this one.

  30. ticklyturtle said:

    Whoa… lol Hold thy breath and read the tale! ^_^

  31. Hello.
    This is a wickedly, creepy tale. Not someone I intend to meet ever!

    Awesome storytelling!

    Thanks for sharing & for the visit too.

    Under Blinking Stars

    • You are so welcome enjoyed your blog. Glad that you visted here and read this tale and enjoyed it so much. You are welcome and glad that I decided to share this.

  32. extremely prolific
    the imagery strikes wonderfully well,and the image used in the beginning totally sticks in mind when reading the rest of the poem.
    nice 🙂

  33. it reminded me of fairy tales…it was an enchanting read (: thank you for visiting my site.

  34. Wow, what a feat to write. Well done and I also agree with what D had to say in that this was a enchanting read … and reminded one of fairy tales of old. Also, thanks for visiting my site. Hope to see you again.

    • Thank you JD I will be back again I am sure. I loved your site and happy that you stopped by here to read this. Yes Halloween and tales of witches seem to go hand in hand and they seem to be ones that you start seeing this time of year. Thank you again for your visit and comment.

  35. reminds of the creepy lady from our block back when i was still young LOL. this is a great weaving!

    • She couldn’t of been that creepy. I think when we are young and see older people they are mean at time so they seem so creepy to us. Hope that was all and she was not a witch of sorts. Thanks for your visit and your great comment hope to see you soon again.

  36. Loved it! I love Hallowe’en, and I love the dark, creepy tales that come with it. This has only increased my excitement for my favourite October Holiday! thanks for sharing!

    • Yea this is one of the best times of the year and I love this holiday. I like to decorate and prepare for Halloween. On the islands I live by a river and so I made a grave yard in our river last year for Halloween and it was so much fun. Thank you for your visit and I hope to read more of your entries soon.

  37. Manoj Kewalramani said:

    Very interesting Sarah! You’ve got the mix of fear and intrigue so beautifully done… Loved it 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I am so glad that you like this and found it interesting. I loved your blog and hope you will come back and visit again soon. Thank you so much for stopping by

  38. Captivating story! I love your imagination here 😉

    • Thank you so much Magher1. I love to write and tell of stories for Halloween and ghosts so this one was so fun for me to write and I had a good time doing this one.

  39. Wow–this is superb story telling! What an imagination–you’ve set the bar for Halloween tales. Thanks for getting me in the mood for spooky!

  40. ’tis the season of the witch…imaginative and spooky…good write

  41. Intriguing, scary, intense.. great impact!

  42. Creepy and compelling !

  43. Very well written and entertaining.
    I found the subject matter very entertaining.

    This was my favorite line
    “She sucks the flames from their eyes”

    Great job.

    • Thank you very much I am glad that you likes this so well and yes that is a good line how she sucks the flames from their eyes. I sort of liked this line myself too

  44. spooky poem. I love it!

  45. ‘Tis true. You have brought the witching hour upon us. Bravo! Well done!

  46. Excellently spooky poem, can’t wait to read it on Halloween. I esecpially like the last verse:)

    • Thank you so much there is a few other poems here for Halloween one is about Vampires and the other is Ghost Whisper maybe you would like to read them also for Halloween.

  47. A haunting poem full of well-worded imagery which also tells a story. Nice work and thank you for visiting Cradle of Cicadas. ~MsQ

    • You are so welcom for the visit. I love to visit many blogs and read the great works in there they are so inspiring and peaceful to read. I enjoy this so much I am glad that you liked this and stopped by to visit here.

  48. Brava! Nicely done, and very darkly spooky. Shudder and shiver, worth reading again just to feel the shivers!

  49. The Gooseberry Garden said:

    posted your response here,

    thanks for the talented skills and for sharing part of yourself with us.

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