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Addiction to Solitaire

Written by Ann LeFlore for dVerse  open link night week 11. This poem is to talk about a person who is addicted to spider solitaire. She can not do anything all day long except sit in front of her computer screen playing this game. She is not young and is a Great Grandmother. What made me decide to write this poem was listening to her complain about her Great Grandson and how long he can sit in front of a TV and play video games. But the hours on end that she wastes away in front of her computer screen addicted to spider solitaire is more than the time  her Great Grandson plays his video games on TV. There is an addiction to card games for senior citizens just like there is an addiction to video games in our youth today.

Addiction to Solitaire


The woman sits in front of the screen
By hours playing her game
Not a care in the world can she see
The cards flash before her eyes

 One move here to get to the five
Then take a dive to move on to the ten
As the stacks of cards pile up
They flash before her eyes

 No move on this hand adding more cards
Bring them down in a line
Starting with the King
Ending with the Ace

 Hours pass her by lost in her addiction
Cards flashing on the screen
One right after another
Nothing done all day long

 The hours pass as she sits officiated
To the screen before her eyes
Not a day can pass her by
Without thinking of the cards in their place

 Housework is neglected
Food is forgotten
Appointments can wait for another day
But the cards can never stop

 The hours of the day pass her by
Like the sands in an hour glass
The cards wiz by like the hands of time
Flipping and shuffling appearing on her screen

 Every minute she can steal
Brings her one step closer
To the win that she can claim
One more game and she promises to stop

 But this game is a loss
She can not stop
She has to win the game
Before she can let it go

She has to play in order to be whole
Like a drug of addiction
If she misses a day
She can not think straight

 The game has her hooked
Like a needle in her veins
She feels no pain or time
As she sits before her screen

 What started this madness
The loss of the world around her
How can this happened
No doctor has a cure

 The solitaire madness
Has her hooked beyond belief
The woman is lost
In her hours of disbelief


Comments on: "Addiction to Solitaire" (42)

  1. My friends elderly mother is exactly the same. Hooked on it so much it’s all she does! And yes, housework is neglected and such too. Any addiction isn’t good for anyone, is it!
    Nice piece of writing.

    • Thank you so much. I think it is so funny to see this and after some time it gets on my nerves and especially when I only hear her complain of her Great Grandson and playing video games. To me there is no difference in what she is doing and what he does. But he only plays for less than an hour then he is up and out side riding his skateboard or playing baseball. Not her you will find her in the computer room saying she is reading emails and will switch the screen when you want to speak with her. She can not stop playing this game at all.

  2. Ah yes, you have spoken truth here. My grandson likes various Wii games, such as Spiderman. Plays an hour a day or so. But I know people who play games such as Farmville on Facebook for hours and hours! It is easy to be critical of others’ game addictions, I think….but it applies to more people than are willing to admit.

    • Yes this is sort of a funny poem I decide to write today and not even sure why. I just have seen this for some time now and was thinking of this and so I decided to turn this into a poem and write about it.

  3. This is great, Ann. And it sounds so familiar!

    • Thanks Shawna. Any extreme is not good for you and this one especially. I saw on TV from France where a 17 year old brain exploded from all his time on video games. He died from a brain tumor at such a young age and they feel it was related to playing too much video games on his computer. But still I think that any game that is played over and over again would grow tiring and I would not want to do this one.

  4. Any addiction is bad. But on the sunny side, think of what it does positively. My MIL is in the mid-80s and she is exhibiting disturbing signs of debilitating dementia. It gets on everyone!

    Here, playing the solitaire is keeping the old dame alert. What more are we expecting of her. She would have to be told of the housework. Otherwise someone else have to do it!


    • Well I guess you could be right on this one but when she does not care for anything else in life this one to me does not seem possible. I think that she has a lot more she can do and before she loved to read and write but now she wastes her entire day doing nothing at all. But guess at that age who cares but I know it is not good for her because she will forget to go to her appointments or care what time it is to fix lunch or dinner for her husband who is sick and can not do it for himself.

  5. Wow, I can’t even imagine. Do you think you can get her to do poems? Solitaire seems so mind-numbing. Writing and reading poems every week will at least exercise her mind.

    • Me too it is hard to imagine but this is true and no I do not think she will write poetry she can not rhyme very well but she was not bad at writing short stories at one time. But now she is addicted to this game and has forgotten even how to spell at times. She use to love to read but now she would rather play this game than do that one too. Sad but true it is the way it is and what can I do to change this one.

  6. I sit and do it when I’m upset and don’t want to think about anything.

    • This I could see but when I am upset I would rather take out my canoe and go on the lagoon and spend time away from everyone. Not be around anyone and just go out and ram for the day and when I get back my head is clear and I can go on.

  7. I think it’s terribly sad when we turn away from engaging life by hiding in mind-numbing activity. It’s good to unwind sometimes but all the time is giving up on life.

    • You are right I can see it for a short period of time but not for months and years on end. I think this has been going on now for like 3 or 4 years. This needs to be stopped but how can you make anyone see this and stop what they are doing when they do not think it is even wrong.

  8. This is the extreme but like any addiction is hard to cure. For sure a lot of time is taken up and you neglect everyday chores and even your loved ones. The only addiction that I have now is writing poetry and reading the blogs of others.. take a lot of my time but at least I am active mentally.

    Happy day ~

    • You are so right. but I guess when you think life has not much to offer you anymore then you hide inside a video game. But the sad part to me is that she still has a lot of life to live and could do so much more for herself than sitting and playing a video game all the time but she does not seem to want to even when she starts something she stops and runs off and plays a video game. Sometime she comes back to what she was doing but most of the time she never does and just leaves it lying around and does not care.

  9. oy i think i know this person…sad stuff…bad enough a computer game, but one you play by yourself…no contact…i def think this affect many….

    • Maybe everyone knows someone like this in their life. it is sad but I think there is a lot of people like this around and it is hard to help them stop this addiction to a video game on a computer. I can not stand to play solitaire but I do know a lot of people who do like this game my sister in law loves to play it but not all the time. Only here and there but still loves to play it.

  10. They do make those games SO addictive, not that I play them, but I do understand how a person can be sucked in. I guess it offers entertainment, and perceived rewards and gains.

    I was blog addicted for a while after I first started to get into it, but have come to a balance I can life comfortably with.

    TG m folks do not have a computer. They do play cards with their friends, tho. and have for these 52 married years. like dominoes for some folks I guess.

    I hope Grandmother can find a balance for herself.

    • yes it would be nice if she could or would find a balance for herself but I feel like now it is a loss because this has been going on for so long and she can not stop. She has to run there every hour to play this game and can sit for 4 to 5 hours at a time playing it. Shame but true.

  11. I like that game too. I play it before I go to bed if I am not tired and it puts me right to sleep (seriously! 🙂

    • This funny but that is OK to play a little bit at night but to let it rule your life and play every waking hour of the day is wrong. A little time at night is not bad.

  12. just yesterday i read an article in our newspaper about this topic..internet addiction – be it games or social media is getting more and more serious…and people risk losing their real life connection…so sad..nicely captured sarah

    • Thank you Claudia and yes I do agree especially when I log into facebook and see all the game requests sent to me. I do not have time to play these games and I do not understand them on top of it. I have too much work to do and too much other things to do besides playing video games on the computer

  13. I have a friend who is relatively young and has the same addiction ….think this is a great poem who knew a pack of cards even on a screen could be so poetic …thank you x

    • Thanks kez this one was funny when I decided to do this one. I was not sure how it would work out but in the end I was pleased with the results of this. I too never thought to write about a deck or pack of playing cards. Thank for dropping by I will read your site really soon must catching up on a few things here right now

  14. Arrrgh. I played a game of spider solitaire this morning while my computer was deciding whether or not I could get into e-mail. I certainly understand the addictive power of these games and how they can be used as an excuse for not writing. Unique take on quite a prevalent “disease” in today’s society. Victoria

    • Thank you so much Victoria and this is all but true it is an addiction to not wanting to do anything at all around the house and not caring about anything. it is sad and hope it can end soon

  15. Addictions are sad. If only we could help others achieve the balance we think they need. There is nothing we can do until they want to change.

  16. You captured it well. Nice write.

  17. Addictions can be terrible and all we can do is look on, only those who are addicted can help themselves. Nicely written.

    • Thank you so much you are right only the ones who are addicted can help themselves and this is a shame that we can not do more for them but they are the ones who have to change

  18. manicddaily said:

    Oh, so awful. I’ve been dealing with addictions of some close persons lately, and it’s just really really hard to believe. You’ve depicted it well.

    • Thank you so much and I hope that you can work out or around some of these problems and help these people to over come thier addiction and make it through this. I wish you luck on this and hope all works out for you

  19. Sarah this is so intense! You would not believe the memories that just came floating through me of my Godmother, who was extremely busy with the home and church, and me under her feet half the time in her basement, enjoying the discarded comic books of her then grown sons, off to war or career, playing their forgotten bongos to the tune of my juvenile poetry, basking in the joy of that dusty stack of Beatles favorites, watching them drop one by one on that old 45. But my Godmother wold sit in her very little spare time to play that insipid game of solitaire and I just couldn’t believe she would rather do that than come downstairs and read the amazing adventures of Sgt. Rock, or Superman, or the hilarious adventures of Spy vs. Spy in Mad Magazines that were stacked in endless bundles down there…. Oh the emotions in your poem are wonderful…. Thank you for a most touching and enjoyable read!

    • Yes I can understand this one. it seems that she does not care and all she wants to do is play this stupid card games from the time she gets up till the time she goes to sleep at night. It is so sad and there is no changing her at all

  20. Great to point out that it is not only the young who get addicted to their computer games! It’s all too easy to get sucked in, at any age… 🙂

    • You are so right. I think when they talk about how much the young play their game on the computer or even on the TV they are not looking at themselves and all the time they spend playing thier games on the computer

  21. My nine year old loves solitaire… now I’m scared.

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