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Remember the Years

This poem is written by Ann LeFlore. She wrote this to her daughter after she put her on a plane to go toAmericato her Grandparents home for school. It was the first time in 18 years that they were separated. Ann lives on theislandofTahitiin French Polynesia and her daughter wanted to go to College inAmerica.

Remember the Years

Sitting here remembering the years
The roads we went down filled with fears
The river that we filled with tears
The dreams we shattered throughout out years

I’ve seen the peddles of flowers falling to the floor
The waves of the ocean breaking on shore
I’ve travelled lands so far and yet so near
I’ve sat and listened to the wind blowing in my ear

I’ve seen the stars falling from the sky
I’ve soared so high I thought I’d die
I’ve seen so much of the world through my eyes
But when I sit and dream of the years

There is no tears that I can cry
The rivers are now dry
The stars shine so bright in the sky
The days are filled with warmth and delight

 The shadows have left the night
There is only brightness and light
You are always a part of my flight for life
And you need to know where ever I go
My thought will always be with you

Comments on: "Remember the Years" (56)

  1. Fears and tears after all those years. A nice tribute.

    • Thank you it was to let her know that no mater where we were in life that we would always be together in one way or another. After your children grow up and spread their wings and leave home it is a sad time but at the same time it is a happy time for them becasue you did your job is teaching them all you could.

  2. Well said, well done! Very beautiful. “I’ve soared so high I thought I’d die” was a nice touch too. Blessings, Terri

    • Thank you so much I am so glad that you liked this. I let her go but it was hard to think about all this. It is that she seemed so young but in reality she was grown and I should not stop her

  3. I have two daughters…letting them go was so hard…What a beautiful poem to write about your feelings at that time…

  4. Incredible and a very nicely woven thought spree.


  5. It’s so very touching …
    “The shadows have left the night
    There is only brightness and light” – kudos to that. 🙂

  6. Beautiful poem, I know how hard it is, my son was in America for a High School year last year, and it was difficult to see him go. But he had a great time. 🙂

  7. No matter where our children go, it is difficult when they leave us. However, there are little silver strings that bind our hearts together and keep us close no matter what the distance . . . the silver strings of love.

  8. Oh it is so beautifully sad but gratifying to raise child to live her own life. You captured it perfectly! Thank you for sharing And thank you for your support and the kind things you said to me last night.

  9. breaking away from that attachment is so sad.. my thursday..

    • Thank you so much I have already passed by your blog and left you a comment yesterday I think your blog is wonderful and please check your comments you will find one from me. Thanks for stopping by and reading and leaving a comment here.

  10. heartfelt,

    divine sentiments, well put.
    Happy Rally.

  11. While reading your poem I would be able to feel the depth of life experiences you had and the very long journey you have traveled behind..Very matured piece of write. Indescribable, I would say.I am patiently waiting for your next post.

    • This is so sweet of you Antomaniax and I should be posting soon on here again. I am trying to work on a few new pieces and hope to have them done really soon so they can be posted on here.

  12. This is very well written by Ann LeFlore. I can see why you would wish to honor it…..

    • Thank you so much. She is my daughter and she loves to write poem. I think it is great when more than one person writes on a blog and also is able to read more blog sites and see ann the excellent poems out there. I am happy that you stopped by to read here

  13. The degree to which you love her comes through your poetry.

    • Thank you so much. Yes I do love her very much and now she is a young woman married with children of her own. She is a wonderful Mother and has two very special children of her own. She still lives in America and I still live on the islands of Tahiti

  14. blackglassmoon said:

    the music of this piece speaks wholeheartedly to the sentiment. well employed. thank you.

  15. Manoj Kewalramani said:

    Beautifully written.. and a wonderful thought… some people always stay with you no matter where they go.. 🙂

  16. I liked it.
    The topic was so rich with warmth, light and love.
    It was touching.

    I appreciated the changing rhyme structure
    and flow of the work as well.

    you ended it nicely as well.
    good work.

    • Thank you so much and I am so happy that you liked this. i too enjoy reading all the blogs and posts that people offer in these challenges. It really inspires me to write some more

  17. My son often talks if the day he will leave home for college and it breaks my heart to hear it. The thought of being seperated from your child after so many years of having them home is unimaginable for me. this is a lovely piece. Thanks for directing me here.

    • Yes it is hard and not easy and when they first are gone you are left alone and feeling like you have nothing to do except walk around an empty home. Then slowly day by day you know they are only at school and so the time is fine and it passes and you learn to change and go on again.

  18. “There is no tears that I can cry… The rivers are now dry” Beautiful! Love this poem

  19. ticklyturtle said:

    This poem is quite a memorable one. ^_^

  20. Very emotional yet uplifting in the end.

  21. So beautifully said. Parting always is a very sad. And I appreciate the way u have depicted it so lovely 🙂
    Me likes it..

    • You are so welcome and yes it is sad when your children first leave home and you are alone and miss them so much. After time the feelings pass but you still are there for them every step of the way and they are always calling and coming back home to visit

  22. I enjoyed the rhyme very much! The poem seems so sentimental to me, reminds me of some people in my life. Great job!

    • Thank you so much I am so happy that you dropped by to read this. Yes it happens in all our lives if it is not our children but a loved one or evern a best friend. Seems when they are gone and leave you will never see them again

  23. I enjoyed it! How we always said, let’s do that later! Assuming that we will still be alive but have we thought about it, maybe after putting it off for too long, it doesnt matter anymore, does it? Hence sometimes I do try to remember that we need to cherish our ‘now’ instead of starting to reminsce about the lost time when precious moments have gone by.

  24. Hello.
    This is lovely.
    I don’t have children, but I remember the sadness and tears on my mother’s face when at the very young age of 17 I left her love and care in the Caribbean to come to America the unknown.

    As a parent, you can only do your best and no matter what, your children will always have a place in your heart.

    Really enjoyed reading this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Your Song Of Love

    • You are so right. It is hard to see your children leave home. But at that age it is an adventrue to take and a lot of fun for us to leave home and be out on our own. We do know that if things do not work out the way we had planned our parents will always welcome us back with loving open arms

  25. anjum wasim dar said:

    Deeply touching, true to heart expressions reminded me of my daughters when they left I wrote some lines for them ‘Home is not the same anymore, when you left mine to make your own’.Beautiful poem.

    • You are so right it is not the same when they are gone from home and at times you just turn around and think of all the noise and excitement in your home that is gone now. Thank you so much

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