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Loneliness the Anger of Lost Hope

Written by; Ann LeFlore for dVerse poetry challenge “Ssy It Again, Sam.  Create a poem with repetition, emerging in the impact of the last quoted lines, giving a sense of power and finality.

 I have chosen to use Grandmother and anger as the repletion of this poem to express the feeling of loneliness and how anger can consume the elderly when they feel forgotten. I was trying to show how loneliness can lead to hurt and anger and feeling of a life forgotten and nobody caring any longer.

Loneliness the Anger of Lost Hope


The Grandmother sits by the window
Staring out at the world below her
Anger rises in her minds eye
Anger of the days that have not passed
Staring out at the village below

 The Grandmother can not move
Just staring at the village below
Angry at the people who pass by
The laughter cries out in her ears
The bitter anger rises in her eyes

As she sits starting at the city below
The days pass before her angry eyes
The times before were filled with laughter
But today are consumed with bitter anger
The once joyful Grandmother a love for all to see

 The sweet years have gone at last
The loneliness now consumes her days
The sweet loveable Grandmother
Just sits and stares out the window
The hurt and anger rising in pain

 The door bell chimes a sound so new
She leaves her place by the window
To see who is calling at her door
The anger rises in her steps
As she approaches to see who calls

 The smiles greet her angry bitter face
The children have returned at last
The joy they bring with dancing hope
Turns the angry frown to a glimmer of hope
They have not forgotten me she sighs at last

 The lonely days have passed as she leaves
He window seat to return to the village below
The hope of a new day now shines above
The bitter sweet anger slowly creeps away
The sparkle returns to her loving eyes

 The Grandmother found the love
She thought was gone at last
The hope of a new day
Is here and will never pass
The love she longing for
Has found its way home at last