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The Bird of Love

Written by Ann LeFlore; forGooseberry Garden: Poetry picnic week 8: Friends, Relationships and Everyone around. The Tahitian Red Bird is a scared bird on the islands of Tahiti.  The Tahitians call the red bird Teheura which mean the scarred bird of love. The legends of the islands say the red bird features will protect the King and the love of the lands. In ancient times the features of the red bird Teheura were used to make the head dress, belt, and lance the King carried. A special ceremony dance was preformed by the Arioii during the ceremonies on the Marae. The Marae was the place of worship for the Tahitian people before the missionaries came to the islands. My boyfriend was named after the Tahitian red bird and one day when we were sitting on our terrace one flew to us. My boyfriend held the bird in his hand and we knew that the Gods of the islands had blessed us and our love for each other. Since this time we have passed many happy years together on the islands of Tahiti. This poem is written and dedicated to my boyfriend Teheura the red bird of love in my heart.

The Bird of Love

The warm islands sands under my feet
The taste of the salt air oh so sweet
I sit on the shore in the warm islands heat
Thinking of the times how my heart use to beat

The days so long ago but so far in the past
I found my home at long last
Drawing pictures on the sandy shore
I think of where I was before

The bird in the sky catches my eye
The flash of red as it flies by
Sitting here mesmerized by the sky
My heart begins to sore oh so high

It flies across my path the little red bird
The images flash by with my vision blurred
Comes to land and sit by my side
Oh this little tiny red bird of love

Closing my eyes and laying in the warm sand
Dreaming of a time in a far away land
Images dance before my eyes
You wake me by the touch of your hand

The little red bird has transformed into a man
This new life has just began
With a touch of your hand
You are here for me to be in this new found land

The people say when the red bird sits by
That love has no where to hide
You came to me from the sky
Telling me you saw me through the birds’ eye

You swooped down to be by my side
You tell me how you are filled with pride
Your love was sent from the heaves above
To cherish me and be my love

Oh this tiny red bird of love
Was sent to me from the heaven above
The man that has come before my eyes
Was sent to me with all his pride

You came to beach to capture my heart
To hold me close and never let me part
You folded your arms around me there
And away we flew in the air

Our love soars so high each day
I knew you were sent to me in this way
I saw the bird of love just for me
And the years past are one with thee

Thank you “The Poetry Palace Thursday Post Rally Week” for the Perfect Poet Award
I nominate The Red Raven for the next award

Comments on: "The Bird of Love" (56)

  1. It is a great thing to feel that each day you are taken higher and higher. Inspiration can be found in the heights of heaven or even in the depths of Hades.

    It is hard to capture the human heart

    • You are so right about this and the heart is a strange thing when it comes to love and staying in love for years to come after you have fallen in love the first time

  2. This is such a beautiful poem.

  3. such a dreamy poem that is lovely. well penned.

  4. it’s amazing what little birds bring back to us if we just stop to watch.

    • You are so right and the red bird does not usually come and sit in your hand like it did his. This was such a wonderful time we spent on the terrace with this bird in his hand

  5. Wonderful poem, Ann! So beautifully discriptive that I could almost see it. Congrats you guys for the Perfect Poet Award too!!! Blessings, Terri

    • Thank you so much terrri0728 I was surprised to win this award. I am so glad that you enjoyed this poem so much. You can see the bird in my boyfriends hand as it just sits there and does not want to fly away.

  6. wastelandexplorer said:

    Love the poem.

    • Thank you so much I am so happy that you stopped by and read this poem. I loved that bird and was so amazed when my boyfriend just held him there in his hand and he did not want to leave.

  7. Hello.
    That bird has the most glorious colors befitting a bird of love. Awesome photo!

    There simply is no greater feeling of happiness than to give love and be loved in return.
    May you always continue to grow in love.

    Beautiful sentiments.

    Congratulations also on a well-deserved award!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Much appreciated.

    Woman As My Friend And Lover

    • Thank you so much. I took several photos this day of the Teherua red bird as my boyfriend held it in his hand. It was amazing to see this bird and to have it just sit in his hand for so long.

      Yes Love is great and when it grows and you are together for a long time then it is worth the investment and the happiness it brings

  8. Aww!!!!! This is so sweet!

  9. What a lovely story behind the prose. So romantic. Beautiful bird.

    • The bird was amazing and the Tahitian people really love this bird it is not often you see so many of them on the main island normally they are on the smaller islands

  10. love it,

    the rhyming, the charm, it is simply perfect.


  11. Drawing pictures on the sandy shore
    I think of where I was before…

    loved the lines…

  12. A lovely poem. It always makes the words flow when you create a poem based upon a real event, particularly one that means so much. The rhymes lent it a nice lyrical sense.

  13. Bupinder Singh said:

    loved it!

  14. Love, so very nicely expressed. There is nothing like love that grows from the first day to soar higher and higher.

  15. the imagery, the hidden flow inside, this is an absolute delight! i really loved it…

  16. Oh what a beautiful poem. I so enjoyed it.

  17. I know how blessed you must feel after reading this heartfelt poem. A wonderful share! Thanks also for visiting my site!

    (BTW, I think you missed a little typo in the third stanza: “sore” should be “soar,” at least I think that’s what you mean!) 🙂

    • Thank you so much and you are welcome your site is really nice and a pleasure to go and visit look forward to reading more of your poems thanks for dropping by

  18. Our love soars so high each day
    I knew you were sent to me in this way
    I saw the bird of love just for me

    I love the idea of love soaring high every day….as it should be. You must have felt truly blessed!!

    • Yes we did and we are still together and have been now for 14 years. He is a wonderful person and so fully of love and joy and we have a great time together and a lot of fun

  19. Lovely sentiments–I hope that your heart will soar and not be sore. What a beautiful bird and beautiful poem! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I get mixed up on my English words at time becasue I live in French Polynesia and we only speak French and I have to write in French and not in English. So at times I get mixed up on my English language but this one is fine.

      • I understand completely–I’m amazed at how well you write poetry in a second language. I could never do that! I wasn’t trying to be picky, I just would want someone to point out a mistake in one of my poems. Sorry if I overstepped my bounds, I really do love this poem 🙂

      • Oh no this is not a problem at all I am happy that you told me about this. I sometime get mixed up on the words. I am so glad that you did point out a mistake to me in this poem. I am not unhappy at all I am really glad that you did this. I would rather have the words correct than have them wrong in these poems I like the idea that you have done this and thank you so much.

  20. Such a heartfelt poem, and what a joy to know that your love is blessed. The poem is precious!

  21. What a sweet and heartfelt poem for your beloved! May God bless your relationship 🙂 All the best for both of you.

  22. This is wonderful and heartwarming … thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • You are welcome becca givens I am glad that you liked this so much. The red bird on the islands is so beautiful and it was amazing to see it landing by us and not wanting to leave

  23. Ankoku Hikaru said:

    Wonderful Rhyme, and loved the story told. (I also love birds.)

  24. Such a beautiful love story!

  25. What an absolutely beautiful poetic piece. Really heartfelt and filled with love. Wonderful imagery, tone and emotion displayed here. Enjoyed the read very much!!

  26. This is such a beautiful, romantic poem!

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