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The Groom of the Dead Bride

Written by Ann LeFlore: for dVerse Open Link Night Week 15. Well Halloween is only a few days off now and everyone is preparing for the growling and frightful night. So to get us all in the mood here is another Halloween poem to spike your spirits. Happy Halloween and may all your spooks be frightful and gleam.

The Groom of the Dead Bride


The thunder tolls the hour of the dead
The witches stop and turn their heads
The goblins start to dance by the moon light
The vampire bats wake up and take flight

Tonight is the night to wake the dead
Lift them up from their dark sunken beds
The spider webs glow a silvery haze
The widows stalk their unsuspected prey

Tonight the blood will flow from your souls
To seep deep beneath and fill the holes
Up from the moss filled earthen soil
The burley wood is rotten and begins to spoil

The vapors rise up from the graves below
To grab the eyes of the blackened crows
The order starts to seep and fill our nose
The darkened flowers turn to blackened rose

Graves begin to crack and moan
As we listen to their eerie groans
Rumbling sound from down deep within
Up from the ground rises your evil twin

The church bells toll the hour we await
The bride stands there at half past eight
The groom is called and can’t be late
For tonight is his one and only fait

The bride awaits her virgin man
To marry and take his mortal hand
Together they will rule this land
Here they will take their one last stand

The groom arrives in his hypnotic state
Standing before the pearly gate
The church bells toll the hour of nine
Their souls are filled with bloody red wine

The kiss of death is on his lips
Her claws dig in for their final grips
The marriage made on this dead mans night
Can only end in a horrible fright

The mere mortal has turned to ashen dust
To serve and please her every lust
The marriage is sealed with the final kiss
She screams in the hour of her bliss

Dead begin to dance and sing
For now he wears her ring
Trapped deep within her blackened grace
Hypnotized to love her sunken face

The marriage is made in hell we see
As she sings like a banshee
On the thirty first day he died
Only on Halloween he is barley alive

Comments on: "The Groom of the Dead Bride" (52)

  1. Sarah, you covered every aspect and then some. Well done!!

    A virgin man, eh?? Good one to find. πŸ™‚

    Grabbing the crows eyes is a good line to me. A marriage made in hell indeed.

    And perfect picture!

    • Thank you so much Jannie. I just thought it would be fun to write a virgin man becasue this one like you said would be so hard to find. The crows eyes are for the dead to see by they have lost their eyes and need ones to shine in the night. Yes of course this is a marriage made in hell but why not it is Halloween night and it is for fun and to get people spooked into the day.

  2. dang…delightfully creepy piece…ack…what a marriage…her nails dig in…eeekkk….and ash he becomes…bwahaha…smiles.

    • Thanks Brian it is halloween and why not have a marriage made in hell this one seems so perfect for this time of the year. People are getting ready for Halloween

  3. manicddaily said:

    I agree with Brian. Scary thing is that many feel this about their real marriages! Ha.

    • Yes Halloween is here and it is fun to write poetry for this time of the year. I just love the feeling of this night for some reason and it is fun to use the images that have been around for years to create some really different types of poems for Halloween

  4. Spookily creepy, I loved it!

  5. shivers…love the pic..made me smile…thanks for writing us into a halloween mood sarah..and the marriage tale was extra creepy…ugh…

    • Thank you claudia your blog is excellent and I am so happy that you like the marriage and I have made it extra creepy I love Halloween and it is fun to think of poems for this day

  6. Creepy in a good way, nice to have read your writing. It reminds me of scary bed time story, loves it.

  7. Great rhythm and rhyme and an eerie imagery, Great write

  8. Marriage made in hell !
    Loved this…perfect for the season

    • Yes I do believe this would be a marriage made in hell and it is so fitting for this day and time of the years. I really enjoyed the Day of the Dead celebration when I was in Mexico and after this Halloween became one time of the year I enjoyed so much

  9. Great flow and creepy in such a fun way, glad I’m single over having a wife like that, shudders…haha

    • Yes it would be hard to have a wife like this. Thank you so much Pat and loved your entry this week you are great with all your LOL and thing like this wonderful piece

  10. I love your use of “fait” Ann. Thank you for sharing this link at so that I could read your tale. It reminds me of Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos where a lot of the imagery is around a couple. With your permission I would love to share your poem with my readers.

    • I had been to the Dia de los Muertos celebration in Mexico and loved it so much. I would be honored if you would share this poem on your blog site. That would be amazing and wonderful and would not mind at all. Thank you so much

  11. Spookily good!

  12. Spooky! And lost of cool lines–esp like “her blackened grace.”

  13. that’s ‘lots’ not lost–though lost *does* fit the theme here. ;_)

    • Thank you that is no problem at all I understand what you are speaking of now. You miss typed your comment this is not a problem I sometimes or should I say I do this a lot of time.

  14. I really enjoyed this, you covered so much and had fun with it too! Nicely done.

    • It was fun and Halloween is easy to write about if you set your mind to do this one. I just think it is a great subject and so full of images and you can create such fun poetry for this day and time of the year

  15. hobgoblin2011 said:

    Great job, really got in the seasonal vibe. Great read, thanks

    • Oh yes Halloween is not far off and this weekend the grandchildren will have some of rheir school friends over and we will have a party here for them. Telling ghost stories by the fire and a few other things to make them laugh and get into the Halloween spirit on this one. Glad that you liked this and Happy Halloween to you and your family.

  16. I love your Halloween poems. πŸ™‚ These lines are awesome:

    “The widows stalk their unsuspected prey”

    “To grab the eyes of the blackened crows”

    “Rumbling sound from down deep within
    Up from the ground rises your evil twin”

    “Trapped deep within her blackened grace
    Hypnotized to love her sunken face”

    I really enjoyed this one, Ann. Great job!

    • Thank you so much Shawna. I was talking with my grand daughter last night and playing around that I would turn into the evil witch on Halloween night. So the next poem will be the turning of a sweet Grandma into the Evil Witch on Halloween night who will come to collect her children for her delight. Have a good one and waiting to read your Halloween poem. I loved your new poem you shared on dVerse it made me hungry and thinking about pasta with lots of sauce on it. Love it so much. Thanks for stopping by

  17. A wonderful write to honor the return of the dead! πŸ˜‰ All Hallows, here we come!

    • Oh yes you are so right. I am doing the haunted house at the Grandchildren school then this weekend they will have a Halloween party for their friends so Halloween is ready and almost here and the mood is growing and soon will be near. I promised my Grand daugher to write a story of a Grandma who is turned into a witch on Halloween night and this one should be really fun to do. So hopefullly there will be another one or two poems soon on Halloween to finish off the season with a blast. Glad you enjoyed this one so much and thank you so much for coming by. Love your blog and your poetry and it is such a pleasure to read it all the time. I am so happy to meet you and find your blog site.

  18. Well done…. Shivers πŸ™‚

  19. I love the halloween (romance?) story…very well done in the spirit of ghostly love and death.

    Keep on writing and believing in yourself ~

    • Thank you Heaven that is so nice of you to say this. I do love to write and just hope that I can get better with my English so that I can really express what I want to say in some of the poetry that I have written. I will try and keep writing and try and improve my English that is what is important to me now.

  20. Ann,

    Thank you for allowing me to share “The Groom of the Dead Bride” with my readers. You can view the re-post at:



  21. Dark, scary, beautiful! Love the rhyming couplets too.

  22. Ann, I left you a link to a Halloween-ish poem last night. But then I decided that it was awful, so I deleted it. I’ve now reworked it. I really like this one, so check it out.

    • Thanks Shawna I am so glad that you liked this and I will be by to read it. I have one more Halloween post to add to here today for Gooseberry Garden and then Halloween is almost over and until next year there will be no more Halloween stories to tell.

  23. that barely alive is a great kicker. enjoyed this. fab holiday spirit. happy halloween:)

    • Hally Halloween to you too. I am so glad that you enjoyed this and liked it so much. I personally love Halloween and think it is a great day of the year where you can be what you want and tell stories to scare all

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