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Mother’s Love

Oh my little one take my handGrains of Sand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand

When you were so small
Oh how you would call
Mommy come I had a fall
I would lift you up so tall

When you finally opened the door
You ran and ran on the shore
I could hear you laugh and roar
Oh how you wanted to soar

You are always my sparkle of light
How your love for me burns so bright
My heart is filled with delight
You are my ray of sunlight

The years were filled with memories so grand
I was there when he took your hand
Now it is he who walks with you in the sand
Oh my baby how I miss this land

Now you give me such a surprise
This is so wonderful you realize
As I look into her eyes
I know now I am so wise

The life cycle is complete
Oh my she is so sweet
My heart starts to skip a beat
Oh how my life is bittersweet

Now I look down at her and say
As we sit on the floor to play
I am never far away
I am always here to stay

Oh my little one take my hand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand


By Ann LeFlore written to my daughter for all the years of love and happiness in my life with you.


To My Son

Written by Ann LeFlore: for Blue Bell Books: poetry week slam 12. Please write a poem, a prose, or a short story inspired by the image provided, and be creative.

To My Son


One day out of the blue
You came to me like something new
You entered my life with such a flash
I knew you were here for ever last

When you were born I shed a tear
Out of joy I heard you cry in so much fear
You were given to me when I planted my seed
To watch you grow and love you is all I need

I am here for you to take your hand
To walk with you through this land
Teaching you the ways so that you understand
Watching you sleep is oh so grand

Dreaming of the days when you are tall
Catching and throwing the ball
Picking you up each time you fall
Keeping you oh so safe when you’re so small

The days will come and the days will go
Soon before I know it you will grow
Today you are so new tomorrow you will be two
Soon you will say to me look Dad I can tie my shoe

I fear the day when you walk out the door
To start a life for ever more
Today your are one
But tomorrow you are twenty one

The life cycle will start over again
With this you introduce me to Jane
She is the new love of your life
Soon you will take her to be your wife

The day will come when you shed a tear
And tell me Dad you have nothing to fear
Today the new life has begun
Through my life you have a new grand son



Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to his/her blog.
    2. Next nominate 15 bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination.
    3. Finally, tell readers seven things about yourself.

I would like to thank Inside the Mind of  Isadora and also Tigerbrite’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award on the same day. I was just nominated by Chim’s World of Literature; Chimnese Davids for this wonderful award. I would like to add her to the list and thank her very much for this wonderful award.

This is such an honor and I am speechless. My daughter loves the poetry blogs so much and really enjoys reading each of your blog. This was a surprise to both of us. Yes I do write on this blog site but my contribution is in short stories which I have not written in a few weeks. I am in hopes to get settled down again and write some more stories to post on this blog site. I have been trying to write for my cooking blog site and I am so behind on this blog site right now. I have to get back into my schedule again and write again for both blogs. Ann has been keeping this blog site going and love to write poetry and post it here on the blog. I just wish that we could add other names to this blog site but for the moment Word Press is not allowing us to do this. I also would love to thank you from Trinity and Caleb who are my Great Grandchildren and they have some wonderful poetry on this blog site. I enjoy the creative poetry that the two children write and I am so happy that Ann encourages them to write on this site.

I am thanking both of you from myself, Ann LeFlore, Trinity and Caleb. We are all so honored that you have chosen The Gateless Passage for this wonderful award. Thank you so much.

Inside the Mind of Isadora


Tigerbrite’s Blog


My Poetry & Writing


Nominate 15 bloggers:

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 Marbles in my Pocket; Charles L. Mashburn:

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Seven things about myself:

  1. I am a Great Grandmother of 2 wonderful great grandchildren; I have 4 grandchildren and a mother of 5.
  2. I have a cooking blog that my daughter set up for me to share recipes from my Great-Great Grandmother in Roby Texas.
  3. This is hard to try and explain about me and tell everyone how I deserve this wonderful award when the one who writes most of the pomes is my eldest daughter Ann LeFlore. She is the one who submits the pomes to different poetry sites and loves to comment on the different poems. She is a wonderful writer and normally writes technical manuals for data recover. It was Ann who created the Gateless Passage to share some of my short stories and advice on relationships. In doing this blog site she decided to try her hand at writing poetry, limericks, and some short stories. Ann has dyslexia and has learned to over come this handicap in her reading and writing because of a wonderful teacher she had that spent 5 years helping her. My two grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are encouraged to write poetry by Ann who loves to post their poems on this site.
  4. I will talk about Ann now considering it is her who should be accepting this award. I understand the blog site is in my name but Ann is responsible for all the poetry on this site and she loves working on this site. Ann is my eldest daughter who lives in French Polynesia Tahiti. She is a data technician and works on repairing and building computers. She does networking and has been traveling around working on computer networks all her adult life.
  5. My two wonderful great grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are such joys in my life and they love to write poetry.  Ann encourages them to write and loves to add their poems to the blog site here. Since school started the children have not been writing as much now but Ann wants them to write again for the blog site.
  6. I have been happily married now for 56 years to a wonderful husband
  7. I enjoy writing short stories about the events in my life and how my children blessed me throughout the years. I have some of these short stories on the blog here but most of the stories or poems on this blog belong to Ann that she has written.

I would like to explain to everyone that Ann LeFlore is my daughter. I am Sarah Johnston and Ann added the Gateless Passage to my cooking blog site Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas. I have another blog site that Ann set up for me to write on. This site is called Blogging @ 76. I was trying to teach people how to blog at my age. Ann thought it would be fun to have a blog site to record my progress as a blogger. I am not very good at the technical writing and have not worked much on this site in a few months.  During the summer months I have not posted as many recipes on my cooking blog and I should be doing and need to get back to this now.

 I love the poems that Ann has written and I am just sorry it is not possible to have more than one name on these blog sites and my name appears first. I tried to get Ann to put the blog in her name but she did not want to. She travels and finds time to write poetry to keep her busy

Remember the Years

This poem is written by Ann LeFlore. She wrote this to her daughter after she put her on a plane to go toAmericato her Grandparents home for school. It was the first time in 18 years that they were separated. Ann lives on theislandofTahitiin French Polynesia and her daughter wanted to go to College inAmerica.

Remember the Years

Sitting here remembering the years
The roads we went down filled with fears
The river that we filled with tears
The dreams we shattered throughout out years

I’ve seen the peddles of flowers falling to the floor
The waves of the ocean breaking on shore
I’ve travelled lands so far and yet so near
I’ve sat and listened to the wind blowing in my ear

I’ve seen the stars falling from the sky
I’ve soared so high I thought I’d die
I’ve seen so much of the world through my eyes
But when I sit and dream of the years

There is no tears that I can cry
The rivers are now dry
The stars shine so bright in the sky
The days are filled with warmth and delight

 The shadows have left the night
There is only brightness and light
You are always a part of my flight for life
And you need to know where ever I go
My thought will always be with you

Haggle Baggily

Written by Ann LeFlore. The poem was inspired by a story a good friend of mine told to me. She explained that when a day was a total loss she called it a Haggle Baggily day. This inspired me to write this poem in her honor.

Haggle Baggily


A day that was meant to be
A loss for all we see
The morning rise
Is wonderful as can be

As the day goes by
Nothing can be
The hours of the clock
Turn too fast

 Start one task
The wine flask cracks
Loosing your place
Thoughts lost in space

Onto the next page
Flipping too fast
The days flies by
Before you know it
You are left holding the pie

 All the things that should have been
Sit in piles
As the day folds in
We are dressed and ready to go

 But this or that
Has taken its toll
We can’t get out the door
One thing leads to another

 Before we know
The sun is down
And we are still holding the crown
Sitting in the golden chair

Not knowing how we got there
We sat there by the hours
That flew so fast
The sands of the hour glass
Are gone at lass

The door sits closed
The night’s settled in
The day was a loss

Nothing was meant to be
When Haggle Baggily
Came to visit me


My Poo Poo is Sleeping

Each day brings a new joy and happiness to my life. I feel fortunate to have my first Grand daughter and her children so

My Poo Poo Is Sleeping

close to me. Each morning the two bundles of joy wake up and run to my home for breakfast. My Great Grand daughter is not an early morning riser. She stumbles through the kitchen and places her breakfast order then takes her place in the chair all wrapped up in her blanket watching cartoons. My Great Grand Son on the other hand is an early riser and always full of joy and excitement each morning as he stumbles through my kitchen. He looks at you with his little finger placed next to his mouth thinking what he wants to eat today. As the idea hits him he looks at you with those big blue eye snaps his finger and places his order.

 Since the two children were babies even before they ate table food they were part of our morning breakfast hour. Each morning I could see my Great Grand daughter fuss and cry because she was wakened from her warm bed and made to stand up for the day. When her baby brother came alone things never changed for her. She loves to cuddle in her mountain of blankets and sleep in as long as she can.

 My Great Grand son on the other hand is full of energy at 5:30 in the morning and just waiting to hear the alarm clock go off in his parent’s room so he can stand up and run out of his bed. If it was left up to him he would have been up hours before this in front of the TV watching one of his favorite programs. Each morning he comes running in the house full of energy and so happy to be up and starting his day.

 This one morning we are at the table and he cries out. “Nana I have to go potty”. He leaves the table in a mad dash to the bathroom where he is gone for ever. All of a sudden I hear so much noise in our bathroom I wondered what happened. I get up from the table to check on my grandson.

 The closer I get to the bathroom down the hallway the more I can hear some awful noise. It sounds to me like someone is pounding on the floor or banging the doors of the cabinet under the wash bowl. I call out to my grandson and he answers back. Yes it is him in the bathroom. I am so worried I open the door.

 As I peer inside the bathroom I see my grandson sitting on the toilet with his PJ pants on the floor. He has both of his hands on the toilet seat and he is jumping up and down on the seat of the toilet. I can not imagine what he is doing.

 I stand there in amazement watching this 4 year old child use his hands to raise himself up off the toilet seat and then drop back down. He keeps repeating this time and time again. I finally had to ask him what he was doing.

 He looks up at me with his big blue eye and a sad expression on his face. Out of his tiny little voice he says oh so softly “Nana I am waking up my poo poo”. I could not understand what he was talking about. I know he said that he had to go to the toilet but I can not in my wildest dreams understand how you can wake up poo poo.

 I asked him again in my kindest voice to understand if what I heard was really true. He looks up at me again and says to me “but Nana my poo poo is sleeping and I have to wake it up”. I asked him why is your poo poo sleeping and how do you think you can wake up your poo poo. He says again to me “well you see Nana it is like this. I woke up this morning but my poo poo never work up. I have to go poo poo but it is not waking up so I can go”.

 I left my grandson sitting on the toilet and returned to the table with tears in my eyes. My husband looked at me with shock and surprise thinking that our grandson was hurt. I then tried my hardest with out laughing to tell my husband no he is fine but his poo poo is sleeping. My husband rolled out the biggest laugh you ever heard. My husband asked  me how can his poo poo be sleeping? I said to him I am not sure but it is sleeping.

 Not long after I had left my grandson on the toilet he screams out loud Nana Nana come quick. I went running down the hall to the bathroom where I left my grandson sitting on the toilet. He looks up at me with his big blue eye wide open and says “Nana my poo poo woke up and now it is coming out”. I tried my hardest not to laugh too much but it was so hard to control. Soon I had tears streaming down my face once again.

 My grandson told me to wait his poo poo was coming and no longer sleeping. He needed my help when he was done. This one amazed me because he goes to the toilet all the time by himself. He never needs my help anymore to use the toilet. He looks up again at me with a big smile on his face and says “Nana it is done my poo poo woke up and now it is in the toilet.” I said to him well this is normal that is where your poo poo belongs” He said “well you see Nana this time it did not want to leave and go to where it belongs. I had to wake it up and tell him to go there. I had to jump up and down on the toilet seat so that my poo poo would wake up”.

 He then stands up and say Nana look there it is. There is my poo poo he woke up finally. I could barley talk now from laughing so hard and the tears were pouring out of my eye. It is the first time in my life that I had ever heard of poo poo sleeping. Out of my 5 children, 4 grand children, and two great grand children it would have to be the last one to give me a lesson on poo poo and how it sleeps.

 To this day when my great grandson makes a mad dash from the breakfast table to the bathroom I wait to hear him calling me. I wait to hear him explain to me how his poo poo sleeps when he is awake. But since this one time he has grown up some now and his poo poo no longer sleeps in the morning. I miss those wonderful innocent days of hearing the explanation from my 4 year old great grandson about how poo poo sleeps.

How Creating and Revising Personal Goals Can Change Your Life

What are your personal goals in your life? I am new here on GoodBlogs but from what I have been reading most people

How Creating and Revising Personal Goals Can Change Your Life

write about being on the first page. How they want to win the $20 and be voted the number one post. Is this so important? I feel writing a good article and supplying useful information is more important.

 Your personal goals need a planning process in order to succeed in your life. If you do not have a personal goal plan in your life now is a good time to start one. Why? This answer should be simple to you. Any successful person in any field always has a clear picture of what they want to achieve long before they actually achieve it.

 How? Before anyone of them ever started out in business, family planning or what ever goal they wanted in their life they had a plan. They knew where they were going, knew many of the steps to achieve these goals, and had mapped out these steps to lead them to where they wanted to go.

 Now it is your turn to decide on some goals you would like to achieve. Take them one at a time and work on them in a time frame. Set a goal and decide on if it is for today, this week, or this month. Your goal can be extended for longer periods of time such as 6 months to a year, and can go as long as 5 years to 10 years.

 To start you need to write down the end results of what you need to know or do to accomplish your goal. In these steps you may decide that you need more money, more knowledge, more time to implement your goal, and you might need more formal qualification to achieve this goal. Now think of ways to get what you need.

 When working on your goal plan it might seem impossible at first, instead of saying that you “can not do this”, ask yourself how you can do it. Open your mind to all possibilities. You might be surprised at some of the ideas you come up with and some opportunities that come your way. You have to take back control of your life and believe you can do it. You thoughts and your attitude will play a major part in determining your success.

 If a major goal is too difficult and you think you could not achieve this goal start off with a smaller goal. One that you could achieve is you really wanted to. This goal could be a small task you have been putting off for way too long, maybe decide that when you are in a shopping center you will smile at ten strangers, or maybe you will decide to speak to a person at work that you do not know well at all. Choose a task that is challenging but not so difficult that you will put it off and not do it.

 Once you have accomplished your task analyze how it went. Ask yourself how it felt before you started. Were you nervous in this task, did you feel shy, were you scared, did you feel nervous, or were you relaxed. After completing your task how did you feel? Were you excited? Were you pleased with yourself? Are you still nervous? The sense of achievement you have gained after completing a task encourages you to try again.

 Successfully accomplishing small task one at a time build up your confidence. You have successfully completed a small task and now you are ready to start a new one. Each task that is successfully complete builds up to much harder task and goal in your life. Before you know it you will be able to achieve the one big goal you want most in life.

 Goals and task in your life will not be easy at first. Success will not come over night. This is a process that takes time and dedication to work. The best way to guarantee success in your task and goals is a little at a time. Do not force thing to happen. Work on these goals each day. Never loose sight of what is important to you.

 Improvement; in any area of your life; whether it is personal or business come from consistent work and many small steps. The process is always the same. You first have to identify your task, make your plan, and carry it out. There is no overnight success in personal life or business. Success comes from many years of hard work and never giving up.

 Not giving up is very important. Any personal achievement takes time and effort and most of all believing in you. Take control of your life and see the rewards it brings. You will soon notice how one small thing can build and lead to something better.

 If you feel lost or feel like you are off track go back and start again. Look at where you lost sight of your goal. When were you last on track? Start from this point and work forward again. There are no wrong decisions in your personal goals. You just have different choices that lead to different consequences. There is always something to learn each decision you make when you look at each one of them.

 Evaluating your progress is just as important as your initial planning. You may need to make improvements to achieve your goals. It never makes sense to keep doing something the same way if it is not working. Many people in their personal life fall into this. Analyses your results and use feedback from others. Could something be done a better way? Is a different way more feasible? Keep your mind open to all new possibilities and listen to what others say.

 When setting your goal and assessing them you find one is too hard or does not seem relevant any longer. Put this goal aside and work on another one. Do not concentrate your efforts on this goal. You may decide to come back to this goal at a latter time or you might decide this goal is no longer important and forget about it. The main point here is to continue to take small steps and moving forward every day. In doing so you keep on the path of where you want to be and closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. The small steps and progress you make today will lead to bigger and better results tomorrow.

 Live your life with you in control. Look into your inner self and see what you want to achieve and where you want to be in different stages of your life. Sit down and map out a rough draft of the path you want your life to take. Now break this map up into workable segments small steps in achieving your major goal.

 Each step of the way keep track of your progress at regular intervals and make changes when needed. Work on your goals each day making small advancements towards your major goal. Each day should lead you closer to your final goal. If today you have decided to work on self improvement, building a stronger relationship with your family, or improving your fitness. Keep focused on these goals, believe in your self and you will be successful.