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Written by Ann LeFlore; for dVerse Open link night week 12. I wrote this poem thinking about my daughter. The distance we share now is great. I live so far from her but each day of my life she stays in my memories and I continue to think of her and my grand children.


Life goes on I shall start a new
Some place different
Some place new
But in my memories
I will think of you

The dreams we shared
The hopes so new
Love so gentle as the new born sun
Kisses so soft as the day begun
As the days pass me by
I will think of you

The smiles you gave me will get me through
The gentle touches so soft and kind
Will stay in my memories till the end of time
As I sit around one day
I’ll remember the good time we once had

The love we shared
So sweet and new
The time we had all so few
Days will come and days will go
But in my memories
Stays the thought of you

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  1. still lucky to have all my kids at home..but my eldest daughter was for a year in bolivia last year and i missed her terribly…so will enjoy the time with them now to let them fly when the time has come…beautiful and tender write sarah

    • Thank you so much claudia I hope that when the time comes they do leave home they will come back and visit often. This is the joy of motherhood and love thank you so much

  2. This happened to us once when our daughter had just set up house more than 250 miles away. Our days were then counted in terms of no. of days and journeys in a year.The more often we were there with her the better we felt the months in between. Now it is not a problem as she is staying in with us, with a job in the neighborhood!

    Mindful of course, that she’ll eventually has to be independent with a home of her own even if it is just down the street!


    • Thank you so much Hank. I will be by today to read your blog. I am a litle behind on all this I had a little problem with the truck yesterday and this threw me off and I need to catch up again. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and I promise I will be by soon

  3. i feel you in this…mine are still young and hopefully one day when they move on they will come back..i want them to chase those dreams…just see them do it though…smiles.

  4. Beautifully expressed. It’s hard to be separated from our children and although it’s important that they are free and we know they are building good lives for themselves and their children, it’s still a loss that we tangibly feel. Well done.

  5. lovely, tender write. so bittersweet.

  6. yes, letting them go can tug hard at those heart strings… and we hold all those sweet little memories close.

    • You are so right. Now my daughter is grown up and has 2 wonderful children of her own and it is easier now to let go and let her be a Mom one day she will find out how hard it will be to let her two little ones goes away from home.

  7. Beautiful and sweet.

  8. Nothing like a parent’s love. Very touching.

  9. how blessed it sounds like you both are to have one another no matter how far apart you live. Thanks for the versatile blogger nomination, too. It was a nice surprise 🙂

    • You are welcome Sheila. I was almost hoping becasue I had 3 nominations that I could nominate 45 people that one would of been fantastic but do not think it works this way too bad. It was hard to pick becasue everyone is so wonderful and I love reading all the blogs sand the poems on them. I do think your blog is wonderful that is why I nominated you.

  10. The Borg Poet (@theborgpoet) said:

    Recently, my family and I moved half way across the country. While it is true that I miss the eldest that was left behind (18), I am excited for the opportunity to explore a new chapter with a family of 4, not 5.

    And to miquote Bogart: We’ll always have Skype

    • This can be a very good new start and I am sure he will be fine. He will be calling a lot I am sure and maybe surprise you and come back home sooner than expeceted on this one I wish you a lot of luck in your new adventure and new home

  11. My Mom lives about 40 miles away and my husband’s mother is 30 miles away so we have them close by, we make new memories regularly, thank you for the sweet poem.

  12. very moving,

    bless you,
    a job well done.

  13. manicddaily said:

    Very lovely. I have daughters! Grown (not quite) (but just about.) This is a very sweet poem, with a lovely rhythm. Again, like a song.

  14. Sarah, My grand kids grew up in Germany with out me. My son finally was re-stationed back here in the states this year and I got to meet them for the first time! I can’t even describe how wonderful that was…… Always keep them in your heart Sarah, and you know what? Facebook helps…….

    • You are so right it is hard to grow up without them and when you finally get to meet your grandchildren it is such a joy I am glad they are back now and you get to know them.

  15. Beautiful & tender write….really touching, thank you 🙂

  16. Nat King Cole sang in 1934 a song titled: “The Very Thought of You”…beautiful:

    “The very thought of you and I forget to do
    The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
    I’m living in a kind of daydream
    I’m happy as a king……………..”

    Thanks for letting me reminisce!

  17. Wow. this poem touches the heart.
    unwanted Loss, so painful. Memories are all we then have.

    Days will come and days will go
    But in my memories
    Stays the thought of you

    very nice conclusion.

    the objective of the poet is to ‘touch’ meaningfully the reader.
    this you have done, to me.

    thank you.

  18. This made me teary eyed. My daughter is a sophomore in high school and is starting to look at colleges now. She wants to go FAR AWAY. I know I’m going to really miss her despite how crazy she now makes me! You wrote a very poignant poem.

    • It will be hard let me tell you it is never easy but one day they will get married and have a family of their own and you will always be a part of her life no mater what

  19. Thanks for commenting on my poem, too:

    Outside the Kitchen Window

    The busy “ness” of Life
    Must grind
    Affairs of the heart
    And ties that bind
    But sacred spices
    They, too, must find
    Their reason
    Only with grinding
    Comes fragrance
    And season
    Only with forgetting
    Love’s treason
    So turn the handle well
    Prepare the tasty meal
    Hungry guests are coming
    Every course must be real
    Fill the air with bygone smells
    Become the nurturing heart
    Remember all the good
    Of those times you weren’t apart

    One_Love–Tiger Windwalker

  20. Hugs, Ann. This is a beautiful poem for your baby. : ) I hope you’re doing well. Are you still with your family in the states?

  21. What a sweet, sweet poem. I don’t have any kids (yet?) but am trying to make more memories with my mom. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Rachel I hope that you have a lot of great memories with your Mom and one day you will make a great Mom and have memories with your own children. Take your time you are still young and have time to do this one.

  22. It’s sad when they leave but they’re always in our hearts and as you said memories. Lovely poem!

  23. And though there’s the pain of separation,the relationship is always there. Good poem.

    • thank you so much I think it was good in some ways that she did leave to find her way and go to school but at first it was so hard because I missed her so much and did not want her to go

  24. Touchingand very sweet poem 😉

  25. the word bar said:

    I loved this. it reminded me of when the distance was great between my Mother and myself (& her grandchildren).. and now my own daughter lives far with my grandson..

    no matter the distance, the love and bond never was tarnished:-)

    very heartfelt and lovely.. thank you for these words today..

    • yes distance can make a big difference in a relationship. It is hard to be a long way away from the ones that you love. But when you do see them it is wonderful

  26. Touching and very beautifully written!

  27. this made me think about “wherever you are, there I’ll be, in your memories” 🙂 nice!!!

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