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Written by Ann LeFlore; for dVerse Open link night week 12. I wrote this poem thinking about my daughter. The distance we share now is great. I live so far from her but each day of my life she stays in my memories and I continue to think of her and my grand children.


Life goes on I shall start a new
Some place different
Some place new
But in my memories
I will think of you

The dreams we shared
The hopes so new
Love so gentle as the new born sun
Kisses so soft as the day begun
As the days pass me by
I will think of you

The smiles you gave me will get me through
The gentle touches so soft and kind
Will stay in my memories till the end of time
As I sit around one day
I’ll remember the good time we once had

The love we shared
So sweet and new
The time we had all so few
Days will come and days will go
But in my memories
Stays the thought of you


The Sorrow of our Times

Written by Ann LeFlore for the family of Colonel Joseph Bowers MIA in Vietnam

The Sorrow of our Times

Holy Father in Heaven above
Protect the men that we do love
Bless our children’s innocent face
Keep them safe in this unknown place
May they know that we are there
Holding hands in silent prayers

 Holy Father in Heaven above
You created him for me to love
You picked him out from all the rest
Because you know I’d love him best

 Holy Father in Heaven above
Look upon his innocent face
Protect his soul from his fears
Let him shed no more tears

 Holy Father in Heaven above
Take my son to thy above
Cleans his soul for what he’s done
Keep him safe for years to come

 Holy Father in Heaven above
Keep my son safe for me
Let him look from Heaven above
Knowing we are there to love

 Holy Father in Heaven above
Keep his memories safe with me
His touches so soft and kind
Will stay with me to the end of time

The 20 year war that started on November 1, 1955 ended on April 20, 1975 with the fall of Saigon. The war claimed more than 59,000 American men’s life. As the years raged on so did the protest and sit-ins for the anti war efforts in the United States. I was volunteering with my girlfriend from High School at the local MIA/POW office in our town. Her Mother worked at the office and we went each day after school to sell POW and MIA bracelets. As part of this effect in High School if we wore a POW or MIA bracelet we were required to write a poem, letter, or story to the POW or MIA family. My family I decided to write a small letter and enclose this poem for their son. I was inspired to write this poem after reading the one written by Daniel Steel. We carried this poem in our pockets and wore our POW and MIA bracelets. Ann was 15 when she wrote this poem and mailed it off to her MIA family.