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Changing Lands

Written by Ann LeFlore: for Jingle Poetry at theGooseberryGardenPicnic Week 10. The theme this week is to discover magic, wonders, and beauty in nature, Forests, Rivers, and Mountains.

Changing Lands


Cool autumn day’s creeps upon the land
Mild summer weeps trying to make its last stand
Time grows near for the greyer days
As the morning fogs cast its eerie haze

Color illusions start to dimmer and glow
The crimson, gold’s, and oranges start to flow
The days start to shiver and shrink
We stand to watch and start to think

Leaves turn golden red, dark orange, and saddle brown
Before they start to fall and hit the ground
The trees weep and start to prepare
Winter is coming without a care

On the other side of the world we see a change
Winter has passed and spring arrives how strange
The trees begin to blossom and bloom
The days awakes from a deep dark gloom

Misty rose, cyan, and magenta start to flow
Morning arrives with a vibrant glow
The bees and birds start to buzz and peep
The long winter nights wake from a deep sleep

The water changes as the turquoise flow
The banks are filled from the winter snows
The newborn peek from their hidden holes
The mothers protect oh how they control

One part of the land the winter starts to arrive
On the other springs starts to thrive
The cold mass will soon be there
But the sun lives on without a care

Comments on: "Changing Lands" (30)

    • Thank you so much Charles. I am so glad that you liked this poem. yes on the side of the world where I live in the middle of the South Pacifc we are entering spring and summer is right around the corner for us. Here on this side of the world you are entering into Fall and Winter will be upon you soon

  1. I love the color in this line: “Leaves turn golden red, dark orange, and saddle brown”

    I’ve missed you, Ann. I’m home from Texas and writing again. So stop by when you get a chance. I wrote a Halloween poem thinking of you, and I’m trying to save it to post next Sunday. I’ll be dedicating it to you since you are the queen of Halloween poetry. I’m sure you’ll have some new dark and creepy stuff this week. : )

    • colors make poetry stand out so well especially the colors of autumn are so nice to write about and show in poetry. I thought the colors would add to this nature piece and would give a description of what it should look like.

      I am glad that you are home from Texas and hope you had a wonderful visit with your family. I have missed you too and will go by your site and read your latest entries. I can not wai to read your Halloween poetry and yes a new one is brewing now and should be read and off the fire soon. I love Halloween poetry and it is so much fun to write.

  2. very seasonal, beautiful choices of words.

    • Thank you so much Morning I am so happy that you like this. I was not really sure what to write for nature and decided on this to include all season of the year

  3. seasonal, lovely wording…

  4. Misty rose, cyan, and magenta start to flow
    Morning arrives with a vibrant glow
    The bees and birds start to buzz and peep
    The long winter nights wake from a deep sleep

    seasonal, current, and beautiful lines, well done.

    • Thank you so much. In the South Pacific where I live Spring is in the air right now and we will soon start our summer months. Here on the Main Land you are arriving to fall and then winter will come upon your lands. We do not have the cold winters on the islands but we do see the changes of the year in the flowers and fruits that bloom and produce.

  5. I like the seasonal and nature changes…we wait for winter to come… for the other part of the world, summer is coming soon…

    beautiful ~

    • Yes Heaven you are waiting for winter to come and where I live summer will soon be there for us. But on the islands it is almost like we have summer months all year round. We do not have the cold winters like other parts of the world.

  6. Colorful and very well written. I loved this poem my friend!

    • Thank you so much. I was not quite sure about this theme this time but then I sad down and tried a poem and first was only going to write about winter in this land but where I live it is summer so it is hard to think about winter when it is so warm and wonderful here and we never have cold winters and most people do around the world

  7. “but the sun lives on without a care” I love the way the seasons turn and turn and I love the movement as the world revolves ever changing. You’ve portrayed this very nicely!

    • Thank you Kay it was not so hard becasue where I live summer is coming and normally our winters are never cold and full of snow. So to wrie a poem on nature I decided to write it about seasons and how they change and the world continues to revolve around and we see it different than the rest of you do.

  8. Wonderfully done, love that it is spring somewhere as we face our winter. Lovely writing and images. Will be back again to enjoy!

    • Thank you so much Shanyns. I promise this evening when I am done with the grandchildren’s school this afternoon I will be by and read your blog. I just have been so busy with preparing to help the kids school with the Halloween Haunted House I have not had much time to read a lot of entries this week and I miss this so much.

  9. Such loving warm descriptive. Autumn is my favorite season because of the changing colors. Still, it’s always faced with just a tinge of melancholy because it means Old Man Winter is right behind it. I really enjoyed this.

    • On the Island the wonderful time of the year is in October. It seems this month is so beautiful and just a great time on the islands. I am so glad that you liked this and have stopped by to read this poem

  10. I love you closing line! It reminds me of Late Lament the poem portion from Nights in White Satin. Very beautiful!

    • Thank you Sherrie that is so kind of you to say this. I just tried to tie all the season together in the closing stanza of the poem. I am so glad that you liked this

  11. Oh, beautiful. The trees weep. : (

    • Thank you I thought it was a good line considering the trees are dropping all their leaves now preparing for winter it is like weeping. I am happy that you enjoyed this

  12. I love the colors and imagery used throughout your piece, Sarah … reminding us of the wonders of Earth … where one our side of the world we are preparing for fall/winter and you are experiencing spring/summer … As beautiful as spring is … Autumn is my favorite!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Autumn is wonderful and especially for the holidays and this time of the year. I love Halloween and it is a great day of the year to celebrate. The colors on the island are so different from here in America where I am visiting right now. I look forward to my return home and will be home in just a few more weeks. Thank you and glad that you liked this so much

  13. beautiful imagery

  14. Thank you Robin I am so glad that you like this. It was a theme to write about and the subject was nature so I decided to write this one for nature around the world.

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