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The Eagles Last Flight

As the sunsets in the Southern skies
The great white eagle starts to rise
His giant wings take flight in the failing sunlight
This night we stand and look with fright

The eagle has been with us all these years
Guiding us through all our fears
Blowing away our tears
Protecting us and listening to our prayers

 Now he has come to take you home
Your time to roam has come to an end
There’s nothing more for you to mend
He has arrived to send you peace in the night

The great white eagle bends down to wrap you in his wings
In the distance the giant bag pipes begin to sing
The king of kings is waiting by the spring
As the eagle starts to flap his wings

The night skies sparkle with silver light
This will be your last flight in the middle of the night
Oh the time is so right as you hold on through the flight
The bright light is there for you to see

The eagle has guided you home to the heaves above
You are there looking down with love
Each time the eagle passes us by
They are your eyes guiding us home one day

Written by Ann LeFlore
In memory of her Father who recently passed away


Comments on: "The Eagles Last Flight" (14)

  1. pretty cool…eagles carry such majesty you know…we had a sanctuary nearby in MD and loved to go see them…to see them heal and somedays to learn to fly once more….

    • Thank you so much. My Father loved eagles and all of his office was covered in them. It just felt so right to say good bye to him like this at his memorial service.

  2. Very pretty poem. I lost my father earlier this year. He was a very different sort of person, I think, but I can feel your loss strongly here. So sorry. k.

    • Thank you so much Monic. Yes it seems when Dad’s are gone it is hard to live without them. I shared the same birthday as my Father and therefore I was so close to him.

  3. Laurie Kolp said:

    Sorry for your loss… but so glad you can think of you dad when you see an eagle!

    • It is funny. We had some long talks before he passed and he said he would always be there for us and he would return in the form of an eagle. He loved eagles and this is sort of how I look at him. He was a fantastic person and deserves to rest now.

  4. This poem fills me with love…love we should have for all. I feel it.

  5. So sorry for your loss. I lost my dad four years ago. I think of him every day.

    • Thank you so much Ayala. It is hard to loose your Dad. I am not looking forward to the day when my Mom is no longer with us either. But as all good things in life they come and some day they have to go. I will think of him often and remember all he has taught to me.

  6. ok…now found it…i’m terribly jet-lagged…that’s why…smiles
    the eagle is a powerful image…and really sorry for your loss sara.. i lost my dad when i was 17.. tough..

    • Thank you so much Claudia. I am so sorry for your loss and understand how it is. Nobody can really understand until it finally happens. Time is healing and he will be well remembered and loved.

  7. The best dads are eagles ~ love that the eagle came for him ~ sad for your loss ~ congrats on poem ~ there is no-one like dad x

    • Thank you so much Polly. I think you are right on this one. Dad’s are eagles because in our eyes they can fly so high and are always so strong and there for you.

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