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Mirror of Truth

Written by Ann LeFlore; for Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 9; Longing, Loss, Loosing and Failure. I wrote this poem not of myself but of all women who are abused and feel like they have failed in their life. Women who feel like it is their fault that they are abused and hurt by the ones they love. I had a friend who tried to hide the abuse from her husband for many years until one day she was so badly beaten she could no longer hide this fact. After years of abuse she finally had the courage to pick up the broken pieces of  a  failed life and love and start over again. But in her new life the scares are still there for her to see. She can not run and hide from the past but she sure can start over and make a new life for herself.

Mirror of Truth

I stepped through the looking glass
A journey way into my past
The days before the darkness arose
The time before you started your blows

The sun shined bright and clear
I started my life without a fear
The mountain spread through the valleys
The rivers flowed throughout the lands

Life was so new and still so grand
Until the day you took my hand
You started off with small demands
First it was just one slap of your hand

The days turned into years
The nights I lay and shook with fear
Afraid to see what you had done to me
The blood that spilled I was afraid to see

With a dynamic hit of your hand
You sent me into another land
The blood seeped from my broken skin
I knew this day I could never win

 The years are gone at last
The memories are only of the past
I drug myself off the ground
To close my eyes and follow the sound

I rose up from the ruins of my life
I swore I would never be your wife
The years have come and the years have gone
But in my minds images are the scares from you

Sitting here in front of the glass
I look deep into my past
Realizing I am free at last
My journey now starts down a new path

Comments on: "Mirror of Truth" (42)

  1. Amen. Begin again.

  2. So glad whomever this was took back their life. Amazing how men can and do do this to women.
    A heartfelt and image filled read.

    • Thank you so much Daydreamertoo yes it is amazing how men can do this to women and not even care about it in the end. It is hard to understand and to accpet but this happens all the time and they suffer so much

  3. blessings.

    free at last, how cool.

    your words are deep and touching, well penned entry.


  4. Ann, This is so emotionally charge (for me as an ex-abused) that I could not read the last couple of verses of it 😦 That is how well you conveyed your message! When I got to this part “You started off with small demands – First it was just one slap of your hand” I got the shivers. For the that one slap resulted in the first black eye that I ever had! By the time I left I had received 3 of them, my lip split open so badly that I have a 1″ scar, the back of my head has a 1 1/2″ scar from where it was split open and 3 broken ribs from 2 instances. Those are just the physical scars/wounds. The emotional/psychological ones took Mark quite a while to heal. I still get defensive sometimes but nothing like I used to. And you are absolutely right about the guilt part of it too. With what I am going through with Sara, that guilt is more directed towards her being stuck with him as her father 😦 You did a very good job with this poem! Peace, love and blessings, Terri

    • Terri this is so sad. I saw the prompt for this week and thought about loss and failure. I reflected back on my life and some lives of people I have known along the way. I thought about the friend I had and how she tried to hide what happened to her. It was hard to see this and know that she is not the only one around this happens to in life. I am so glad that you are away from him the the scares will be there forever and this one is hard. I hope that one day you will find the true love and happiness in your life that you deserve. Find peace asnd happiness and I hope that your daughter will understand and all will be right soon.

      • Ann, Thanks so much for the good thoughts and don’t you worry yourself none about me, I have had the love of my life (Mark) for 7 years now and there is very little ill effects of the past left. He loves me selflessly, tells me how beautiful I am, how much he needs me, etc. He is my gentle giant, lol! I’m 5′ 2″ and he is 6’1″ and super protective of me and my daughters. My son is as tall as he is and can fend for himself. As far as Sara goes, she told Mark that it’s only because of him that she knows what a real father is supposed to be like and that she loved him for how good he was to me and my children! Pretty mature thing for a 13 year old to say, huh?! I touched him so much that he almost cried 🙂 God has truly blessed me so much in my life but Mark is one of the greatest of them. Peace…

      • Terri I am so happy that you have been blessed with Mark and your have the life you need asnd the love that you deserve. I am so happy that all has worked out for you in your life. My boyfriend is like Mark he is a super person and so full of love in his heart. He is always there for me and we have a wonderful life on the islands together. Fourteen years of happiness and I feel like living on the islands it is a real paradise and being with a man that loves you so much is a blessing all in itself.

      • Amen to that!!

  5. Free to begin again….so thankful…good job

    • Thank you Susie it is not easy to write a poem sudh as this becasue I do feel it does hurt so many people but in truth it is not a failure of your own if this happens it is one that you do not deserve at all.

  6. I like the message…very encouraging write.

    • Thank you so much David it is sad when this happens but in the end it can be possitive when you finally realize it is not your fault and you get away and find real happiness

  7. Hello.
    It saddens me when I read & hear stories like this.
    These types of men are not men…they are cowards who use their strength of body & words to belittle & abuse.

    I commend your friend & all the other women who had the courage to leave & never look back.
    Yes, the scars will heal, but you never quite forget.

    Thank goodness there are still decent men left who will love a woman & nurture her mind, body & soul.

    Powerful & heartfelt write.

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. They are much appreciated.

    The Beauty Of Love

    • Thank you so much Andy it is what my boyfriend says to me all the time he can not understand how they can do this to their girl friends or wives. it is hard for him to accept this and when and if he sees this he goes after the man and wants to punch him or fight with him. It is hard to accept and it is sad becasue then the wife or girl friend want to defend the man that is abusing them.

  8. its all about letting go and taking your power back from the abuser, amazing reflecting poem.

  9. Wow… this is so chilling… but I’m so glad it ends with liberation!

    • Thank you classic NYer I know it is a hard read but when I saw the prompt failue this one came to mind for some reason and I thought it was a good reflection on failure. I know that all failure is not like this but this is what I thought of and decided to write about

  10. I grew up watching this horrible fact of life take place right before my eyes. I knew even at a young age that much of the reason my mother stayed in an abusive marriage was because she didn’t think she could take care of me and my brothers and sister if she left. She’s okay now; we’re okay.

    • This is so sad and I really think you are not the only one who grew up like this. I am so thankful that my Dad never did this to my Mom and he never hit us either. I know many children are not so lucky and many women too. I am so glad that your Mom is okay now and she is away from the abuse and I am happy you are free from it too. Best wishes to you in your life and your blog site is excellent and love your poetry

  11. i’m happy for the new path

  12. the freedom to break through and move forward…
    so liberating!

  13. Sad to hear about your friend. Must be very painful living a life full of abuse. There are so many such families all over the world, and most women feel ashamed and are too afraid to fight back and move on. You’ve brought out the deep pain they must feel very well. Everyone needs courage to move on.

    • yes it is sad and I sure hope it can stop and all women who are abused can see it is not thier fault and they can get some help and break away from these problems and move on with their lives

  14. A beatifully executed and compassionate piece. Thank you!

    All we can ever do is start again.

  15. What an amazing write. I wish your friend true happiness.

  16. I love the way you write, its so unique and simple.

    • thank you so much Short Poems I try hard to write but at time I get mixed up with my English due to the fact I wrtie now mostly or should I say in French for my work and do not have much chance to speak English either. French is rhe language on the islands.

  17. The new path beckons…very well written.

  18. bless you and your friend,

    hope is in the air,

    Thanks for the contribution to poetry picnic.

    • you are welcome Morning and I do love this idea of sharing and also of reading all the entries in the blog site. This is very amazing to me and I have learned so much about poetry reading other blog sites. I am glad you liked this and yes hope was in the air and it has been many years past now that this happened to her and she is so happy now in her life. cheers

  19. I’m very glad I go through my spam box before deleting…because for some strange reason your comment was in there o.o

    Lovely poem! The subject is a tragic…yet strangely beautiful one. So early in my life, I realize from this sort of poetry, what few experiences I have gone through.

    • I am glad that you that you found the message I had left for you on your poetry. I enjoyed it so much and left you a comment.

      Thank you so much for coming here to read and leave me a comment on my poem. I really think you are right some children have to go through this and see how thier father abuse their mother when they grow up. This has to be so hard on them when growing up. I hope all is well and can not wait to visit your site again and read some more of your poetry. Thank you so much for the visit

  20. Have not seen you out at’s open link night for some time. I hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on open link night!

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