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Cycles of Life

At sixteen we were so in loveCycles of Lffe
It was like you were my right hand glove
The world was so grand
As we stood hand in hand

At seventeen our love grows strong
Oh boy did we go wrong
From innocence to parenthood
In one single night

As you took my hand
You promised to love me in this new land
At midnight the time had come
To bring forth this new life

At the age of two
She ties her shoe
You walk out the door
To return no more

At the age of four
You swore you would return
As you boarded the plane
How was I to explain

At the age of six
The phone starts to ring
Your voice is so proud
You are sitting on a cloud

As your words echo in my ears
Oh how my eyes flood with tears
You have a new angel
To take over the years

At the age of ten
I stop to pick up the pen
The phone rings once again
I let you back in

Just like before
You are not here no more
At this time I swore
I could take no more

The years have come
The years have passed
You no longer ring
And come to my backdoor

Twenty six to be exact
Since you rang last
Now out of my long forgotten past
You are calling at long last

You reflect back on the past
Thirty six years to be exact
To the day your angel was born
Oh how you blew your horn

After these years of long last
You want to be part of her past
You have returned once again
Oh when will I learn

The memories start to flood within
Oh how my head starts to spin
How can I ever win
I know not how to begin

As in the past you knock at my door
My head starts to spin, my eyes start to pour
Twenty six years have long past
I have been your long lost outcast

Just as before
You ring once more
You want to knock at my backdoor
I am so tired to fall on the floor

At first you are grand
You take my hand
I am here now in my new land
I need to take my stand

The lock on the door is frozen
It is not me the key is chosen
Yet another has entered your life
To one day be your new wife

I am only the key to your long lost past
You have to talk to me at long last
You want to find what you have lost
I am just here for you to toss

You ask my help to find her now
To vow your love
For a time long past
Oh what do you think it can never last

She now is thirty six
And the years have past
She has grown up at long last
She has forgotten her looking glass

To knock at her backdoor once again
To finally pick up the pen
To write your words
In hope you will be heard

When she was small
She needed you to call
As for the years past
She forgot you at long last

She stopped to cry
And ask me why
She finally had dry eyes
For now she won the prize

Her life is complete
Her children are so sweet
Her love is so deep
She has a family to keep

Thirty six years at long last
Take a look into your past
The angel that was once there
Is only your lost prayers

If  she opens the backdoor
Stop before you step on the floor
Think of what you want
Then gain her confidence

If you walk out once more
This will be war
Never call again
Never stop by her backdoor

Written by Ann LeFlore