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Addiction to Solitaire

Written by Ann LeFlore for dVerse  open link night week 11. This poem is to talk about a person who is addicted to spider solitaire. She can not do anything all day long except sit in front of her computer screen playing this game. She is not young and is a Great Grandmother. What made me decide to write this poem was listening to her complain about her Great Grandson and how long he can sit in front of a TV and play video games. But the hours on end that she wastes away in front of her computer screen addicted to spider solitaire is more than the time  her Great Grandson plays his video games on TV. There is an addiction to card games for senior citizens just like there is an addiction to video games in our youth today.

Addiction to Solitaire


The woman sits in front of the screen
By hours playing her game
Not a care in the world can she see
The cards flash before her eyes

 One move here to get to the five
Then take a dive to move on to the ten
As the stacks of cards pile up
They flash before her eyes

 No move on this hand adding more cards
Bring them down in a line
Starting with the King
Ending with the Ace

 Hours pass her by lost in her addiction
Cards flashing on the screen
One right after another
Nothing done all day long

 The hours pass as she sits officiated
To the screen before her eyes
Not a day can pass her by
Without thinking of the cards in their place

 Housework is neglected
Food is forgotten
Appointments can wait for another day
But the cards can never stop

 The hours of the day pass her by
Like the sands in an hour glass
The cards wiz by like the hands of time
Flipping and shuffling appearing on her screen

 Every minute she can steal
Brings her one step closer
To the win that she can claim
One more game and she promises to stop

 But this game is a loss
She can not stop
She has to win the game
Before she can let it go

She has to play in order to be whole
Like a drug of addiction
If she misses a day
She can not think straight

 The game has her hooked
Like a needle in her veins
She feels no pain or time
As she sits before her screen

 What started this madness
The loss of the world around her
How can this happened
No doctor has a cure

 The solitaire madness
Has her hooked beyond belief
The woman is lost
In her hours of disbelief