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The peddles form the perfect flowerThe Perfect Flower
Why is your heart so sour
As you stand looking from the tower
The heavens open and start to shower

Reflections of the past
Dance in front of your eyes at last
As you reach for the ring of brass
It crumbles and cuts like glass

Memories flood through your brain
Your heart is entangled with a chain
Tears start to flow with pain
Dropping on the floor to leave a stain

In your ears you hear a cry
You try so hard to replay
Your mouth opens but is so dry
As you try to clarify

The voices echoes in your ears
But no images appears
You search for the souvenirs
They start to form but disappears

Closing your eyes so tight
The images cut like graphite
They leave a bitter bite
As you stand there in the night

Your heart is on fire
Your throat is cut with a wire
Your blood flows with desire
With no one there to admire

Your fate is there to see
They are all there to agree
Oh how you try to flee
Just to make your one last plea

The day is dark and grey
You open your mouth and start to pray
As they start to take you away
For this is your judgment day


By Ann LeFlore



Written by Ann LeFlore


I stretched out my hands
You pushed them away
I opened my heart
You pushed it away
You filled it with pain

Rivers of sorrows
have consumed my tomorrows
Floods of years
will wash away my fears
Broken hearts
are slowly mended

Seeds of sorrows will
fill my tomorrows
Rivers of tears will cry
throughout the years
Valleys of emptiness
will fill with fears

Dreams of tomorrow
will be washed away with tears
Hopes of today
are gone with years

If I die tomorrow
Please don’t cry with fear
Just smile and think of me
throughout the years

How Creating and Revising Personal Goals Can Change Your Life

What are your personal goals in your life? I am new here on GoodBlogs but from what I have been reading most people

How Creating and Revising Personal Goals Can Change Your Life

write about being on the first page. How they want to win the $20 and be voted the number one post. Is this so important? I feel writing a good article and supplying useful information is more important.

 Your personal goals need a planning process in order to succeed in your life. If you do not have a personal goal plan in your life now is a good time to start one. Why? This answer should be simple to you. Any successful person in any field always has a clear picture of what they want to achieve long before they actually achieve it.

 How? Before anyone of them ever started out in business, family planning or what ever goal they wanted in their life they had a plan. They knew where they were going, knew many of the steps to achieve these goals, and had mapped out these steps to lead them to where they wanted to go.

 Now it is your turn to decide on some goals you would like to achieve. Take them one at a time and work on them in a time frame. Set a goal and decide on if it is for today, this week, or this month. Your goal can be extended for longer periods of time such as 6 months to a year, and can go as long as 5 years to 10 years.

 To start you need to write down the end results of what you need to know or do to accomplish your goal. In these steps you may decide that you need more money, more knowledge, more time to implement your goal, and you might need more formal qualification to achieve this goal. Now think of ways to get what you need.

 When working on your goal plan it might seem impossible at first, instead of saying that you “can not do this”, ask yourself how you can do it. Open your mind to all possibilities. You might be surprised at some of the ideas you come up with and some opportunities that come your way. You have to take back control of your life and believe you can do it. You thoughts and your attitude will play a major part in determining your success.

 If a major goal is too difficult and you think you could not achieve this goal start off with a smaller goal. One that you could achieve is you really wanted to. This goal could be a small task you have been putting off for way too long, maybe decide that when you are in a shopping center you will smile at ten strangers, or maybe you will decide to speak to a person at work that you do not know well at all. Choose a task that is challenging but not so difficult that you will put it off and not do it.

 Once you have accomplished your task analyze how it went. Ask yourself how it felt before you started. Were you nervous in this task, did you feel shy, were you scared, did you feel nervous, or were you relaxed. After completing your task how did you feel? Were you excited? Were you pleased with yourself? Are you still nervous? The sense of achievement you have gained after completing a task encourages you to try again.

 Successfully accomplishing small task one at a time build up your confidence. You have successfully completed a small task and now you are ready to start a new one. Each task that is successfully complete builds up to much harder task and goal in your life. Before you know it you will be able to achieve the one big goal you want most in life.

 Goals and task in your life will not be easy at first. Success will not come over night. This is a process that takes time and dedication to work. The best way to guarantee success in your task and goals is a little at a time. Do not force thing to happen. Work on these goals each day. Never loose sight of what is important to you.

 Improvement; in any area of your life; whether it is personal or business come from consistent work and many small steps. The process is always the same. You first have to identify your task, make your plan, and carry it out. There is no overnight success in personal life or business. Success comes from many years of hard work and never giving up.

 Not giving up is very important. Any personal achievement takes time and effort and most of all believing in you. Take control of your life and see the rewards it brings. You will soon notice how one small thing can build and lead to something better.

 If you feel lost or feel like you are off track go back and start again. Look at where you lost sight of your goal. When were you last on track? Start from this point and work forward again. There are no wrong decisions in your personal goals. You just have different choices that lead to different consequences. There is always something to learn each decision you make when you look at each one of them.

 Evaluating your progress is just as important as your initial planning. You may need to make improvements to achieve your goals. It never makes sense to keep doing something the same way if it is not working. Many people in their personal life fall into this. Analyses your results and use feedback from others. Could something be done a better way? Is a different way more feasible? Keep your mind open to all new possibilities and listen to what others say.

 When setting your goal and assessing them you find one is too hard or does not seem relevant any longer. Put this goal aside and work on another one. Do not concentrate your efforts on this goal. You may decide to come back to this goal at a latter time or you might decide this goal is no longer important and forget about it. The main point here is to continue to take small steps and moving forward every day. In doing so you keep on the path of where you want to be and closer to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. The small steps and progress you make today will lead to bigger and better results tomorrow.

 Live your life with you in control. Look into your inner self and see what you want to achieve and where you want to be in different stages of your life. Sit down and map out a rough draft of the path you want your life to take. Now break this map up into workable segments small steps in achieving your major goal.

 Each step of the way keep track of your progress at regular intervals and make changes when needed. Work on your goals each day making small advancements towards your major goal. Each day should lead you closer to your final goal. If today you have decided to work on self improvement, building a stronger relationship with your family, or improving your fitness. Keep focused on these goals, believe in your self and you will be successful.