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Memories and Photographs of You

Written by: Ann LeFlore; for Gooseberry Garden, poetry picnic week 7 Love and loss.

Memories and Photographs of You

 Memories and photographs
Remind me of the past
The days so long ago
The images fly through like a picture show

We walked through the meadows
Sunrise falling upon our faces
Holding hands collecting leaves
Between our strolling feet

Kicking the gray stone rocks
The tiny pebbles roll under our feet
You grasp my tiny little hand
With your weather beaten sandy grip

Smiling down upon my face
As I look into your sky blue eyes
I see the love wrinkles upon your face
The cherish look that shines with grace

So tiny I am next to thee
Your splendid grace is all I see
You are there for me
With silent laughter and unspoken words

I remember this meadow when I close my eye
I see this memory in the photograph I have
The tatter edges and faded images
Is all I have left of you

I close my eye and fade away
To the dream land meadows
The sky opens up and shines upon me
As my eyes drift away to the past

Memories of  holding hands with you
Picking flowers in the summer grass
Skipping rocks across the path
Rolling and tumbling down the hills

You were always there for me
Catching me as I ran past
Chasing me though the trees
Swatting butterflies and bees

As I slip away to a dream filled sleep
I can see into your eyes
Looking deep within I see
They are angles dancing at me

The tear stained tattered photograph
Starts to take on a new image of you
The faded memories are gone at last
The images that dance before my eyes
Are angles of  you in the sky