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The Island Breeze

Written by Ann LeFlore

The island Breeze

The island breeze
Comes from the sea
Floating on the wind
Like a melody
Whispering so soft to me

Carrying the sounds
The drums
The beat
The heat
Take your seat

Under the shade
The coco palms
Bows down
Sand under your feet

The baby sleeps
Without a peep
The ocean so deep
As blue as crystal glass

What makes you see
Into the sea
The creatures below

The blow fish swims by
The shark in pursuit
The coral so vibrant
So magnificent

The color
So bright and new
The brilliant colored fish
Hoover close by

The butterfly
Slowly flies by
Following his flight

Above the horizon
The giant volcano
Forms the island
So lush and green

The giant sculpture
Floats on the sea above
The volcano sleeps
Deep below
The ocean floor
To be waken no more

The children run by
Free as can be
Jumping in the lagoon
As warm as can be
Bathing their golden bodies

In the warm island sun
Not a care in the world
As free as the wind
Running and chasing
Each other

As they pass by
The breeze of the islands
So light
So soft
So refreshing
As can be