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Unsuspecting Creatures of the Night

Written by Ann LeFlore a piece for Halloween. Halloween is creeping upon us soon and one of the favorite mysteries is the vampires and the costumes and images created during this time.

Unsuspecting Creatures of the Night

The dark Lord speaks
To the creatures
Of the night
Who can’t live
By the day light

All who lost their souls
With one swift bite
The creatures of the night

Who feast on
The dark red liquor
The pulse of their life

Craving for the blue dark fluids
That fills the veins
Of their unsuspected victims
Once tasted turns to the thick red syrup

Sucking the juices of their lives
With that one luring bite
Drawing you near
For one more bite

The bodies
Are suspended
In an unearthly state
Embalmed in a human less fate

The world between
The living and the dead
Somewhere in between
The creatures seem to roam

Sleeping by sunlight
Hunting by the moonlight
Stacking their prey

The pale face creatures
That roams in the moonlight
The unsuspecting creatures of the night