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Limerick Madness

The Purple Tree House  is hosting limerick week. Limericks are fun five line nonsense rhymes where the first, second and fifth line rhyme and the third and fourth line rhyme. Try one of your own limericks and post it here in comments. This is a fun way to laugh and express yourself.

A Dog named Dole

A Dog Named Dole

I once knew a dog named Dole
He chanced his tail and climbed a pole
He barked all day
Rolling in the hay
Until he jumped and fell in a hole




Cat Named Jack

A Cat Named Jack

I once knew a cat named Jack
He was hit in the head with a smack
He rolled on the ground
Chasing a hound
Until he stumbled and fell on his back


A Man Named Snapple

I once knew a man named Snapple
He rolled on the ground chasing apples
He chased them to eat
By the balls of his feet
Until he ran home to the chapel


My Grand Pappy

A Man Named Happy

I once knew a man named Happy
He was my old Grand Pappy
He was never on time
Till he fell on a dime
Now he dresses real snappy


A Woman Named Sal

I once knew a woman named Sal
She was my very best pal
She escaped one day
In a truck full of hay
And now she’s best friend with Val


A Man Named Oren

I once knew a man named Oren
He loved to be so foreign
He stepped on some corn
And blew out his horn
And now they call him Warren


A Dog Called Dung

A Dog Called Dung

I once had a dog called Dung
He had the longest tongue
He rolled and played
In the sewer all day
And now he has an iron lung


Tootless Old Hound

I once knew a toothless old hound
Who loved to roll on the ground
He rolled in the grass
To scratch his rash
Until one day they took him to the pound