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Mother’s Love

Oh my little one take my handGrains of Sand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand

When you were so small
Oh how you would call
Mommy come I had a fall
I would lift you up so tall

When you finally opened the door
You ran and ran on the shore
I could hear you laugh and roar
Oh how you wanted to soar

You are always my sparkle of light
How your love for me burns so bright
My heart is filled with delight
You are my ray of sunlight

The years were filled with memories so grand
I was there when he took your hand
Now it is he who walks with you in the sand
Oh my baby how I miss this land

Now you give me such a surprise
This is so wonderful you realize
As I look into her eyes
I know now I am so wise

The life cycle is complete
Oh my she is so sweet
My heart starts to skip a beat
Oh how my life is bittersweet

Now I look down at her and say
As we sit on the floor to play
I am never far away
I am always here to stay

Oh my little one take my hand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand


By Ann LeFlore written to my daughter for all the years of love and happiness in my life with you.


Comments on: "Mother’s Love" (32)

  1. smiles…a beautiful and tender verse….i love the thought of bringing along that next generation and indoctrinating them into the land and its stories…i try to do that with my boys…

    • I think it is wonderful when your children grow up and you finally become a grand parent and you can see all of your love that you gave to them when growing up is now being given to their own children. Now our hearts fill and we have so much more love to give to the little ones and have become so much more wise to share with them. I love being a grandma to my two grandchildren. It really brings in he cycle of life.

  2. There is so much love expressed here. Your daughter is very blessed to have such a loving mother.

  3. Oh, this is beautiful. It is so nice to read such a loving poem written by a mother about her daughter. Perhaps you should put this in a Valentine’s Day card for her?

    • I sent her this link and she read it on the airplane and said she started to cry. She sent me back a text message and told me how much she loved this and thanked me so much for writing this for her.

  4. Laurie Kolp said:

    This is so touching… simply beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. She’s lucky to have a mother such as yourself.

  6. I love the rhyming words and the repetition of the first and last stanzas, like a lock or a coming into full circle ~ Such a beautiful share with a wonderful message of gratitude and love ~


    • Thank you Grace. Yes it is like a full circle where we walked on the sand hand in hand and now I do this with my grand children. To me life seems complete with them in my life.

  7. So touching and filled with love, a wonderful circle of life.

  8. Mother to five..totally loved this. Beautiful.

    • You are also blessed with all of your children. I am so happy you stopped by to read this and I know you will have many more years of love to give as they grow older.

  9. This is beautiful …. sad … and happy …. all at the same time … Love it 😀

    • Yes it is sad when they grow up and get married and it is no longer you holding hands on the beach walks. But as time passes you get to hold hands again on beach walks with the little ones. Thank you so much

  10. …very beautiful offering… it humbles anyone who reads it… thank you for sharing this to us… smiles…

  11. such a tender verse…the capture of so many precious we show them the world and how they with a child’s eye make us see the world in a different way as well again

    • Thank you so much Claudia I care so much for my daughter and now she is grown and has her family the grand children are such a part of my life. It is wonderful to share with them some of the memories their Mother and I had together. I really enjoy roller skating with my grand daughter.

  12. Wonderful flow and sure sounds like you had/have a wonderful relationship too.

    • Thank you Pat. I loved your blog and how you got everyone to answer you on spam. This one was very funny. I do have an excellent relationship with my daughter and I am happy that we are still so close after all these years.

  13. Beautiful words of a treasured relationship from a mother’s heart.

    • Thank you so much. She was so touched when she read this one. She was away on work and sent me a text from the airplane before she landed. She said how sweet this was and how much she loved it and thanked me for writing this to her.

  14. there is something so sweet and peaceful in this piece. you can feel the love infused in each verse. beautiful!

  15. yes. my little sister is about to become a grandmother. it is a wonder.

    • Sarah Johnston said:

      Yes of all wonders in the world to watch your own children grow up and then become parents of their own. After this they can look back and say wow Mom I did not realize how hard you really had this one. It is fun to laugh at this. Thank you so much

  16. Oh that is absolutely beautiful. Quite heart warming and very touching. It was a real pleasure to read.

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