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The Day of the Dead

Written by Ann LeFlore; for Open Link Night Week 13: at dVerse. Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get into the mood. The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico and on the 1st of November we remember the ones that passed on before us.

The Day of the Dead

Up from the grave stones they arose
The black figures of the bloody crows
Ancient shapes taking flight
Were mesmerized by the night

Watching the dead arise from their graves
The monsters came to collect their slaves
Fog seeps through this darkened place
The dead are here as the master race

The chilled winds mark this fearsome flight
Autumn branches break and crack with fright
The landscape turns to ashen crumbs
The dead and  wicked this way comes 

The night air turns dark with musk
Our nostrils are filled with dust
The phantom hand floats through the air
Reaching out with no despair

Grabbing you in its claw shaped hands
Dragging you across the lands
The moon fills the night with a silvery light
The church bells toll and seem to glow

Hypnotized by the suffer air
The dead move on without a care
Dragging you across this place
Floating free lost in space

The dark lord sits upon his thorn
We are dropped for him to adorn
The night belongs to the blacked souls
Paralyzed by their deadly controls

Up arose the dead from their beds
To a dance that they fearfully lead
At last our doom is decreed
Like as long legged spider with near changing speed

The thirty first of October in eighteen eight five
Not a man was left alive
Each year on this day
The dead arrive to claim their pray

Comments on: "The Day of the Dead" (64)

  1. like this couplet:
    The landscape turns to ashen crumbs
The dead and  wicked this way comes 

    The moon fills the night with a silvery light

    okay…you had me rung to Wikipedia looking up 1885 and October…didn’t find anything..BUT, the point is: you moved me. you made me think about your poem.

    eerie poem…oooo. good rhythm here with apropos content.
    thank you!

    • Thank you so much. No this is not a real story it is just a poem I made up and had some fun doing. I love the fright and scare of Halloween and it seems that not too many poems out there deal with all this. So I decided to be creative and try to make one of my own.

  2. Scary night… like the way you weave the Halloween poem with ending rhyming words.

    Thanks also for your kinds words in my blog.. I needed it ~

  3. So realistic, I could feel the eerie feeling building up as I cruise along! Great verse!


    • Thanks Hank this is great was not sure how it would go and in the end I sort of liked the twist I added there and the date and year. It seemed fun to do this and see what would happen

  4. You sure can play with fright, I’ll avoid you on halloween night and 31 is thirteen backwards, uh oh those scary number nuts might be up in arms..haha

  5. nice…dark and gritty…i could hear one one of the great horror masters reading it giving it an extra level of eeriness…

  6. A brilliant piece for Halloween. Some superb images.

    • Thank you so much David. I think that I would like to do a few more Halloween poems in the next few days to really get into the mood of Halloween. This should be fun if I can find the time to do a few more

  7. An army of the mindless dead, serving death…you definitely got into the mood here, Ann.

    • Thank you so much. Halloween is a great time of the year and so many stories are told of this day why not make a few really scary poems to add to this one I love Halloween and the idea of scary poems and stories to go along with this day

  8. ..The thirty first of October in eighteen eight five…true or not – gave it an extra touch…gritty write sarah…reminded me of an old scary movie

  9. Nice work, Ann. I love your dark pieces. Great line: “The dead are here as the master race”

  10. super creepy Ann, well done!

    • Thanks Laura I was looking up some poetry for Halloween and I wanted a different style one that was really creepy and full of dead images for some reason glad you liked this so much

  11. I love a good All Hallows tale! Thanks for the shiver … Brendan

  12. “The dead arrive to claim their pray”…and in the spirit of hallowen, what the dead want, they always get. Rhyming couplets are a treat to keep us enticed to the eerie offering…it works beautifully too! 🙂

  13. manicddaily said:

    Very scary! Atmospheric! I like the end especially.

  14. Having watched all six episodes of ‘The walking dead’ and all the Resident Evil movies, I can safely say, that I hope I am fast asleep that night and if any of them come to drag me off hope I don’t know much about it….lol
    Creepy indeed!

  15. Laurie Kolp said:

    Bone-chilling… a perfect spook for Halloween.

  16. Terrific Halloween poem. I could hear Vincent Price reading this! very good!

  17. Dark, creepy… perfect for halloween.

  18. scary, the picture and the imagery from the piece, needless to say I am not into gory stories lol so I uhm could not finish the read 😦 yes I am a baby 😦 sorry!

    • Thank you for reading some people just do not like scary poems or stories and this is fine. I fund them fun and enjoyable to write them at time. I do not do it all the time but this time of the year is a great time to do this

  19. Sarah this just spooked me….. I have to go to bed in a little bit! Oh heavens….. very vivid images here, very vivid…… I think every scary movie about dead people coming back to life just flashed before my eyes! I lived in El Paso for five years and celebrated Día de los Muertos every year…….. The local groceries would make special cookies and soft sugar iced breads with ghoulish images… it was so delicious……. Thanks for the memories

    • You are so welcome John it was fun to write this and I do so much love Halloween thanks for the wonderful comment and I passed time in Mexico and understand this holiday to celebrate the dead

  20. Could listen to this tale by a campfire — how chilling. 🙂 Enjoyed it and the rhymes too.

  21. I felt as if I should be listening to Vincent Price recite your poem in his scariest voice as I watched the whole thing come to life. Very spooky…great play with the words. Now…I have to go to bed without hubby here tonight. Not good! 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the prayers for my friend. They are very much appreciated!

    • Yes this one would be wonderful and it would be great to hear him read this poem I do agree that in his voice it would bring out the fright of this poem and add to the images

  22. ready for Halloween, wow.
    quite a sharp and beautiful one.

    hope your day well.

  23. What a wonderful spooky tale – I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  24. A scary poem for a scary season. Brilliantly relevant and suitably chilling.

    • Thank you James I am glad you found this scary for the Halloween season seems there is not a lot of scary or really scary poems for Halloween I was looking up some for my Grand daughters school so I wrote one of my own

  25. hobgoblin2011 said:

    Nice mood-setting piece for Halloween. Romero would be proud. The rhyme does have a nice effect here, as it’s not necessarily something you’d associate with this depiction of a Halloween scene. Very nicely done, thanks for the read

  26. A nice creepy tale for October! Scary! 🙂

  27. An eerie tale fills the air. Thanks for getting us in the mood.

  28. Fun, I love how you captured the spirit of the season, well done.

  29. scary … bone chilling … enjoyed every bit

  30. I enjoy the sentiment of the Day of the Dead much more than the spectacle of Halloween. Beautiful poem. 🙂

  31. Very evocative and scary!

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