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Written by Ann LeFlore; for The Poetry Palace. Week 54 poets rally; submit a free verse or poem of your choice. Halloween is drawing closer each day and to get into the mood of the season I wrote another Halloween Poem. I love Halloween and the poems are endless and the images are so fun to create poetry for such a wonderful scary night. Not long now before the witches come out to make their brew, black cats scream at the moon, and vampires are there to drink from your veins. Enjoy this season and Happy Halloween to everyone

Taken From Me On Halloween Night

Seven hundred years have passed
I finally found you at last
They burned you on the stake
Just because of your name sake

That day the fire burned cyclamen and rose
I watched the flames burning from your nose
Your eyelids flamed a purple glow
I held your hand and tried to blow

Left alone in this dog eyed place
Your ashes rose into empty space
Each year on this date
I come here to wait

Tonight at half past eight
I will be there at your gate
To light the fire a chrisom rose
Oh darling how my desire grows

In the flames I will throw
The bloody red eyes of a dead crow
The wing of two hundred bats
One very dead fat black cat

Fire and water, earth and sky
Dead eyes light the night
Black and oily dark as night
Vision of you cloud my sight

Just one chance to get this right
Before the devils takes flight
Only on this day this night
Under the full moon light

They took you from this land
Now I come back to claim your hand
You will be my bride tonight
Laughing at this the fire burns bright

Each year on this date
There is only one fate
To come back to this place
To start a new race

Our children wait your return
To teach them what they should learn
Mortal men are so vain
When we suck the blood from their veins

Tonight we take flight
In the full moon light
The werewolves howl at such a sight
Only tonight we’ll make it right
My revenge begins on Halloween night




Comments on: "Taken From Me On Halloween Night" (54)

  1. Your poems have just gotten better and better! Congratulations to all on all of the awards. Great things do happen to great people… : )

  2. The Old Raven said:

    Oh my goodness. This was done very well.

  3. Excellent Halloween offering…”flames burning from your nose”–wonderful imagery portrayed in this one, Ann. I really enjoyed it.


  4. Ann, My daughter is going to love this one!!! Scared me half to death,lol! A great poem for Halloween, you outdid yourself with it. Peace and blessings, Terri

    • Thanks so much Terri I am so glad that you liked this. I was thinking of a scary one for a little closer to Halloween. I love Halloween after my time in Mexico and the Day of the Dead celebration I keep thinking back on this one. After this time Halloween was one of my all time great days of the year seemed to love it so much and all the scary fright of this day

      • It’s Sara’s favorite too, next to Christmas that is lol! Once again, very nicely done 🙂

      • My Grand daughter is loving it now and she is so excited for this day to come. It was her idea for me to help at her school and do the haunted house. This is her last year in elementry school and next year she will move on to middle school. Her class group does the haunted house and she is so excited over this one. I think this makes it even more special to be here in America for this holdiay and right after this I will return home to the islanes and my own life again. Thanks and hope you have a grear Halloween and do not get too scared on this night. I just love to scare people on this night it is so much fun.

  5. wow what a fantastical tale told brilliantly had me gripped …loved it thank you for sharing x

    • You are welcome Kez glad that you liked this one. I just love the gripping chilling aspect of Halloween and it is so much fun to scare people on this day and it is just a great day all the way around

  6. Such details, you really got stuck into it. LOL
    Glad you enjoy your freedom there. We too are a small island here and crime is minimal. We could still go out and leave our house door unlocked and even keys in the car to some extent too, but, sadly in the towns crime is going up a bit more now. But it’s usually petty theft, drunkenness, or driving cars when under the influence. They call this ‘The Gente
    Island’ and it suits it. But, we are being drawn into the rest of the modern world with the youth now.
    Lovely Halloween offering from you.

    • Yes we have this too on our islands and now for some reason some young are starting to get into I think they call it tagging where they love to write all over the walls. In Papeete we do have more petty crime and some of it is starting to come around the island now. But the island is small so they do not get away with this for very long at all everyone knows everyone there so it is hard to do something without someone knowing you.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the Halloween poem and liked it so much. Cheers and have a great weekend

  7. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! Although, being Borg, werewolves and vampires tend to be only a little more scary than William Shatners hairpiece.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. a fun read, well penned in rhythms and rhyming…


  9. *shivers* at the last stanza.

    But yeah, it WAS scary at places, and funny too. Though in India we dont have Halloweens, but I’ve seen it being celebrated in movies and TV series… the candle in a ghostly pumpkin. It looks so cool!

    • On the islands we just started the last 3 years to celebrate halloween before they never celebrated it either. I am not sure why now they have decided to celebrate this holiday becasue most people there have no idea what is all about. They do celebrate the day of the dead in a certain way because on the 1st of Nov they go to the graves to put out flowers and clean them. They always did this one on the islands but never Halloween

  10. Very haunting and there is no better way to get into the halloween spirit than to right a poem about it.

    • you are right Mandy it is great to write poem about Halloween and so much fun I think that is what is great about this day there is a lot of images and subject that we can write about to make it fun

  11. Hello.
    WoW! That’s some serious chanting! (lol).
    Definitely gave me the shivers.
    Would love to hear you recite this (smile).

    Nicely done.
    Congratulations too on your most recent award!

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. They are much appreciated.

    Bashful Lady

    • Thank you so much Andy. I do love to comment on great posts on blog sites and think it is important to do this one to show people that I appreciate all their hard work. I am glad that you liked this one and enjoyed it. I do love Halloween and think it is a lot of fun.

  12. Am I weird because I totally heard cackling at the end of this one?

    • This is great do you know what it means that they will be coming for you on Halloween night beware and take flight the witches fly by the moon light they will come out for you on Halloween night. Cheers taske care and glad that you like this so much

  13. Scary beautiful tale, I enjoyed reading. 🙂

  14. The imagery is simply SUPERB! and the flow as well; but personally I REALLY enjoyed the setting 😀 very good!!

    • Thank you so much Sina I am so glad that you have liked this so much. One more week and Halloween will be here. I think that one more good Halloween poem is in order before this date finally arrives. Hold on one will be coming soon

  15. Oh my god…Too scary…I still have the impact of the words…Very marvelous write my friend…Thanks for share….:-D

    • you are welcome pure2core. I am so glad that you liked this and enjoyed it so much. I think one more Halloween poem is in order before the final day and night arrive here for us next week. Thanks a lot

  16. Wow! I love this! The words are so image-like, it is as if am watching a visually rich hollywood film … thank you so much for sharing!!

  17. Makes me want to be a vegetarian (just kidding)!

    A fantastic write 🙂

  18. Fabulous imagery here.”Taking flight in the full moonlight”..I can just see it now.

  19. Scary, scary poem, Sarah – very much in the spirit of Halloween. I have friends who enjoy vampire literature, and I suspect they would enjoy this very much.

  20. Becky Sain said:

    Yikes! 🙂
    Excellent work.

  21. intriguing and interesting…

  22. Love the narrative in this poem … wonderful!

    • Thank you so much. I am so glad that you have liked this so much. I love Halloween and want to write some more poems for this wonderful day of the year. It will come and go soon and I would like to wish you a happy Halloween.

  23. so timely….i love halloween!~

  24. The courage to write is what sets a writer apart and you showed that courage. Well done.


    • Thank you so much Emmanuel. It sometime is hard for me to remember all the English words that would make a poem such as this really stand out and be noticed. I am trying hard now to practice my English and remember all the word that would stand out in this and make the poem jump out at you. Well Halloween is almost here and I think there should be one final and last poem for this time of the year. So I think that I will write one more Halloween tale and then the season will be at an end and we will have to wait one more year to start over again

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