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No Worries

No Worries

Free to Dance


Flying through the air
Feel like the world
Does not exists
Just enjoying myself
In my own way
I feel like no one is there
No worries to worry about
It is just me in my own world
Dancing to be free
It is my passion
I just relax and let my body flow
Because this is me
No one can tell me how to dance
I just love to dance my own way

By Trinity Smith Age 10

Adventures In the Night

Adventures in the Night

Adventures in the Night

Net in one hand
Flashlight in the other
Being as quite as can be
Sneaking up behind him
Trying not to scare him
I smack my net to the wall
I caught him
I get him in the net
He is trying to escape
But I don’t let him
Having so much fun
Giggling and laughing
I caught a lizard

By Trinity Smith Age 10



Images from being List in a book world

Sitting here all alone
In my magical world
Seeing the book in my own way
Loving each word day by day
Almost done can’t wait till the next
My imagination flows on and on
My grandma says it is time for dinner
So sad but still a winner
Can’t wait to go back to my book
I end up finishing and go to the next
Reading and reading on and on
Till all my books are gone

By Trinity Smith Age 10

Dream Land

One day I woke up and were was I

Dream Land

I don’t know I think a dream land
Because it was filled with butterflies
There was candy and ballons
And a lot more and I could jump up to the moon
I loved this dream land you can say
The rides you play on and pies you eat all day
It is a very fun land you can say
But then I woke up and it was all a dream that one day

By Trinity Ann Smith Age 10


Fish Swimming in the Night

I flew into Tahiti late at night and
What did I see
I saw the birds at flight
I heard the geckos singing in the night
I saw the fish pass by
The water was crystal blue
That’s when I heard my grandma say
It crystal blue just for you
When I went to bed that night
I still saw the birds at flight
I still heard the geckos singing in the night
I still saw the fish pass by
That one night

By Trinity Ann Smith Age 10

Swinging Through The Trees

By Trinity age 10

Swinging Through the Trees

Up in the tree
Not wanting to fall
Branch to branch
I swing like a monkey

 So high up
Afraid to look

 I keep on climbing
From branch to branch
The world is so free
And it is just for me

 Up in the tree
The world is in my hands
Not wanting to leave
The world to me

Little Boy Close Your Eyes

Written by Caleb age 8. About dreams when you sleep at night

Little Boy Close Your Eyes

I roll into my bed
Covers over my head
Rolled up like a cocoon
In my mountain of covers

Slowly closing my eye
The sprinkled diamond dust
Trickles down from the heavens above
Making my eyes so heavy and tick
Sending me away
To my dream land Kingdom

When I fall to sleep
I dream of images
That dance in my head
Behind my close eyes
No stars can I see

In my dreams the images
Come to me
I am the King
Of this foreign land

I fight the dragons
And protect the lands
My Kingdom bows down before me
All clapping and shouting
When the dragon is defeated

In the morning hours
It is hard to open my eyes
My dreams will be gone forever
Hiding in my dream land Kingdom
Behind my star dust filled eyes.

TV Time

Written by Trinty age 10. A poem about TV time.

TV Time

The TV comes on
I have big open eyes
Watching for hours
Not making a peep

I don’t move at all
Just watching so silent
Falling to sleep
Then opening my eyes

Wanting to watch
But falling to sleep
Not knowing what is happening
Just drifting away

Hearing the sounds of the TV
Wanting to wake up
To watch my show
Next thing I know
It’s a new show

Changing the channel
Surfing for a new show
Not knowing what to see
I think it’s all a dream

A little bee
Buzzes by
And slaps me in the eye
It’s all a dream
And my show is still on

Paul Frank

A monkey

Paul Frank

Of a different color

The funny

Big faced creature

With a wide red smile

Born in August

On the day of 29

In the year of ‘67

The monkey came to life

His large round ears

Brown and cream

Soft as can be

Cuddle oh so sweet

The money was born

On a paper canvas

By the creator

Paul Frank

Julius was the name

Of the famous monkey

Born on paper

And created by fluff and stuff

The monkey became

Loved by young and old

Paul Frank was a hit

That could not quit


Written by Trinity age 10. I love monkeys and Paul Frank is my favorite. I have his bed set for my room and the famous monkey head for a pillow. Monkeys are so adorable that you can cuddle with their long arms and legs that wrap around you.

Birthday Wishes

Today’s my birthday

Birthday Wishes

My double digit day

I can rap a song

And sing hurray

I’m so happy

That today’s

My double digit day

Today’s so special

It only comes once

The day you turn ten

You say hurray

That’s it’s your birthday

Stand up and shout

Scream out loud

You have one chance

In your lifetime

This day only comes once

The double digit day

The rest of your life

Centers around this today

Sing hurray

Today is my birthday

My double digit day

Written by Trinity age 10 a special birthday wish for a double digit day.