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Written by; Ann LeFlore for dVerse poetry challenge “Ssy It Again, Sam.  Create a poem with repetition, emerging in the impact of the last quoted lines, giving a sense of power and finality.

 I have chosen to use Grandmother and anger as the repletion of this poem to express the feeling of loneliness and how anger can consume the elderly when they feel forgotten. I was trying to show how loneliness can lead to hurt and anger and feeling of a life forgotten and nobody caring any longer.

Loneliness the Anger of Lost Hope


The Grandmother sits by the window
Staring out at the world below her
Anger rises in her minds eye
Anger of the days that have not passed
Staring out at the village below

 The Grandmother can not move
Just staring at the village below
Angry at the people who pass by
The laughter cries out in her ears
The bitter anger rises in her eyes

As she sits starting at the city below
The days pass before her angry eyes
The times before were filled with laughter
But today are consumed with bitter anger
The once joyful Grandmother a love for all to see

 The sweet years have gone at last
The loneliness now consumes her days
The sweet loveable Grandmother
Just sits and stares out the window
The hurt and anger rising in pain

 The door bell chimes a sound so new
She leaves her place by the window
To see who is calling at her door
The anger rises in her steps
As she approaches to see who calls

 The smiles greet her angry bitter face
The children have returned at last
The joy they bring with dancing hope
Turns the angry frown to a glimmer of hope
They have not forgotten me she sighs at last

 The lonely days have passed as she leaves
He window seat to return to the village below
The hope of a new day now shines above
The bitter sweet anger slowly creeps away
The sparkle returns to her loving eyes

 The Grandmother found the love
She thought was gone at last
The hope of a new day
Is here and will never pass
The love she longing for
Has found its way home at last




Comments on: "Loneliness the Anger of Lost Hope" (46)

  1. A touching tale. There is always hope.

    • Yes I think sometime we forget about the Grandparents and how they feel so alone and we need to show them how much we do care and still love them so much. Give them back hope to live and take away the anger in their years of feeling alone. Thank you

  2. manicddaily said:

    That’s very nice. I was very glad the kids showed up! It is very touching. So hard these days with families so dispersed, both grandparents and grandchildren often left alone in the work-a-day world.

  3. I am glad her children remembered her. Old age is such a lonely journey, if there is no one to visit and care for you. I can see the repetitive lines.. very effective.

    Thanks for sharing it ~

    • You are so welcome. I guess what inspired me to do this was watching a Grandmother walking up and down the street and how the young children would tease her and yell at her. I saw her anger and how sad and alone she was. I thought about this and decided this was a good idea to write about today

  4. smiles. i am glad that grandmother found her change of heart…or perhaps hers found her…i feel for her…and her loneliness…

    • I am too happy that she found her family again and the loneliness was gone and she was happy again. I think many older people are forgotten and it is sad when this happens

  5. I am glad that the grandchildren returned to the grandmother’s house and that the grandmother got more involved in life again. I hope the grandmother also learned that she can keep this happiness even when the grandchildren go back home!

  6. sad when old people are all forgotten…some of them grow bitter, others don’t…but so glad the children remembered her..

  7. It’s so strange how each different country cares for it’s elderly. In some cultures the elderly and revered, protected, loved. In others they are put into nursing homes and left almost forgotten until they die.
    This is so sad because it’s true, when we feel alone and neglected by others we do tend to become angry and some, even bitter too and when the elderly lose their independence and become a burden is so awful for them too.
    A very good piece of descriptive writing and heartfelt too.

    • You are so right. On the islands of Tahiti where I live we take care of our aging parents and do not send them away to some home to live in. In America I see they do not have time to care about the aging parents and they send them away to live in a home and forget about them. This is so sad to me and I do not know who to feel over this but to say I could never do this to my parents or even my grandparents when they were alive.

  8. Laurie Kolp said:

    Aww… this makes me so sad to think of the elderly feeling that way. I was once friends with a 94 year old lady whose child had “forgotten” about her. We had so much fun over coffee, sharing stories and memories. It was a sad day when she died, October 20, 2009.

    • I loved my Grandma when she was alive and each day I spoke to her on the phone. If I did not call her she called me. We would talk for hours at a time and she loved it when I made her some special cookies and took them to her. I do miss her a lot and decided to write this based on a woman I see walking up and down the street each day and one day saw how the children coming in from school were so mean to her and how upset and angry she becasue over this. That is why I wrote this poem to show we should not forget the older folks in our lives they need to have attention and love too

  9. Aging and perhaps pain can keep the elderly isolated–this can compound the feeling of abandonment and anger or sorrow. I could relate this to my mother somewhat. Even though we are attentive to her, she can sometimes feel too alone.

    I loved the topic, Ann–perhaps it will help some remember someone who may need a visit or a smile. You did a great job–I’m glad the grandmother was thought of by the children after all.

    • Yes lets hope it will make people stop and think about the aging members of the community and stop and help them and make friends wirh them. It is hard to say but I hope that it will open a few eyes to say they need to have someone talk to them and listen to them too.

  10. a sad tale many could related too love the fact it ended so positively, Thank you x

    • I tried to show the anger and hurt and the happiness it could be in the end if somoene would take the time to speak with the people and remember them thank you so much

  11. With that much anger, you’d think she would explode.

  12. Love finds a way, renewing hope and dignity. A lovely message.

  13. SHeila Moore said:

    I’m so glad it was a happy ending.

  14. So many effective repetitions here – grandmother, anger, sits, comsumes. Good poem, Ann.

    • Thank you so much. I am so glad that you liked this. The poem is not about my Grandma it was inspired one day when I saw a Grandma walking down the street and saw some school children screaming at her. I listend to her response and heard the hurt and anger in her voice. I decided to write this poem to focus on hurt and anger and how the Grandparents are sometime forgotten.

  15. Powerful imagery, I can just see her sitting there hurt and angry with life until they children come and listen to her tales wide eyed.

    • Thank you so much I was trying to show how loneliness can trun into anger and it is possible to save a person who is so angry by just spending time with them and showing them that you love them and care for them

  16. To think: we all be ‘grandma’s soon!

  17. This just consumed me! I felt every word! An extraordinary and powerful write! Bravo!

  18. A poignantly sad tale and yet filled with hope. Lovely.

    And thanks for dropping by my place and commenting.

  19. A sad tale of what loneliness does, well done

    • Thank you so much. Yes it is a sad tale and the loneliness does happen when they are all alone it is hard on them unless they have some friends to visit with or people come to call on them.

  20. I am not sure I have ever considered the anger that might be at the core of a lonely heart in an elderly person. I have thought about the sadness, but not anger specifically. Therefore, I think this is a brave poem for pointing that out. I’m glad it ended with hope. 🙂

    • To tell the truth the only reason I saw anger is in the bitter way a older woman was walking down the street that I saw. I heard her bitter angry words screaming at the kids on the other side of the road. She has been here forever and she is a Grandma but her children do not live around her and never come to visit her. This is what I saw in her but normally she can be a funny person at the same time if people will take the time to talk with her and look at her.

  21. I read this just before I need to go out to deliver Meals on Wheels. So many of these folks are just like the grandmother in your poem. I’ll remember to linger a bit to talk with them today. Thanks.

    • I am sure they would love this so much. That is a really kind thought to spend just a few min with them and speak with them. I know you have a lot of work to do and each person is waiting for you to deliver their food. So many times you are in a hurry and this is why you do not talk much to them. It is understandable

  22. melting bitterness away with the love of children and connection. life can be good. the isolation of the elderly is today’s society is symptomatic of deeper problems. a healthy society is generationally much more integrated, i think.

    • I think you are so right. I see a difference here in America than I do home on the islands in Tahiti. In Tahiti the families are so close and most of the time when their parents are older and have a harder time to take care of themselves the children move the parents into their homes and take such wonderful care of them. But on the islands families are very close as it is. I see here in America that people live so far from one another and families are so spread out it makes it a lot harder to be close to your families here.

  23. it’s an important story to tell, to remember. i visit my grandparents with my children and it seems they are waiting…

    • yes I agree with you so much it is so important to tell this story and to make sure people understand that everyone needs to have someone to talk with and to feel wanted by

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