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I enjoy writing as a past time. I like to inspire people through visualizations and words. I am 76 years old and learning

About me

how to blog for the first time. I would like to share some knowledge and stories of my children as they grew up. Some stories are just memories of the wonderful years and what we did.

 I have a cooking blog that I share all my family recipes on. I would like to invite each and everyone who read this to visit this site. I have tried to record my experience in learning how to blog at and I would like to invite everyone to read this blog.

 My daughter has dyslexia and after years of struggling with dyslexia she has over come some of the problems. She is a wonderful story teller and I am encouraging her to write and express her stories on this site. She likes to write some poetry but feels it is not that well done. I have shared some of her poetry on this blog site.

 I have two great grandchildren that I encourage each day to write short stories. They love to play school and I think of different writing assignments. They need to research some of the assignments and others are creative idea that they may write about.

 I would love to hear from everyone on what would inspire you. What you enjoy reading and ideas on how to improve the blog site.

 Thank you everyone

 Sarah Johnston

Ann LeFlore




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  1. I love your blog and the cooking one as well. I posted this blog on my FaceBook page. What an inspiration you all are. Thanks, too, for visiting me. I will put a link on my blog to help get more readers. Keep going…you are doing great! Hugs, pat

    • Pat that is so sweet of you. You really inspire me and I am so happy that you have found my two blog sites. This one is a little different and there is four of us posting on this blog site. I like this idea instead of having each person with their own blog. It seems to bring the family closer and they enjoy writing on this blog site so much. Thank you for reading my blogs.

  2. I would love to listen to your stories and grab some of your knowledge.Your blog is interesting..

    • Thank you so much I am so happy that you like the blog site and want to come back again to read some of these stories. I am very pleased to have your comment and look forward to posting more stories on this blog site.

  3. I just discovered your site and look forward to further posts. One thing I am confused about, though, is whether you are Susan Johnston, Anne LeFlore, Trinity, Caleb, or all of the above. You mention that your daughter also posts her stories/poems to this site. Is she Anne?

    • Let me try to explain. I though the about page did a good job on this.

      Sarah Johnston is 76 years old and has the original cooking blog site called Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas. The cooking site share recipes from her Great Great-Grandma that settled in Roby Texas after leaving Scotland to Amercia with her new husband.

      Ann Leflore that is me. I am her daugher. I set up the blog site for my Mom to share her cooking recipes on. I also set up a second blog site for my Mom to write on and share how she was learning how to blog at the age of 76. This blog site is called Blogging @ 76.

      My Mom was writing some sort stories on a open style blog site and sharing them. Her account was broken into and then her posts were all deleted. I joined this site to try and find out what happened. I wrote a few stories on this blog site.

      During this time some members of the blog site said that I should open my own blog site so that my Mom’s stories and mine could be posted on there. So I added a 3rd blog to my Mom’s account and that is this The Gateless Passage.

      I have encouraed my two grand children to write and I post some of their work here on this blog stie and let everyone know who wrote these posts. I have posted my Mom’s stories and her work on this site also. She does not do much poetry writing and when I created this site I was not sure how it would go and in what direction it would take. I did it as an inspirational blog site to add my Mom’s posts on inspiration and relationships on here. I loved her stories and wanted everyone to read them.

      After time passed I tried my hand at some poetry writing and found it quite fun and something I liked to do. I found that the grand children were quite good at poetry and encouraged them to write here and I posted their poems on here.

      The original site is registered under the name of Sarah Johnston becasue of her other blog site. But on this site it is a shared site with 4 different writers on it. Sarah writes short stories and some advice on inspiration and relationships. I love to write some poetry and other types of short stories. Trinity and Caleb are young and they enjoy writing some poems and some of their silly rhymes. I love posting them on here to encourage them to write more.

      I hope this has explained to you how this site works.

      thanks Ann LeFlore I am the daughter of Sarah Johnston

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