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The Witch is Transformed

Written by Ann LeFlore: for TheGooseberry Garden Poetry Slam Week 11 Halloween Special. This is the last day before the frightful night so be prepared what you will see on Halloween night. You still have a chance to run and hide to protect yourself from the creatures that come out tomorrow night. Happy Halloween everyone and hope that you have a wonderful Halloween and see you back next year with some more wonderful poem for this time of year.

The Witch is Transformed


On Halloween night you start to change
Your body begins to transform and rearrange
When the sun goes down and the full moon glows
Your life is not the same and starts to transpose

Your hair turns grey and starts to grow
Your breath reeks like stale tobacco
Your nails harden like the claws of a bear
Your eyes are sunken with a darkened glare

Your dress turns to rags and starts to tear
Your nose is large and pointy like the Delaware
Your fingers are long and start to crack
Your back starts to change and becomes hunchback

Your lips become cracked and turn to an ashen grey
Your voice escapes through your blocked airway
Your toes begin to curl and turn
Your ears grow frail and start to burn

Your teeth turn black and start to rot out
Your veins start to protrude and fill with gout
Your heart starts to shrink and turn black
Your voice is raspy and starts to crack

Next thing you know you start to chant
You go so mad you rave and rant
You look for your largest kettle
Big and round and black as metal

The fire starts to crackle and burn
As the spells inside your head start to turn
The children start to come to your gate
Candies and goodies are used for bait

The caldron begins to bubble and hiss
The black cat stands by your feet and assists
For in your glance there is a snare
And in your smile there is a scare

The children are summands one by one
There is no place to hide no place to run
The caldron is ready for your stew
The children are added with the last cockatoo

For tonight is the night for the witches feast
No one is safe on this night not man or beast
Just one day of the year the witches run wild
Run and hide and save your grandchild

The Groom of the Dead Bride

Written by Ann LeFlore: for dVerse Open Link Night Week 15. Well Halloween is only a few days off now and everyone is preparing for the growling and frightful night. So to get us all in the mood here is another Halloween poem to spike your spirits. Happy Halloween and may all your spooks be frightful and gleam.

The Groom of the Dead Bride


The thunder tolls the hour of the dead
The witches stop and turn their heads
The goblins start to dance by the moon light
The vampire bats wake up and take flight

Tonight is the night to wake the dead
Lift them up from their dark sunken beds
The spider webs glow a silvery haze
The widows stalk their unsuspected prey

Tonight the blood will flow from your souls
To seep deep beneath and fill the holes
Up from the moss filled earthen soil
The burley wood is rotten and begins to spoil

The vapors rise up from the graves below
To grab the eyes of the blackened crows
The order starts to seep and fill our nose
The darkened flowers turn to blackened rose

Graves begin to crack and moan
As we listen to their eerie groans
Rumbling sound from down deep within
Up from the ground rises your evil twin

The church bells toll the hour we await
The bride stands there at half past eight
The groom is called and can’t be late
For tonight is his one and only fait

The bride awaits her virgin man
To marry and take his mortal hand
Together they will rule this land
Here they will take their one last stand

The groom arrives in his hypnotic state
Standing before the pearly gate
The church bells toll the hour of nine
Their souls are filled with bloody red wine

The kiss of death is on his lips
Her claws dig in for their final grips
The marriage made on this dead mans night
Can only end in a horrible fright

The mere mortal has turned to ashen dust
To serve and please her every lust
The marriage is sealed with the final kiss
She screams in the hour of her bliss

Dead begin to dance and sing
For now he wears her ring
Trapped deep within her blackened grace
Hypnotized to love her sunken face

The marriage is made in hell we see
As she sings like a banshee
On the thirty first day he died
Only on Halloween he is barley alive

Changing Lands

Written by Ann LeFlore: for Jingle Poetry at theGooseberryGardenPicnic Week 10. The theme this week is to discover magic, wonders, and beauty in nature, Forests, Rivers, and Mountains.

Changing Lands


Cool autumn day’s creeps upon the land
Mild summer weeps trying to make its last stand
Time grows near for the greyer days
As the morning fogs cast its eerie haze

Color illusions start to dimmer and glow
The crimson, gold’s, and oranges start to flow
The days start to shiver and shrink
We stand to watch and start to think

Leaves turn golden red, dark orange, and saddle brown
Before they start to fall and hit the ground
The trees weep and start to prepare
Winter is coming without a care

On the other side of the world we see a change
Winter has passed and spring arrives how strange
The trees begin to blossom and bloom
The days awakes from a deep dark gloom

Misty rose, cyan, and magenta start to flow
Morning arrives with a vibrant glow
The bees and birds start to buzz and peep
The long winter nights wake from a deep sleep

The water changes as the turquoise flow
The banks are filled from the winter snows
The newborn peek from their hidden holes
The mothers protect oh how they control

One part of the land the winter starts to arrive
On the other springs starts to thrive
The cold mass will soon be there
But the sun lives on without a care

Taken From Me On Halloween Night

Written by Ann LeFlore; for The Poetry Palace. Week 54 poets rally; submit a free verse or poem of your choice. Halloween is drawing closer each day and to get into the mood of the season I wrote another Halloween Poem. I love Halloween and the poems are endless and the images are so fun to create poetry for such a wonderful scary night. Not long now before the witches come out to make their brew, black cats scream at the moon, and vampires are there to drink from your veins. Enjoy this season and Happy Halloween to everyone

Taken From Me On Halloween Night

Seven hundred years have passed
I finally found you at last
They burned you on the stake
Just because of your name sake

That day the fire burned cyclamen and rose
I watched the flames burning from your nose
Your eyelids flamed a purple glow
I held your hand and tried to blow

Left alone in this dog eyed place
Your ashes rose into empty space
Each year on this date
I come here to wait

Tonight at half past eight
I will be there at your gate
To light the fire a chrisom rose
Oh darling how my desire grows

In the flames I will throw
The bloody red eyes of a dead crow
The wing of two hundred bats
One very dead fat black cat

Fire and water, earth and sky
Dead eyes light the night
Black and oily dark as night
Vision of you cloud my sight

Just one chance to get this right
Before the devils takes flight
Only on this day this night
Under the full moon light

They took you from this land
Now I come back to claim your hand
You will be my bride tonight
Laughing at this the fire burns bright

Each year on this date
There is only one fate
To come back to this place
To start a new race

Our children wait your return
To teach them what they should learn
Mortal men are so vain
When we suck the blood from their veins

Tonight we take flight
In the full moon light
The werewolves howl at such a sight
Only tonight we’ll make it right
My revenge begins on Halloween night




Farewell My Three Legged Friend

Written by Ann LeFlore: for dVerse Open Link Night Week 14. I just recently lost my dog after 11 years. He was a special dog that had only three legs. Five years ago my boyfriend gave me a gift of a small ball of brown fur that had the biggest feet you ever did see. She was a mixture between a German Shepard and Rottweiler. She had the sad eyes of the Rottweiler and grew to be taller than my other dog weighing in at 63 kilo. She is a big dog and it was so much fun to watch her tell my other dog off when he did not come in from the river. Bandit is no longer with us and Naya is lonely and misses him so much. She walks around the yard looking for him and goes over to where his grave is and sits there all day long. This poem is written from Naya to Bandit to tell him good bye. It is a dogs perspective of a best friend.


Farewell My Three Legged Friend

When I came to your space
You kept me in my place
You showed me who was boss
But today I am at a loss

You were there all the time
Life with you was all so fine
Chasing coconuts in the lagoon
Watching you bark at the moon

 I was a small bundle of fur
You looked at me with a big gurr
Why did they bring me here
It was hell for you to endure

I grew up so fast and so tall
I was no longer afraid to chase the ball
When we swam in the ocean
I caused such a commotion

 When dinner was served at night
You always left me your last bites
When it rained you had your space
But you were always willing to share your place

 Now today I am so alone
I walk around to sit on your thrown
I go by your place where you are now
I duck my head and give you a bow

Farewell my three legged friend
I will always remember you till the end
I was your Queen and you my King
Until the end I will always wear your ring

Mirror of Truth

Written by Ann LeFlore; for Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 9; Longing, Loss, Loosing and Failure. I wrote this poem not of myself but of all women who are abused and feel like they have failed in their life. Women who feel like it is their fault that they are abused and hurt by the ones they love. I had a friend who tried to hide the abuse from her husband for many years until one day she was so badly beaten she could no longer hide this fact. After years of abuse she finally had the courage to pick up the broken pieces of  a  failed life and love and start over again. But in her new life the scares are still there for her to see. She can not run and hide from the past but she sure can start over and make a new life for herself.

Mirror of Truth

I stepped through the looking glass
A journey way into my past
The days before the darkness arose
The time before you started your blows

The sun shined bright and clear
I started my life without a fear
The mountain spread through the valleys
The rivers flowed throughout the lands

Life was so new and still so grand
Until the day you took my hand
You started off with small demands
First it was just one slap of your hand

The days turned into years
The nights I lay and shook with fear
Afraid to see what you had done to me
The blood that spilled I was afraid to see

With a dynamic hit of your hand
You sent me into another land
The blood seeped from my broken skin
I knew this day I could never win

 The years are gone at last
The memories are only of the past
I drug myself off the ground
To close my eyes and follow the sound

I rose up from the ruins of my life
I swore I would never be your wife
The years have come and the years have gone
But in my minds images are the scares from you

Sitting here in front of the glass
I look deep into my past
Realizing I am free at last
My journey now starts down a new path

To My Son

Written by Ann LeFlore: for Blue Bell Books: poetry week slam 12. Please write a poem, a prose, or a short story inspired by the image provided, and be creative.

To My Son


One day out of the blue
You came to me like something new
You entered my life with such a flash
I knew you were here for ever last

When you were born I shed a tear
Out of joy I heard you cry in so much fear
You were given to me when I planted my seed
To watch you grow and love you is all I need

I am here for you to take your hand
To walk with you through this land
Teaching you the ways so that you understand
Watching you sleep is oh so grand

Dreaming of the days when you are tall
Catching and throwing the ball
Picking you up each time you fall
Keeping you oh so safe when you’re so small

The days will come and the days will go
Soon before I know it you will grow
Today you are so new tomorrow you will be two
Soon you will say to me look Dad I can tie my shoe

I fear the day when you walk out the door
To start a life for ever more
Today your are one
But tomorrow you are twenty one

The life cycle will start over again
With this you introduce me to Jane
She is the new love of your life
Soon you will take her to be your wife

The day will come when you shed a tear
And tell me Dad you have nothing to fear
Today the new life has begun
Through my life you have a new grand son



The Day of the Dead

Written by Ann LeFlore; for Open Link Night Week 13: at dVerse. Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get into the mood. The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico and on the 1st of November we remember the ones that passed on before us.

The Day of the Dead

Up from the grave stones they arose
The black figures of the bloody crows
Ancient shapes taking flight
Were mesmerized by the night

Watching the dead arise from their graves
The monsters came to collect their slaves
Fog seeps through this darkened place
The dead are here as the master race

The chilled winds mark this fearsome flight
Autumn branches break and crack with fright
The landscape turns to ashen crumbs
The dead and  wicked this way comes 

The night air turns dark with musk
Our nostrils are filled with dust
The phantom hand floats through the air
Reaching out with no despair

Grabbing you in its claw shaped hands
Dragging you across the lands
The moon fills the night with a silvery light
The church bells toll and seem to glow

Hypnotized by the suffer air
The dead move on without a care
Dragging you across this place
Floating free lost in space

The dark lord sits upon his thorn
We are dropped for him to adorn
The night belongs to the blacked souls
Paralyzed by their deadly controls

Up arose the dead from their beds
To a dance that they fearfully lead
At last our doom is decreed
Like as long legged spider with near changing speed

The thirty first of October in eighteen eight five
Not a man was left alive
Each year on this day
The dead arrive to claim their pray

The Bird of Love

Written by Ann LeFlore; forGooseberry Garden: Poetry picnic week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around. The Tahitian Red Bird is a scared bird on the islands of Tahiti.  The Tahitians call the red bird Teheura which mean the scarred bird of love. The legends of the islands say the red bird features will protect the King and the love of the lands. In ancient times the features of the red bird Teheura were used to make the head dress, belt, and lance the King carried. A special ceremony dance was preformed by the Arioii during the ceremonies on the Marae. The Marae was the place of worship for the Tahitian people before the missionaries came to the islands. My boyfriend was named after the Tahitian red bird and one day when we were sitting on our terrace one flew to us. My boyfriend held the bird in his hand and we knew that the Gods of the islands had blessed us and our love for each other. Since this time we have passed many happy years together on the islands of Tahiti. This poem is written and dedicated to my boyfriend Teheura the red bird of love in my heart.

The Bird of Love

The warm islands sands under my feet
The taste of the salt air oh so sweet
I sit on the shore in the warm islands heat
Thinking of the times how my heart use to beat

The days so long ago but so far in the past
I found my home at long last
Drawing pictures on the sandy shore
I think of where I was before

The bird in the sky catches my eye
The flash of red as it flies by
Sitting here mesmerized by the sky
My heart begins to sore oh so high

It flies across my path the little red bird
The images flash by with my vision blurred
Comes to land and sit by my side
Oh this little tiny red bird of love

Closing my eyes and laying in the warm sand
Dreaming of a time in a far away land
Images dance before my eyes
You wake me by the touch of your hand

The little red bird has transformed into a man
This new life has just began
With a touch of your hand
You are here for me to be in this new found land

The people say when the red bird sits by
That love has no where to hide
You came to me from the sky
Telling me you saw me through the birds’ eye

You swooped down to be by my side
You tell me how you are filled with pride
Your love was sent from the heaves above
To cherish me and be my love

Oh this tiny red bird of love
Was sent to me from the heaven above
The man that has come before my eyes
Was sent to me with all his pride

You came to beach to capture my heart
To hold me close and never let me part
You folded your arms around me there
And away we flew in the air

Our love soars so high each day
I knew you were sent to me in this way
I saw the bird of love just for me
And the years past are one with thee

Thank you “The Poetry Palace Thursday Post Rally Week” for the Perfect Poet Award
I nominate The Red Raven for the next award

Today’s Feelings

Written by Ann LeFlore; for thePoetryPalaceThursday Poets Rally Week 53. When my brother was so sick and battling cancer I use to listen to his fears, his hurts, and how scared he was to die. He was so sick and suffering so much just before he did die he told me who would be there for him. After my brother passed I use to sit around looking at his photo and thinking of him. I remembered his words so well. I decided to write this poem to try and express how he was feeling in the end knowing he did not have much time leftl.


Todays Feelings

Today my heart is beaten black and blue
My hands are empty and my life seems so blue
God please tell me who will be there tomorrow
To keep me safe throughout the years
To hold me throughout my fear

Yes God who will be there tomorrow
To wash away my tears
To take away my fears
Oh God only you shall know

Sorrow and pain have nothing to gain
Love and hate feel no pain
Blood and tears can’t wash away my fears
Dreams of tomorrow seem like yester years

So God if you hear my cry
Send down a band of Angels
To take away the lonely night
And turn them into sunlight

The Angels are going to release me
To a place who knows where
And I don’t really care
Cause I have a taste of paradise
And now all I have is time until the end