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Mother’s Love

Oh my little one take my handGrains of Sand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand

When you were so small
Oh how you would call
Mommy come I had a fall
I would lift you up so tall

When you finally opened the door
You ran and ran on the shore
I could hear you laugh and roar
Oh how you wanted to soar

You are always my sparkle of light
How your love for me burns so bright
My heart is filled with delight
You are my ray of sunlight

The years were filled with memories so grand
I was there when he took your hand
Now it is he who walks with you in the sand
Oh my baby how I miss this land

Now you give me such a surprise
This is so wonderful you realize
As I look into her eyes
I know now I am so wise

The life cycle is complete
Oh my she is so sweet
My heart starts to skip a beat
Oh how my life is bittersweet

Now I look down at her and say
As we sit on the floor to play
I am never far away
I am always here to stay

Oh my little one take my hand
Come with me to explore this land
Walk with me in the grains of sand
Hand in hand life is so grand


By Ann LeFlore written to my daughter for all the years of love and happiness in my life with you.


Hell NO WE Won’t Go

The year is 1973 and I am 15 years old. This year I entered High School as the last leg of my studies to graduate. From that point on I have few choices I can make in my life. One get married and have a family. Two go off to College and further my education. Three take a few years off and travel. Four get a job and move out on my own. But this year is different. As I watch my school mates being drafted and shipped overseas to a war nobody wants to be in. The Vietnam War; that makes young men flee from their County in fear of the draft. 

In the years past I sat and watched the body bags and caskets being unloaded from the planes as they brought home the dead. I hear the fear in my friends’ voices as they announce their brother just received his draft notice in the mail. He has to register and be shipped off to this senseless war. The look in their eyes, the fear, the question will they ever see him again? 

By 1973 the war has started to affect everyone. I for one was no different. I had started to participate in a rebellious battle. My hair was long past my butt and half way to my knees. I braided my hair each day adding a leather band on my forehead. I would add flowers to my hair. I wore tie-dyed shirts to make a statement. I would take the new Levis my parents bought for me and soak them in bleach with rocks inside the bucket. After I would cut the legs outer seam of my pants up to the knees and add bright flowered material to make the bell bottom jeans everyone was wearing. I spent hours on end embodying peace signs, flowers, and anti-war designs on my pants.  I had to do my part. 

Everyone at school was wearing leather and silver bracelets with someone’s name on it. Praying for the men and boys who were captured or missing. Some of my friends’ Mothers volunteered at the offices set up for families of the war. Their job was to keep track of the POW’s and MIA’s. After school we would go to the office and collect bags of bracelets and roam the streets selling them to everyone. We believed if everyone wore a bracelet with a soldiers name on it he would come home again to his family. 

My solider was Col. Joseph Bowers. He never made it home. He is still on the list today of the MIA’s that never made it out of Vietnam. I followed my solider each day looking on the list hoping he was found. Hoping he would be reunited with his family and loved ones. He never was. To this day nobody knows what happened to him. 

As part of our anti-war efforts my friends and I created a book. We wrote pomes to the loved ones to give them hope. We sent our pomes off to the families of the solider we carried on our arms. We put forth all our efforts to try and stop a war that nobody wanted to fight. At one point we organized a sit in the middle of town. We thought if the Government would not listen to us maybe our local Congress would. Our efforts were of no vial. Nobody cared what happened to our friends. How young they were and why they had to leave to a Country that did not care about another person’s life. 

This is my Poem to the family of Col. Joseph Bowers and all the other men who were captured or lost in Vietnam.

The Sorrow of our Times 

Holy Father in Heaven above
Protect the men that we do love
Bless our children’s innocent face
Keep them safe in this unknown place
May they know that we are there
Holding hands in silent prayers 

Holy Father in Heaven above
You created him for me to love
You picked him out from all the rest
Because you know I’d love him best 

Holy Father in Heaven above
Look upon his innocent face
Protect his soul from his fears
Let him shed no more tears 

Holy Father in Heaven above
Take my son to thy above
Cleans his soul for what he’s done
Keep him safe for years to come 

Holy Father in Heaven above
Keep my son safe for me
Let him look from Heaven above
Knowing we are there to love 

Holy Father in Heaven above
Keep his memories safe with me
His touches so soft and kind
Will stay with me to the end of time 

I wrote this prayer to Col. Joseph Bowers’s family in his memory. He was sent to Vietnam and never returned home again. His body was never found and his family still morns his death to this day. I was 15 years old when Col. Joseph touched my life. I wore his name on my arm for years after the war. As I grew older I took this silver band off and placed it in a safe place. Every now and then I pull it out and look back on time to the year of 1973. To this day my bracelet still carries the blue star incased in the white circle telling me that Col Joseph Bowers is still a MIA in Vietnam.

Never forget the men and women that are away from home. It might not be Vietnam but it is a war all the same. My Uncle was lost in WW2. He boarded the last submarine in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. He and his crew limped the damaged sub to San Francisco for repair. The last time my Mother ever saw her brother was the day he boarded the sub again headed towards Japan. His sub was lost somewhere in the South Pacific never to be found again. My Uncle rests at the bottom of the ocean incased in a medal prison. 

Never forget the men and women who have given their lives for America. Say a silent prayer now for each person who has given their lives so that you can be free today. Say a prayer for each man and woman that is away from their families now at war. Say a prayer for their families to bring their loved ones home safe to them. Each day take a moment to reflect back on the men of the past and the families that went on after they were gone.

By Ann LeFlore
A reflection back in time to the years of war that affected an entire nation



No Worries

No Worries

Free to Dance


Flying through the air
Feel like the world
Does not exists
Just enjoying myself
In my own way
I feel like no one is there
No worries to worry about
It is just me in my own world
Dancing to be free
It is my passion
I just relax and let my body flow
Because this is me
No one can tell me how to dance
I just love to dance my own way

By Trinity Smith Age 10

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to his/her blog.
    2. Next nominate 15 bloggers for this award and notify them about the nomination.
    3. Finally, tell readers seven things about yourself.

I would like to thank Inside the Mind of  Isadora and also Tigerbrite’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award on the same day. I was just nominated by Chim’s World of Literature; Chimnese Davids for this wonderful award. I would like to add her to the list and thank her very much for this wonderful award.

This is such an honor and I am speechless. My daughter loves the poetry blogs so much and really enjoys reading each of your blog. This was a surprise to both of us. Yes I do write on this blog site but my contribution is in short stories which I have not written in a few weeks. I am in hopes to get settled down again and write some more stories to post on this blog site. I have been trying to write for my cooking blog site and I am so behind on this blog site right now. I have to get back into my schedule again and write again for both blogs. Ann has been keeping this blog site going and love to write poetry and post it here on the blog. I just wish that we could add other names to this blog site but for the moment Word Press is not allowing us to do this. I also would love to thank you from Trinity and Caleb who are my Great Grandchildren and they have some wonderful poetry on this blog site. I enjoy the creative poetry that the two children write and I am so happy that Ann encourages them to write on this site.

I am thanking both of you from myself, Ann LeFlore, Trinity and Caleb. We are all so honored that you have chosen The Gateless Passage for this wonderful award. Thank you so much.

Inside the Mind of Isadora


Tigerbrite’s Blog


My Poetry & Writing


Nominate 15 bloggers:

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Seven things about myself:

  1. I am a Great Grandmother of 2 wonderful great grandchildren; I have 4 grandchildren and a mother of 5.
  2. I have a cooking blog that my daughter set up for me to share recipes from my Great-Great Grandmother in Roby Texas.
  3. This is hard to try and explain about me and tell everyone how I deserve this wonderful award when the one who writes most of the pomes is my eldest daughter Ann LeFlore. She is the one who submits the pomes to different poetry sites and loves to comment on the different poems. She is a wonderful writer and normally writes technical manuals for data recover. It was Ann who created the Gateless Passage to share some of my short stories and advice on relationships. In doing this blog site she decided to try her hand at writing poetry, limericks, and some short stories. Ann has dyslexia and has learned to over come this handicap in her reading and writing because of a wonderful teacher she had that spent 5 years helping her. My two grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are encouraged to write poetry by Ann who loves to post their poems on this site.
  4. I will talk about Ann now considering it is her who should be accepting this award. I understand the blog site is in my name but Ann is responsible for all the poetry on this site and she loves working on this site. Ann is my eldest daughter who lives in French Polynesia Tahiti. She is a data technician and works on repairing and building computers. She does networking and has been traveling around working on computer networks all her adult life.
  5. My two wonderful great grandchildren Trinity and Caleb are such joys in my life and they love to write poetry.  Ann encourages them to write and loves to add their poems to the blog site here. Since school started the children have not been writing as much now but Ann wants them to write again for the blog site.
  6. I have been happily married now for 56 years to a wonderful husband
  7. I enjoy writing short stories about the events in my life and how my children blessed me throughout the years. I have some of these short stories on the blog here but most of the stories or poems on this blog belong to Ann that she has written.

I would like to explain to everyone that Ann LeFlore is my daughter. I am Sarah Johnston and Ann added the Gateless Passage to my cooking blog site Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas. I have another blog site that Ann set up for me to write on. This site is called Blogging @ 76. I was trying to teach people how to blog at my age. Ann thought it would be fun to have a blog site to record my progress as a blogger. I am not very good at the technical writing and have not worked much on this site in a few months.  During the summer months I have not posted as many recipes on my cooking blog and I should be doing and need to get back to this now.

 I love the poems that Ann has written and I am just sorry it is not possible to have more than one name on these blog sites and my name appears first. I tried to get Ann to put the blog in her name but she did not want to. She travels and finds time to write poetry to keep her busy

Remember the Years

This poem is written by Ann LeFlore. She wrote this to her daughter after she put her on a plane to go toAmericato her Grandparents home for school. It was the first time in 18 years that they were separated. Ann lives on theislandofTahitiin French Polynesia and her daughter wanted to go to College inAmerica.

Remember the Years

Sitting here remembering the years
The roads we went down filled with fears
The river that we filled with tears
The dreams we shattered throughout out years

I’ve seen the peddles of flowers falling to the floor
The waves of the ocean breaking on shore
I’ve travelled lands so far and yet so near
I’ve sat and listened to the wind blowing in my ear

I’ve seen the stars falling from the sky
I’ve soared so high I thought I’d die
I’ve seen so much of the world through my eyes
But when I sit and dream of the years

There is no tears that I can cry
The rivers are now dry
The stars shine so bright in the sky
The days are filled with warmth and delight

 The shadows have left the night
There is only brightness and light
You are always a part of my flight for life
And you need to know where ever I go
My thought will always be with you

My World

My World

Written by Ann LeFlorefor a friend of mine who was going through a depression in her life. She decided to turn to drugs and in the end she finally killed herself. It seems that nobody wanted to see what was happening and cared about her. She would disappear for days on end and not be heard of. I would spend time searching for her but could not find her. I tied hard to get her some help but she kept saying it no longer matter. I know there are many people who suffer from depression and problems in their lives. I hope this will help to save a few of them and open up people’s eyes to try and help them.

Here I sit watching my world
Come crumbling down
I try and cry out for help
But there’s nobody around

Silently I scream as I bang
My head against the wall
It seems like no one cares at all
Always felling this pain

 That I can’t explain
Like the scent of a rose
You can’t explain
Sitting here thinking to myself

 Is this life, or am I dying inside
The clock keeps ticking
As the hands of time pass me by
Nothing seems to change

 Only my problems are rearranged
When I sit and think of times
I’ve had so few good so many bad
I search for answers

 And look for things I didn’t have
Love and peace flash thru my mind
But pain and hate is all I can find
I find no hope for there’s nothing new

 I never had a dream come true
Lies, hate and agony
Thru my eyes that’s all I can see
If I’m gonna cry tomorrow
Will you wipe away my tears?

 If I’m gonna die today
Will you take away my fears?
But before I die in my sorrows
Can you answer me this
How can I laugh tomorrow?
When I can’t smile today

The Perfect Poet Award

 Thank you “The Poetry Palace Thursday Post Rally Week” for the perfect Poem Award
I nominate California Ink in Motion for the next award

A New Life Begins

Written by Ann LeFlore

A New Life Begins

 A new life is just begun
The life before is almost done
So nervous as can be
A life has begun inside of me

 You came to me
Not knowing where I’d be
Your seed was planted inside of me
You started to grow from within
I felt your tiny heartbeat incased deep within
Your movements told me you were there
This new tiny seed inside of me starts to grow
I carry you where ever I go
This new life I now share with thee

 The day you wanted to arrive
The nerves and fears rose deep inside
This new life was ready to be
I pushed and pushed crying for thee
I struggled to set you free

 You entered the world with one big push
This one tiny seed inside of me
Your movement no longer inside of me
You cried with a new hope when you were freed
The day they lay you on top of me

 I look down upon thee
This little seed inside of me
I see the life support I gave to thee
Now it is time to cut thy cord
To release this tiny seed from inside of me

 I reach my hands to comfort thee
To cradle this tiny seed of mine
You move and cry from my one last push
You move you wiggle to be free
To no longer be the little seed inside of me

 I sit and look down upon thee
As you sleep beside of me
So tiny and so fragile
I have to protect my new born seed

 When you wake and cry from hunger
I gentle caress your tiny body
Placing you close to my heart and breast
To give you food to make you grow
Oh how I love this tiny new life
I grew from a seed


Deep from inside of me