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Indian War Paint

My husband was always tinkering with his cars. One car he had needed a new transmission. He knew he could do this

Indian War Paint

himself. He purchased the transmission and had it delivered to our home. He went out and rented the jacks with chains to lift the motor out of his car. Each afternoon and on the weekend he was under this car taking off the old transmission in the middle of our driveway. He had the garage blocked with his car and the new transmission on the floor I was forced to park our other car in the driveway while he worked on his.

 I would hear my husband yell for me to come and help him. I know nothing about cars and had other things to do in the house. I would arrive and he would ask me to hold a wrench on a bolt for him while he went under the car to loosen the other end. For some reason I could never get this one right. He would yell for daughter who was 6 years old at the time to come and help him. She was always there next to him doing everything with him.

 I would laugh as he would pick her up by her feet and she would crawl into the motor of the car like a little snake. She could wedge herself in to the smallest places. She was skinny and had long legs and arms on her. He would get her in there just where he wanted her and she could block herself inside the motor and hold the wrench the way he wanted.

 The two of them would spend hours on end under this car and in the motor. She would come in the house covered in grease from head to toe. She had one of my husband’s old shirts she would wear that went almost to the floor on her. On the inside of our garage we had another shower where he would clean her before coming into the house. She was more of a son to my husband than our oldest son was. He hated to get his hands dirty and you would never see him under the car with my husband.

 One weekend my husband was almost done with the transmission in the car. He had in wedged into place and filled with 5 quarts of transmission fluid. He was out in the middle of the driveway working and my daughter was right there beside him. She had her own wooden plank with roller on it so she could roll under the car with him. He had made a special one for her that was small and did not interfere with his work.

 I can remember this afternoon like it was yesterday. I head something crash, my husband yelled out in anger and in shock. I had a bad feeling in my stomach that the jacks had fallen and the car was sitting on top of my husband and daughter. I went running through the house in utter panic. When I reached the back door I was afraid to open the door. I knew I had to move and get out there. What if the car was crushing my husband and daughter?

 I reached for the door knob not being able to feel it turn under sheer panic. I finally got the back door open and went outside. I could see the car was still on the jacks and my husband was moving under the car. I looked under the car and all I saw was a pool of red. I was sure this was blood when I first saw it. I was in shock and could not even speak.

I stood up getting ready to run in the house and call the fire department to come and rescue my husband and daughter. Next thing I know the two of them come rolling out from under the car. They are both covered in red liquid. I was in a state of panic I had no idea what had happened.

 My husband took one look at my face and assured me all was fine. He said the transmission jack had slipped and dumped the 5 quarts of transmission fluid down on top of him and my daughter. They were both covered in transmission fluid.

 I was in such shock I started to scream widely at my husband that he should not have our daughter under that car putting her life in danger. I saw her standing there dripping in red fluid all in her hair, face, and hands. My husband calmed me down enough and I got control of myself. I then took a look at my little girl who was covered in transmission fluid.

 My daughter had very long hair down past her rear end and it was filled with transmission fluid. I had no idea how I could ever get this mess out of her hair. I left the two standing there dripping in transmission fluid and went in the house to get some scissors.

 When I came back outside my daughter was back under the car again with my husband and the two of them were laughing so hard. I peered under the car to see my daughter slapping the transmission fluid with her hands and using it to paint on my husbands face. She said that he was her hero and now he was an Indian. She was using the transmission fluid to paint his face. She said now he was ready for war and he was the Chief of all Indians.

 I was ferrous when I saw her under this car again. My only thoughts were to get her out of there cut off that mess of hair and try and clean her up. I told my husband to stop playing around and bring her in the house. I needed to cut her hair and clean her up. He said you will never cut her hair again. Leave her alone I will take care of her and clean her up.

 The two played around cleaning up the transmission fluid for about an hour. I could hear them laughing and playing around during this time. Next thing I know it is quiet and they were not laughing any longer. I went back outside to see what was happening. The only thing I could think of was how I could get that mess out of her hair. I had made up my mind I would cut off her hair so I could clean her up.

 When I arrived outside he had her in the garage all her clothes stripped off and she was covered in this white grease remover. He had her hair full of grease remover. He was using old rags to take the transmission fluid off of her. He had so much of this in her hair it was pink in color.

 I looked at my daughter standing there covered in white grease cleaner and her hair dripping pink drops. I told my husband you will never get this mess out of her hair and it was better to cut it off and let it grow again. He disagreed with me and said that he would take care of her and to go back in the house and leave him alone.

 You see my husband never forgave me the one time I cut her hair. She was 2 years old and decided she did not want to eat her oatmeal. She took her bowl of oatmeal and tuned it upside down on her head and was wearing her bowl. I had this mess all over the house and in her hair. I cut off her hair when I took her in the bathroom to clean her up. My husband came home that night to see the hair cut I gave her and he was so angry. I had made a terrible mess of her hair and he had a hard time to get it cut straight after I was done. He told me that would be the last time I would ever cut her hair.

 After an hour my daughter came in the house all wrapped in a towel and went in her room to get dresses. When she came back out her hair looked like a rats nest. It was so full of tangles and I had no idea how I could ever get them out. Her skin was so red I thought that it was stained for good with transmission fluid. Come to find out that in order to get the grease remover off her my husband showered her in the hottest water he could. He said that he had to wash her hair 5 times to get all the grease out of her hair.

 After my husband appeared and went in our room to change. He took our daughter and sat her in his lap and started to comb out that mess in her hair. He worked on her hair for over an hour taking such tiny careful strokes combing out every single knot in her hair. I kept complaining to him that he should just cut off her hair and he would give me the look which told me it was time to be quiet.

 My husband and daughter were very close and still are to this day. She was always there with him side by side working in the garage, building this and that, and loving it when he worked on the motor of his cars. I will never forget that day when I thought I had lost the two of them when I heard that awful crash.

Cockroach Invasion

The year was 1971 and they were working on our road. Tearing up the sidewalk, street, and parking area to put in new

Cockroach Invasion

sewer pipes down our street. Seem that we had old rusty sewer pipes and the City needed to replace them.

 This year when they started to tear up our roads we were invaded by cockroaches in our home. Everywhere we turned we had thousand of them all over the place. I tried to step on them but they would not die. Seemed like these little buggers had armor plated reinforced shells on the.

 We set out traps, but they avoided them. You know the cockroach hotels? They are to invite you in but never let you out. Seems these cockroaches were too smart to be fooled by the one way door policy. They never found their way in so it was not hard to find their way out.

 I was afraid to put out too much poison to kill my visitors. I felt that if I poisoned them one of my brood of kids would get in there playing around. I was afraid that they would have this on their hands and try to pick up something and eat it.

 The two younger boys and Oh Sid went on cockroach hunts in our home. They had Mason jars and would find the roaches and put them in the jars. It was a competition to see how many they could catch and have in their jars. My youngest son was quite inventive for his tactic of trapping cockroaches. He would get in my masking tape and roll his hand with tape. Each time he saw a cockroach he would slap his hand down on top of it and the roach would stick to the tape on his hand.

 My other son loved to catch bug and so one year we bought him a bug kit that had a small net. He would use this net to trap his cockroaches. Each one of them would play this game around the house. Oh Sid she did not care. She would lie on the floor and let the roaches run on her and afterwards would pick them up by their back legs and put them in the jar.

 It seemed the City would never finish the laying of pipes this year and everyone in the neighbor would have to live with the cockroaches from this mess. We complained to the City of what had happened in our homes and was told that when they were finished they would see what they could do about this. This did not help me out at all.

 I would open up the cupboards in my home and have these nasty creatures jumping out at me. I was afraid to walk around the house at night with the lights off. Seemed like they are night creatures and loved to stock you when you are sleeping. I had dreams of cockroaches climbing in my bed and walking all over me when I slept.

 During our invasion of cockroaches Grandma Simpson decided to come from Texas to see us. She wanted to spend the winter months with us. She said not to worry if we feed them they come back. If we starve them they would  leave. I never understood this method and to this day how can you stave them. I had 5 children who needed to eat and there was no way we could stop buying food in our home and cooking.

 During this time I sided with my second daughter Miss Prissy and tried to protect her so much. She was my tale teller or what the others called her tattle teller. She would find ways to get her older sister and younger brothers in trouble all the time. Oh Sid was angry at this time. It seemed that her sister was telling on her all the time and I was always punishing Oh Sid for one reason or another.

 Oh Sid told her sister the next time she told on her that would be the last. I was afraid that Oh Sid would try something really mean to her sister. But was not sure what her plans were. I had long talks with her to calm her down. She said to me “Mom if you believe all that Miss Prissy says to you then I will get her back”. I could not imagine what she would do.

 I had Grandma Simpson talk with her and try to reason with her. Grandma Simpson said in her wise voice to me you should see what happens before you punish. You should not take another siblings word for this. I tried hard but during this time the invasion was on my mind all the time. I could not keep these cockroaches out of my head. I would try and close my eyes but all I saw was me covered in cockroaches running all over me.

 One day Miss Prissy was really active and telling on her brothers and sister all the time. I was at wits end and could not take much more. I finally sent the three of them to their rooms and refused to let them out. I said they would have to stay in their room until their Father got home that evening and he would deal with them.

 This evening at the dinner table the three were angry. They started to call Miss Prissy names and tease her something fierce. I am lucky that my husband was home from work and Grandma Simpson was there to calm them down. When we were cooking dinner I opened one of the cupboards to get out some rice and had 8 cockroaches jumping down and running at me. I was at nerves end with these cockroaches.

 The children went to bed this evening and we were sitting in the living room trying to decide the best method to get rid of all the roaches in our home. Mind you we were not the only one that had this invasion. Grand Simpson said that she would retire for the evening as she put it and see us in the morning.

 She passed by the girls room and see Oh Sid was not sleeping but standing next to her sister’s bed. She sees her standing there watching her sister sleep. Before she could reach Oh Sid she pulled out her Mason jar of cockroaches and starts dumping the entire jar of these nasty creatures on top of her sister when she slept.

 Grandma Simpson goes running in the room and grabs Oh Sid but it was too late. She had finished emptying her jar of cockroaches on top of her sister when she was sleeping. She had a smile on her face when Grandma reached her. Grandma grabber her arm and tried to figure out what in the world would make her do such a thing to her sister.

Oh Sid looked at her Grandma and saw the fire in her eyes. She quietly said to her “She deserves this for all her tattle telling. She gets her prissy ways with Mom all the time and never has to do anything around here. She is the little Princess here in this house. I told her the next time she got me in trouble she would regret it. I know how she hates cockroaches so now she can sleep with them in her bed.”

 Grandma was in shock at what Oh Sid had done this time. In her wildest dreams she never imagined that Oh Sid was this angry and would dump a jar of cockroaches on top of her sister when she slept. After she calmed down she started to laugh. I came running into the girls’ room to see what happened.

 I almost died of shock when I saw my younger daughter bed covered in cockroaches and she slept through the entire event. I had to wake her up and take both girls out of the room that night. I put Oh Sid with Grandma to sleep and took Miss Prissy in our room to sleep. The next day Oh Sid had to clean up this mess and find all the roaches in their room. This is one time I wished I could have wrung her neck for what she did. All my nightmares of seeing roaches running on top of me came true when I saw my youngest daughter covered in them.


Two Halves of a Lizard

Washing day in our household was not a one day event. It seemed like it was a never ending event. I am one that

Two Halves of a Lizard

demanded all the clothes turned right side and pockets of pants emptied. I hated to go into pockets and pull out the surprises inside. All money and secret treasures found in the washing machine when I was done belonged to me.

 With 3 boys and 2 girls this always left me wondering if I ever put my hand in one of the pockets what would come out. My second daughter was little Miss Prissy that hated to get her hands dirty and would only wear fluffy dresses and black paten leather shoes around all the time. She had to have her hair in pony tails and her dolls just right.

 My oldest son was more a reader, a loner, and would spend hours talking with the seniors on our block helping them out in their homes. You would always find him on Football and Baseball season watching the game with them. He could recite any baseball static there was on any player on any team.

 My eldest daughter as you know was our Tom Boy and there was nothing she could not do. She was an excellent violin player, could draw anything she saw, loved roller skating, skateboarding, playing football, baseball, and skate hockey. She was our most active and the one we had to keep an eye on all the time. She was always coming in with black eyes and split lips from fighting with the neighbor boys when they picked on her two younger brothers. We finally called her “OH Sid” because of her free spirit. I think it was her Great Grandmother her named her this. She said it was from an old radio show she heard when she was a young girl.

 My two youngest sons were typical boys and followed in their older sisters foot steps all the time. She would take such good care of them and made sure nothing happened. They were two typical boys who loved to fight with each other all the time.

 Washing days always gave me many treasure and surprises. From nails, marbles, coloring crayons, doll shoes, hair clips to money in my machine. But not this day! It was not what I found it was what I did not find.

 I am pulling the clothes out of the washing machine and getting them ready to hang on the line when I feel something squishy in my hand. I carefully put the clean laundry in my laundry cart to see what it could be.

 To my shock and horror I find a half a lizard with his big glassy eyes sitting there in my hand staring at me.. First I am paralyzed, I can not move, I know better but I take a second look. I drop my clean clothes on the floor, the lizard goes with it, and I run to stand on the chair in our garage. I can not stand lizards, snakes, bugs, and cockroaches. Anything that crawls on the ground is not for me.

 I am in the garage screaming wildly and standing on top of a chair. My children come running to the garage to see what the problem is. There are all gathered around the chair in a circle laughing at me on top of the chair screaming.

 Finally I speak and said to them who put a lizard in my machine. I got the strangest looks from my two younger sons and thought oh now I know. It was my second to the youngest. He starts out laughing so hard and says Mom that is Oh Sid’s pet lizard George.

 My eldest daughter is in tears and crying how could you kill George Mom? He was my friend. I had him in my pocket of my pants where he was safe and you would never find him and take him from me. At night he slept under my pillow and when I woke in the morning he was there for me.

 She goes running over to the clean clothes and finds two halves of her lizard dead. She is crying so hard. She would not forgive me for killing her lizard.. She had to have my husband build her a wooden box and put the lizard inside of  it. There she proceed to the back yard and make him a grave. She lined it with rocks and drew a big sign for this lizard’s grave. She called him George and on the sign she said “Poor George lost his life in some stupid old washing machine”.

 It took me over one  hour to decide to climb down off this chair and go back to the clothes that George was found in. I threw the clothes back into the washing machine and washed them five more time before I could bear to take them out and hang them on the clothes line in the back yard.

 I proceeded to my daughter room and stripped her bed of all bedding and took everything to the garage. I had to wash her bedding four times before I was satisfied that the remains of George sleeping under her pillow each night were gone. I wanted to throw her pillow in the trash but my husband refused to let me do this one. He said “For God Sakes it is only a stupid Lizard”. To me it was more than a stupid lizard.

 What was so upsetting is where she decided to burry this lizard. It was near the brick wall in our back yard right in front of my clothes line. Each time I had to hang up clothes in the back yard I was reminded of her lizard and how it was killed in my washing machine.


I am the C Man


I can dance

I can rap

I can make you tap

Come and dance

With me

Cause I am the C Man

I can chant

I can pant

I can hop

And make you pop

Cause I am the C Man

I am strong

I am bold

I can write

You away

Cause I am the C Man

I can hum

I can chum

I can make you Drum

But you’ll never be bummed

Cause I am the C Man

I can step

I can two step

I can step by four

I can do a lot more

Cause I am the C Man

I can sing

I can dream

I can make the world

See Anything

Cause I am the C Man

Written by Caleb age 8. I love to listen to music and dance. Music makes the world go round and it makes me happy to listen to music.

Boot Camp Follies

My husband remained in a part of the Military reserve unit called the Navy Sea Bees after his tour in Korea.  He would spend one weekend a month on active duty and two weeks a year.

Boot Camp Follies

 Once a month he would come home from his active duty weekends and talk to the kids about what he did and how he eat sea rations. Our children were so impressed with his stories and they thought that sea rations were from the ocean. They had no idea they were military boxed survival foods.

 Off toAlaska:

 This one year he was sent toAlaskafor cold weather training. He went in the heart of winter toAlaskaand had to live out of tents and eat nothing but sea rations out of boxes and cans. There was no way to make fires and heat up this food. They had small sterna cans to use for their cooking.

 On his arrival home he came in with an extra duffel bag that was so heavy he could hardly carry it. He promised the kids he would bring them home something fromAlaskaon his return.

 Considering he was stuck in the middle of no where and could not keep his promise he decided to collect all the boxes of sea rations that nobody could stomach to eat any longer. He saved them all in a duffle bag for his return home.

 Return Home:

Upon arrival at home the kids were so excited to see him. He was happy to be home and told them he had a big surprise for them. He said that they were going on a survival trip and learn to live out in the wild with only sea rations to eat. Three of them jumped for joy and were so excited when they heard this. I saw the look on my oldest sons and second daughters’ face and they were not happy at all.

 Both of them quickly came running to me crying and saying they did not want to leave home and refused to be in the military. They did not want to go on a survival trip.

Living in a boot camp:

 In our family room my husband set up a tent and sleeping bags for the kids to sleep in. He prepared the family room like a military camp for them. He explained to them that they were to live here and eat sea rations. I saw the joy on my two youngest sons face and my oldest daughter. They were so happy to be camping in our family room.

 That evening when I cooked dinner my husband wanted a steak and potatoes. He said that not to worry for the kids he had them taken care of. Dinner was served and the kids came running to the table. They saw that they had nothing on their plates to eat.

 Each one of them was in shock and could not understand what they were going to eat this night. My husband explained to them that they are on a survival mission and their food is in their tent in the family room. They jumped up from the table so excited and ran down the stairs to find their surprise in the tent my husband had prepared for them.

 We are sitting there eating and all of a sudden my second daughter little Miss Prissy comes upstairs crying so hard she can hardly talk. She said to my husband Daddy what can I have to eat I am hungry. He said that your food is in the tent go back and eat with your brothers and sister.

 She took one look at him and said Daddy it is cold. I can not eat my food cold. Plus it is in a can how can I eat this? She told him the cheese was hard and the crackers were stale and she wanted to eat with Mommy and not with us.

 I almost died when I found out what he did. He decided to bring home a sack full of sea rations for our kids to eat. The other 4 children were down in the tent laughing and having such a good time. I went down to see what they were doing. They had all the boxes of sea rations torn apart and separated out.

 My two youngest sons took all the beans and franks. My daughter started to tell me that she hates them and gave them to her brothers. She took all the spaghetti and meat balls and my oldest son took all the cracker, cheeses, and macaroni and cheese for him. I asked them what about your sister. They said she didn’t want any and so they took her share.

 In the boxes was instant coffee, a can of food, cheese, crackers, a can of some sort of fruit, some chocolate, and I am not sure what else. The four of them were in their height of glory this night. They had all this food down in their tent and could eat what ever they wanted. I was not too happy about the chocolate and them eating all this. He said leave them once they taste this they won’t eat much of it.

 The kids stayed down in the tent that night and two more nights eating sea rations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the 4th day my boot camp troop comes up in the house and starts complaining to me. We are tired of eating this cold food. Can we have some real food to eat now? Each one of them had such a pitiful look on their faces I felt so sorry for them. I cooked them a big batch of pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast that day. I never saw the 4 of them eat so much before. I always had a hard time getting my oldest daughter to eat breakfast but not this morning.

 The next year when my husband went away not one of the kids asked for a thing from him. They were so afraid they were going to get another sack of sea rations on his arrival home.

The Magical Golden Rainbow

Have you ever heard the myth that at the end of a rainbow there’s a pot of gold? Well how can this be true? How can youThe Magical Golden Rainbow tell if you are at the beginning or the end of a rainbow? In order to determine if you are at the beginning or end you would have to travel to both sides of the rainbow. By the time you arrived at the other side the rainbow would be gone.

 In searching for your pot of gold you would need a friend, brother, or sister to help you. They would have to go to one side of the rainbow while you went at the other side. In your search do you actually think you will ever find a pot of gold? Are you sure there is actually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Think is this just a myth? Have you ever seen a pot of gold?

 In order to find your pot of gold you will need to find the leprechaun. The little green man with pointed shoes, a hat with a four leaf clover, an all green suit, and speaks with an Irish accent.  This little man will be seen running and hiding from you as you search for his pot of gold.

 When you arrive at the rainbow what determines you are at the beginning or end of this rainbow? Have ever considered that both sides of the rainbow can be the beginning where they meet half way in the middle. The middle of your rainbow could be where the leprechaun has hidden his pot of gold. Why would he choose the middle of the rainbow?

 The reason I believe the gold is hidden at the top of the rainbow is to protect the leprechaun prize position. If anyone ever found the pot of gold they would have all the secrets the leprechaun possessed. The day a person finds the pot of gold the leprechaun would loose all his magical powers.

 If one day you stumbled upon a leprechaun sitting on top of a pot of gold how would you trap him? It is impossible to trap the leprechaun he is magical. He knows all the tricks to avoid being trapped. The only way I see to get the leprechaun off his pot of gold is to trick him. You have to distract the leprechaun by making him think there is someone behind him trying to steal his pot of gold.

 Once you have the leprechaun’s attention you sit on the ground and talk with him. You make the leprechaun believe you are his friend. You win his confidence and friendship. You spend your time making friends with the leprechaun. Once you feel that the leprechaun trusts you then it is time to make your move.

 All of a sudden you get a shocked look on your face. The leprechaun looks at you and wonders what is wrong. You start by pretending you can not speak. You see something horrible that you can not talk about. The leprechaun is so concerned he begs you to tell him what is wrong. You yell out I am scared I see someone in the woods behind you that is lurking behind that big tree.  

 The leprechaun does not believe this is really happening.  He is very smart and can tell if anyone is behind a tree or not. But you know the secret you have told your brother your plan. He is hiding behind the big tree in the middle of the forest. It is his job to lure the leprechaun away from his gold. You brother hears you scream and yells out that someone is near by. It is time for your brother to go into action.

 You stand up and look at the leprechaun. You pretend that you are so scared of the person that is hiding in the forest behind the tree you start to run away. You look over your shoulder and tell the leprechaun that he should run too. There is a person coming closer and will steal his pot of gold. The leprechaun stops you and tells you to wait. He will protect you if you will help him.

 The leprechaun has a special plan. He tells you that it is your responsibility to sit on his pot of gold while he is in the forest scaring off the robber. You pretend this will never work. How can you protect this pot of gold you are only a very small child. You do not possess the magical powers to help the leprechaun protect his pot of gold.

 The leprechaun sits and thinks how this can be. He needs to move but you are only a small child.  The leprechaun decides that it is necessary to give you special magical powers to help him protect his pot of gold. He jumps down off this pot of gold and orders you to come and take his place. Once you sit on his pot of gold the leprechaun casts a magical spell upon you that gives you all his powers.

 You plan is working well. You have tricked the leprechaun into giving you magical powers. The leprechaun dashes off to the forest to find the robber. You are left sitting on top of the pot of gold. Now you possess all the necessary powers to lift up the pot of gold and hide it in a secret place. The pot of gold is yours to keep along with all the magical powers the leprechaun gave to you.

 This is the only plan that would ever work to take a pot of gold from a leprechaun. Next time you see a rainbow who do you think will be sitting on the pot of gold? You got it will be me.

The story was written by Trinity age 10. She is describing a magical rainbow and how she can trick a leprechaun into giving her his pot of gold.