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The Magical Golden Rainbow

Have you ever heard the myth that at the end of a rainbow there’s a pot of gold? Well how can this be true? How can youThe Magical Golden Rainbow tell if you are at the beginning or the end of a rainbow? In order to determine if you are at the beginning or end you would have to travel to both sides of the rainbow. By the time you arrived at the other side the rainbow would be gone.

 In searching for your pot of gold you would need a friend, brother, or sister to help you. They would have to go to one side of the rainbow while you went at the other side. In your search do you actually think you will ever find a pot of gold? Are you sure there is actually a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Think is this just a myth? Have you ever seen a pot of gold?

 In order to find your pot of gold you will need to find the leprechaun. The little green man with pointed shoes, a hat with a four leaf clover, an all green suit, and speaks with an Irish accent.  This little man will be seen running and hiding from you as you search for his pot of gold.

 When you arrive at the rainbow what determines you are at the beginning or end of this rainbow? Have ever considered that both sides of the rainbow can be the beginning where they meet half way in the middle. The middle of your rainbow could be where the leprechaun has hidden his pot of gold. Why would he choose the middle of the rainbow?

 The reason I believe the gold is hidden at the top of the rainbow is to protect the leprechaun prize position. If anyone ever found the pot of gold they would have all the secrets the leprechaun possessed. The day a person finds the pot of gold the leprechaun would loose all his magical powers.

 If one day you stumbled upon a leprechaun sitting on top of a pot of gold how would you trap him? It is impossible to trap the leprechaun he is magical. He knows all the tricks to avoid being trapped. The only way I see to get the leprechaun off his pot of gold is to trick him. You have to distract the leprechaun by making him think there is someone behind him trying to steal his pot of gold.

 Once you have the leprechaun’s attention you sit on the ground and talk with him. You make the leprechaun believe you are his friend. You win his confidence and friendship. You spend your time making friends with the leprechaun. Once you feel that the leprechaun trusts you then it is time to make your move.

 All of a sudden you get a shocked look on your face. The leprechaun looks at you and wonders what is wrong. You start by pretending you can not speak. You see something horrible that you can not talk about. The leprechaun is so concerned he begs you to tell him what is wrong. You yell out I am scared I see someone in the woods behind you that is lurking behind that big tree.  

 The leprechaun does not believe this is really happening.  He is very smart and can tell if anyone is behind a tree or not. But you know the secret you have told your brother your plan. He is hiding behind the big tree in the middle of the forest. It is his job to lure the leprechaun away from his gold. You brother hears you scream and yells out that someone is near by. It is time for your brother to go into action.

 You stand up and look at the leprechaun. You pretend that you are so scared of the person that is hiding in the forest behind the tree you start to run away. You look over your shoulder and tell the leprechaun that he should run too. There is a person coming closer and will steal his pot of gold. The leprechaun stops you and tells you to wait. He will protect you if you will help him.

 The leprechaun has a special plan. He tells you that it is your responsibility to sit on his pot of gold while he is in the forest scaring off the robber. You pretend this will never work. How can you protect this pot of gold you are only a very small child. You do not possess the magical powers to help the leprechaun protect his pot of gold.

 The leprechaun sits and thinks how this can be. He needs to move but you are only a small child.  The leprechaun decides that it is necessary to give you special magical powers to help him protect his pot of gold. He jumps down off this pot of gold and orders you to come and take his place. Once you sit on his pot of gold the leprechaun casts a magical spell upon you that gives you all his powers.

 You plan is working well. You have tricked the leprechaun into giving you magical powers. The leprechaun dashes off to the forest to find the robber. You are left sitting on top of the pot of gold. Now you possess all the necessary powers to lift up the pot of gold and hide it in a secret place. The pot of gold is yours to keep along with all the magical powers the leprechaun gave to you.

 This is the only plan that would ever work to take a pot of gold from a leprechaun. Next time you see a rainbow who do you think will be sitting on the pot of gold? You got it will be me.

The story was written by Trinity age 10. She is describing a magical rainbow and how she can trick a leprechaun into giving her his pot of gold.