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Ghost Whisper

Ghost Whisper

The death chilling winds
Blow up from the south
The earth engulfs in fog
The lights from the street
Sends luminous images
Dancing in the fog light

The images arises
In the heat of the night
Looming tall
Stacking and whispering
The icebergs crack
As the voice sings out

The image glassy
Floating in the moon light
As the winds wisps by
The images take on a new life

Coming to life
The claw shaped hands
Reach out
Touching your soul

Dragging you deep below
The whispers frost your eyes
The blow glues them shut
Your hands are frozen in space
The image holds you beneath his grace

Your soul is beholden
To this whisper
Transformed into its image
Your bones become brittle
From the frozen state
Your life sinks out of you
Frozen in space

Ice starts to form
On your hands and face
This frozen image
Transforms you into a new place
Your lips seep ice drops
As you try to speak

The words that escape
Are frozen in space
Your life is affricated
Drunken and molten
The heart burns inside
The volcano trying to explode

The heat rises
Deep inside
The force is so great
The cold try to escape
With the next blow of the wind
The volcano erupts

Spilling in its place
The mutton liquid
That freezes in place
The cold holds you prisoner
In the dead of the night

The ghost whisper
Passes through this place
Your life is renewed
As the heat seeps in
The fire starts to burn
Deep within

The curse looses it hold
As you fight and hold
The image of life
Behind your frozen shut eyes
Your will for life
Saves you from this place

Written by Ann LeFlore for dVerse poets Pub challenge. Write a poem about the third eye open. It could be: gravity, wind, angels, demons, souls, auras, intentions, leprechauns, attitudes, moods or magic. It can be anything that you can not see with your normal eyes, but you know is there.